Arsenal Owner Stan Kroenke Gives Arsène Wenger His Full Support: The Nightly EPL

Arsene Wenger will received the dreaded vote of confidence from American billionaire and majority Arsenal shareholder Stan Kroenke Thursday when the American meets in London for a board meeting, reports Guardian writer David Hytner.

As we reported recently, Arsenal is supposedly going to give Wenger a £70m war chest this summer to buy new players. Whether The Guardian‘s report is more believable than The Telegraph‘s story, I don’t know. But knowing the British press, they’re probably copying each other’s stories.

I’ll believe the £70m story when I see Wenger buy some top class footballers this summer.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 thoughts on “Arsenal Owner Stan Kroenke Gives Arsène Wenger His Full Support: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Same old stories ! Yes wenger is no more a good coach . How can he play Walcott alone up front ? Playing with a team that are yet to conceed a goal this year shows that he dosent watch them . If Arsenal play its 4 3 3 i bet it good result

  2. its surprising that one can sit on a nail,complain about the pain, do nothing about it. arsenal fans in england are amazing,its time you demanded quality 4 your support and 4 your money, if the team isnt performing why go to the emirates in droves? sit home demand 4 more, come on!

  3. “Maybe it is Wenger who should respectfully move on – after all, even the Pope knew when to Quit” – Vic Daniels. This message goes out not only to Wenger, but the entire AFC board most especially Kroneke EVEN if he owns AFC 1000%.

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