Inter Milan vs Spurs, Chelsea vs Bucharest & Newcastle vs Anzhi, Europa League Round of 16, 2nd Leg: Open Thread

With Arsenal and Manchester United out of the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League’s hope for European glory this season rests on Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Newcastle United.

Each of the three teams has a chance to make it into the quarter-finals of the Europa League tonight. Tottenham, without the suspended Gareth Bale, have the comfort of a 3-0 goal cushion from the first leg. Chelsea have everything to do in their home leg against Steaua Bucharest after losing the first leg 1-0, while Newcastle United play at St James’ Park knowing that their 0-0 draw in Eastern Europe gives them the advantage if they can just win at home.

For viewers in the United States, all three games are being shown live on TV and Internet. Scan through the TV guide to figure out which game is being shown where.

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51 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Spurs, Chelsea vs Bucharest & Newcastle vs Anzhi, Europa League Round of 16, 2nd Leg: Open Thread”

  1. Tottenham are all but certain to go through, so not much to anticipate for this one other than the match itself. Chelsea and Newcastle have it all to do so will be interesting to see what comes of them later on. For Newcastle to be successful, they will have to avoid the poor performances which they have been culpable of putting on at times this season in the league.

    Anyway, with 3 EPL teams playing it ought to be interesting and I’m just disappointed I won’t be able to watch it live.

  2. they g=have to score 4 to win.. if we score they have to score 5, its not going to happen, Yes Bard Freezal is in goal and it is scary at time when he is called upon, but 4 goals?

    This ref is a joke too. 2 yellow cards for allegedly time waisting LOL. the amount of fouls inter are getting away with is ridiculous.

    1. I am not watching…they were doing what? Putting time in the waistband of their shorts? That deserves a yellow card. That’s a complete waste of time.

  3. I know it doesn’t mean much today, but have Spurs won an away match in Europe this season? I know they drew all 3 away matches in the group stage and drew Lyon (which was enough to progres)

  4. Jan Vertonghen is a top defender. Seems like he can reads the game well and isn’t afraid to get stuck in when needed. Adebayor on the other hand is well past his best.

  5. “Take the air out of the ball” is not an offensive strategy. Bale or no Bale, what have Spurs done to really attempt to score today? How many shots on goal? How many crosses?

    I like Spurs, but they don’t deserve to win this match.

    Wait. What was that from Naughton???

  6. what a joke of a game, between the ref and brad freezal not being able to catch a cold let alone a cross or even communicate and billy galls LOL

    that is football i guess Holtby is having his first bad game, walker getting that yellow when he was fouled is a joke.

    its like its 0-0 for 30 mins is all.

        1. …and now here’s world cup ’94 leftover jp dellacamera to bring us back to earth with a faltering, statistics-laden bump. we can only hope for the equally-magnificent ty keough to crawl out of the woodwork soon…

  7. Call it luck, perseverance or whatever you like but the stars seem to be aligning nicely for spurs. The Last two rounds they have left it late to advance but at the end of the day they are in the hat for the next round and that’s all that matters. Hopefully a continued presence in the Europa league don’t hurt the clubs chances in the EPL.

    1. No Hugo really unsettles the defense, they have no confidence in brad, the gallas deflection aside, those others are a result if slow reaction times.

      I know Hugo missed a kick v LFC but the was all walker.

      Hugo is by some distance better than brad.

      If we do genuinely want to win it, we have to play Hugo in goal…. End of.

      Ade scored the winner, its a shocker to be sure, perhaps, perhaps he can go on a run?

      Odds on we draw Chelski of Lazio in the next round…

      1. I’m guessing the rent boys made it through today then. A London derby in the next round would be great. A London derby in the final though would be fanfcukingtastic to watch.

  8. Prediction of tonight’s newspaper headlines..

    English clubs scrape through to last 8 of Europa League by the thinnest of margins.

    The Gaffer

  9. Whew ! just got through and Chelsea didn’t play very well but did enough to advance. Chelsea has a terrible fixture jam before the 1st leg with a match on the 30th a day rest and then United on the 1st and then just two days and the 1st leg and who knows it could be in Kazan for all we know. Dust, you don’t want Chelsea. I present exhibit A last October at No Heart Lane ( 4-2 )

    1. Beating Spurs when Brad is in goal is not a tough task, all bets are off if Brad plays, if AVB decides to play Hugo and we draw you, I feel very confident we will go through.

      A final would be better, But i’ll take beating CFC in any competition like we did at wembley not to long ago.

  10. Credit to Internazionale for making a match of it. Is it just me? I never understood why it’s fair to credit goals scored in extra time of a two legged tie, as away goals. Inter only had 90 mins in London to score away goals.

    1. I see your point, but there doesn’t seem to be any other choice. We can’t possibly expect both teams to, after extra time has ended, immediately fly back to White Hart Lane just to play another 30 minutes there; in order to give Inter a fair chance of scoring an away goal. That would make no sense.

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