West Ham Fans Filmed Making Nazi Salutes Towards Tottenham: The Daily EPL

A small segment of West Ham United supporters have dragged the club’s name through the mud this weekend after sickening “Adolf Hitler is coming for you” chants and Nazi salutes aimed at Tottenham Hotspur supporters in this past weekend’s derby match.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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16 thoughts on “West Ham Fans Filmed Making Nazi Salutes Towards Tottenham: The Daily EPL”

  1. That’s a shame to see this stuff. West Ham has a bad rep already and I doubt this small group of people is a good representation of the fan base they have.

    I hope this can be resolved quickly so West Ham can get back to having a good season back in the top flight.

        1. Yes it may scare some people so you will not hear those chants for a while. But will it eliminate racism or xenophobia? Are you naive enough to believe that FA or EPL clubs have any real chance cure these ailments?

          But if you still insist on the approach I’d suggest that mass deportation would be even more efficient.

          1. it’s a start, no, BPL and the FA can’t single handily eradicate it but it is worth while them taking these plums out of football stadiums.

          2. I’m glad you approve the deportation idea :)

            Now about this racism and anti-semitism thing… Isn’t it supposed to be already eradicated in a civilized country like UK? Isn’t it supposed to be exlusive property of underdeveloped countries in Eastern Europe? At least according to the British media coverage of Euro 2012? Am I missing something?

          3. You’re not missing anything, I don’t think anyone on here has suggested there are not Racist idiot’s in England, clearly there are.

            The euro issues were all about scale and how embeded it is in the football culture it all was.

            There will always be racists and bigots, such is the world. The outrage over the west ham fans acting this way is also because the vast majority of games do not see events like this, it makes people upset to think that it still exists.

            i personally am glad west ham have taken the swift action they have as everyone moves to eradicate that from the game and ultimately society.

            It was the consistent, week in week out abuse like that (on a a bigger scale) in the 70’s and 80’s by Arsenal, CFC, West Ham, Millwall, Leeds that the Spurs fans Adopted the “Yidos” moniker in a way to combat the abuse.

            Let’s not kid ourselves, serbia, croatia, ukraine amongst others have unfortunately been exposed as far less than tolerant and to insinuate that England is in any way similar to those countries from a tolerance perspective is not close to true.

            England is in no way perfect but c’mon.

          4. C’mon what? If you want to continue drinking from the British media kool-aid and engage in self dellusion that British problems are limited to just few racist and xenophobic idiots this is your choice. I guess it is more comforting that to accept that Europe and UK in particular are countries of failed multiculturalism with racial, religious and ethnic tensions on the raise. And what we are witnessing in the football stands is just a reflection of that trend.
            If you insists on staying in denial tell me that upcoming immigration referendum in Switzerland is just a doing of few racist idiots. Tell me that sudden explosion of nationalistic anti-immigration parties like National Front in France, the British National Party, the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Freedom Party in Holland, the Austrian Freedom Party and Alliance for Austria’s Future, and the Lega Nord in Italy are also just a bunch of idiots.

      1. I was just wondering. That being said I can’t understand for the life of me how anyone can make light of what happened in WWII.

  2. Just to make a historical correction. Salute is a fascist salute developed by Mussolini and his party in their rise to power in Italy and not Hitler. Hitler borrowed the idea.

    1. Thus why DiCanio got in such trouble at Lazio when he saluted the Ultras.

      Thing is you know that these idiots don’t know Hitler from Himmler… and would probably tell you that Mussolini was the guy Zidane head butted at the World Cup.

      and these idiots are especially stupid considering the treatment Spurs support got in Rome.

  3. Well said Andrei – remember the self righteous hysteria from the BBC and rest of the British press on the eve of the Euros, slandering entire populations based on the actions of a few. The chickens do come home to roost.

  4. I am a Spurs fan who goes to every home game but I am not Jewish. People keep saying it was a minority of people singing the hitler song. That is bullsh*t. There were hundreds of them singing as I was at the other end of the ground and could hear them singing clearly. However it was a football game and they got absolutely di*ked on

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