New Close-Ups of England’s Home Shirt From Nike for 150 Year Anniversary [PHOTO]

New close-ups of England’s new home kit for 2013 designed by Nike have been leaked on the Internet.

The new photos show more of the detail regarding the shirt and the Football Association’s 150th year anniversary crest. The rounded collar makes the shirt look a little ordinary in my opinion. While clean and simple, it doesn’t seem as elegant as some of Umbro’s recent England home shirt designs.

What do you think of England’s new home shirt and Nike’s design? Also, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s a leaked photo of England’s new red away shirt.

H/T Football Shirts.



5 thoughts on “New Close-Ups of England’s Home Shirt From Nike for 150 Year Anniversary [PHOTO]”

    1. Harry, be careful when you say "Brit" it refers to English, Scots, Welsh, and Northern Irish. I don't think a Scotsman, Welshman, or Irishman would want to wear that shirt.

  1. I suspect that Nike's got this figured out, but that material looks like it would chafe.


  2. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the home kit, I prefer the last Umbro kit we had. Never the less, I will buy it, haha! I always thought that we should have a St George on the shoulder like the kits we had from 04-06. I'll probably buy the home shirt with OWEN 10 on the back. :)



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