Which Premier League Clubs Are Most Likely to Break the Top 4 Monopoly This Season?

Remember when there was a Big Four and a Sky Six? What do you call what we have now?
A big 2.5?

Liverpool’s demise in the past few seasons has, in my opinion, fallen them out of
the top echelon of Premier League clubs. They’re still a massive side in terms of
fan base. But the club has lost it’s clout and is far from being an elite club in
England anymore.

Arsenal has been suffering their worst season ever under Arsene Wenger. While the
season is far from over, we could see the Gunners fall out if the top four this
season given the fierce competition near the top of the table.

Chelsea are suffering from a dip in form. They represent the .5 in my 2.5
description. The Blues should be able to bounce back given the depth of their squad
and Abramovich’s check book.

Manchester United and Manchester City rule the roost. If Arsenal and Chelsea return
to their familiar positions, we could return to a Top Four. But this season, more
than any other in recent memory, has the potential to see change at the top of the

Which club(s), in your opinion, are most likely to dislodge Chelsea and Arsenal from
their top four positions at the end of the season?

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16 thoughts on “Which Premier League Clubs Are Most Likely to Break the Top 4 Monopoly This Season?”

  1. As of right now, I’d say Spurs are the only ones with the depth and quality to do it. But, there is a January transfer window coming up, so that could change.

      1. The ‘traditional’ top 4 did not include City. Spurs have finished in the Top 4 2 out of the last 3 years, same amount as both Chelsea and City. How exactly is that breaking up a monopoly?

        1. It’s a new monopoly. I don’t see City getting knocked out of the top four for a very long time. I’d love to see Tottenham make it into the top four again this season. Let’s see what they’re made of.

          The Gaffer

  2. I feel that Spurs have the talent to break in. I’d love to see Everton as well given that they play great football consistently but if they lose Fellani then obviously that changes.

  3. I’ll put my balls on the block and say Spurs & Everton with Chelsea & Arsenal slipping out.

    If Arsenal lose on Saturday I could see Whinger jacking it in.

    Fair play to AVB if he manages it to, plenty ohaters and doubters on here and amongst spurs fans too I imagine.

  4. In 7 years Spurs have finished in the top Five 5 times with 2 top four finishes and currently reside in 4th.

    I think the changes to revenue through tv deals and the changes being proposed by uefa with one mega tourney (whether I like it or not) will reflect the reality that the Top four is no longer significant from a financial point or a competition access point.

    It will be a top 6, Spurs have the most consistent form to suggest that in the older top four model that they will break through as consistent modern top four member, especially when you include the ambition shown by Spurs in its choice of manager, cutting edge training center, new 450 million pound stadium development, organistional pogression with the move to a continental model that will attract management and players from all over, plus increased transfer budget.

    There will be a return to the force they were of years gone by!

    Can you really say the same of the others in the list? Do Everton show that ambition? LFC are going to be in the 9- 16 positions for a season or 3.

    For me the structure along with the fan base of SOLID fans means that it is in a more stable position and less likely to capitulate into a state of chaos with a change of ownership unlike other teams. (CFC, MCFC).

  5. To ensure the league remains competitive and break up the usual 4 or 5 suspects fighting it out for the top spots it would be great if occasionally a smaller club punching above their weight (currently WBA) had a real chance of breaking into the top four. It would give the smaller clubs ambition and provide exposure to some of the younger players in such teams with the experience they normally wouldn’t attain. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon now that the EPL has settled down to something akin the old Rangers/Celtic type of domination in Scotland.

    No wonder the relegation scraps to avoid the dreaded drop at the tail end of the season are more interesting and exciting to watch.

  6. Arsenal and Chelsea and still big favourites for the 2 positions in my opinion. Wba, Norwich, Swansea, Fulham, West ham, Stoke and Swansea have no chance this season of breaking in. Its a battle between 4 – Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton and that’s the order I think is most likely to happen. I hope I’m wrong. I’d much rather see Spurs & Everton get them.

  7. If any team is going end up in 3rd or 4th spot it will be spurs. The likes of west Brom and Everton simply don’t have the squad depth to sustain a challenge over a 36 game season. I’d be happy with spurs and Arsenal taking the last two champions league places simply because they both try and play good football.

    If stoke, Everton or Swansea made it to the champions league I’d still watch because I like a good underdog match and the fans deserve it.

  8. I think Arsenal are going to lose out of the top 4. Apart from not playing well at the moment they have issues with players’ contracts, Sagna and Walcott for example, and that is just adding to their problems. If they stay close to the top 4 and strengthen in the January transfer window then only do they have a chance of finishing in the top 4.

    Spurs have the best squad to finish in the top 4 provided they don’t suffer from injuries to more than a couple of their top performers. If they add to their squad in January then they would be favorites to finish in the top 4. They also have the Europa league to play in so they need to make sure they have enough healthy bodies for their league games.

    Everton started very well but have since lagged a bit and they have become too reliant on Fellaini. Everton do have a history of paying little for good players so they could surprise by buying one or two players in January that could help them. I can see Everton doing very well in the FA Cup and winning it even.

    So the 4th spot will be from one of Spurs, Arsenal or Everton.

  9. This is also a transition year for Spurs. New manager with the team adjusting to his style. They lost their main playmaker with not enough time to replace him (Dembele is excellent but they still need a creative playmaker so Bale, Lennon, and others start being more productive).
    Exciting future ahead — anything accomplished this year is a bonus. I’ve heard a lot of Spurs fans say anything less than fourth is a failure — but I’ll be happy with top 10 as long as the foundation is in place for the future.

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