Which Premier League Clubs Are Most Likely to Break the Top 4 Monopoly This Season?

Remember when there was a Big Four and a Sky Six? What do you call what we have now?
A big 2.5?

Liverpool’s demise in the past few seasons has, in my opinion, fallen them out of
the top echelon of Premier League clubs. They’re still a massive side in terms of
fan base. But the club has lost it’s clout and is far from being an elite club in
England anymore.

Arsenal has been suffering their worst season ever under Arsene Wenger. While the
season is far from over, we could see the Gunners fall out if the top four this
season given the fierce competition near the top of the table.

Chelsea are suffering from a dip in form. They represent the .5 in my 2.5
description. The Blues should be able to bounce back given the depth of their squad
and Abramovich’s check book.

Manchester United and Manchester City rule the roost. If Arsenal and Chelsea return
to their familiar positions, we could return to a Top Four. But this season, more
than any other in recent memory, has the potential to see change at the top of the

Which club(s), in your opinion, are most likely to dislodge Chelsea and Arsenal from
their top four positions at the end of the season?

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