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Manchester United Appoint Specialist to Improve Old Trafford Atmosphere: The Daily EPL

old trafford Manchester United Appoint Specialist to Improve Old Trafford Atmosphere: The Daily EPL

Manchester United have appointed an acoustic engineer to help improve the atmosphere at Old Trafford.

The move comes after many Manchester United supporters complained that even though supporters in the Stretford End make a tremendous amount of noise, very few fans at the other end of the ground can hear them. The acoustic engineer has been brought in to review the current atmosphere, and will report his or her findings at the end of this season.

As an aside, here are the top 20 loudest grounds in the Premier League.

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17 Responses to Manchester United Appoint Specialist to Improve Old Trafford Atmosphere: The Daily EPL

  1. Fog says:

    When I first saw this headline all I could think of was piped-in music during the run of play…like the NBA does. I was horrified. Hopefully, this is just an acoustics issue and not something that turns into constant overbearing noise…like all the statia and arenas in the US.

    I know I am old school, but I can no longer enjoy a live sporting event in the States. Too much constant bombardment of music (?) and advertisements. One of my reasons to go to a live event used to get away from the constant ads on TV. Now days you overpay for tickets and still get the ads!!!

    Last year I took my 6-month old grandson to his first baseball game. The music in the stadium was so loud it scared the “H” out of him and we had to leave after two innings. I guess it is just and indictment of today’s society and the need for constant, ramped-up input. Quiet time is a thing of the past.

    I hope this is not the future of the EPL.

    Rant over…out.

  2. trickybrkn says:

    Wow no link to perhaps the football tweet of the year….
    Joey Barton calling Silva an “overweight ladyboy”…

    I need to start using that phrase everyday.

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    If they pipe on music I’d suggest The Beatles ‘Daytripper’ as a most apt theme. Nikon would do well to sponsor them.

  4. Wongo1 says:

    This is an easy fix, lower ticket prices in some stands and allow safe standing, just look at Germany and what those 2 things have done there.

  5. Dust says:

    LoL an atmosphere consultant… Ha! This is an blatent attempt for commercializatio of noise during a game and tv broadcast.

    Two birds with one stone.
    How can we minimize the impact of the terrible songs they sing with cus words in, and increase revenue?

    I can see it now, Kane West album launch weekend the audio is coincidently pumped into the stadia, if you use shazam you can buy it directly from iTunes “before anyone else” All of a sudden there is a lot more pitch side coverage and the music in BG will not be selected based off of the pa guys iPod.

    LoL. Atmosphere consultant …. American influence of the BPL gets more disturbingly obvious every day….

  6. Rob says:

    Perhaps they’re all asleep in “The theatre of dreams”.
    They only sing about Liverpool anyway.

  7. Cantona says:

    Old Trafford has changed.. Bring back the terraces… That will fix it…. Never got used to singing sitting down


  8. Smokey Bacon says:

    The home fans are an embarrassment. Crappy songs too, that’s if you can hear them. The place is dead as far as atmosphere. United away fans make much more noise. Obviously they are the hardcore.

    For my money, Spurs has the best atmosphere. And YNWA at Anfield still makes the hair stand up on the back of the neck.

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