Stunning Bicycle Kick From Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sinks England [VIDEO]

Zlatan Ibrahimovic single-handedly defeated England Wednesday night in an incredible performance where he capped his four goals in splendid fashion by scoring an absolutely stunning bicycle kick from outside the penalty area.

With the ball going towards the edge of the box, England goalkeeper Joe Hart attempted to clear the ball to safety but his header went skywards and fell to Ibrahimovic who scored one of the finest goals you’ll see all year.

Watch the above video and prepare to be amazed.

Or you can watch the animated GIF below.

20 thoughts on “Stunning Bicycle Kick From Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sinks England [VIDEO]”

  1. crazy goal you would wish somebody with that much talent would not be such a blooming A-hole.maybe next WC tittle for England will be 2066 afraid i won’t be here to see.

    1. In what way do you see him as an A-hole? Do you think an A-hole would be assigned the captains armband for an international side. Think again and get your story straight. He has been treating some journalist tough because they behave like A-holes and deserved it, cudos to him for that!

      1. read his book and if he is so great why can’t he stay with one side more then 3/4 years.don’t forget john terry had the captains armband for England.

        1. Ok, I haven’t read his book. My interpretation was from what I have seen and heard in interviews etc. If something in there clarifys him beeing an A-hole I stand corrected.

        2. For example, did you see him stripping of his shorts after the game against the Faroe Island to give them to a young boy who went out to get his autograph? Not so A-hole like… Him changing sides… Ajax 3 years, Juventus 2-3 years and then they where relegated and he moved, Inter 3 years, he got recruited to Barca but had to leave because Messi (?) and Pep, he said he did not understand why he got frozen out, he moved to Milan 2,5 years, recruited to PSG…

          1. i guess we will agree to disagree if the reply’s mean anything maybe i am wrong and you are right.probably should have used jerk instead of A-hole stand corrected.just think he is high maintenance.

  2. Said it before he’ scores great goals but he’s not a great goal scorer. 13 years as a pro and only two season with 25+ goals and he’s yet to break the 30 goal mark in a season.

    Nice finish but the blame goes to the keeper for coming off his line and not putting the ball into touch.

    1. Hart is untouchable presswise but the lad has had some lapses this year-Reina gets a lot of grief but no one says anything about Hart

      1. Watching it again whoever that #5 is was caught ball watching instead of getting back to cover for Hart. Two basic schoolboy errors caused the goal but it was still a good finish.

    2. He usually has a position where he feeds other scorers with beautiful assists as well. When PSG won last CL game against Dynamo Zagreb 4-0 he made the assist to all four goals. A football players greatness is not only in the goals my friend.

  3. Caulker had a very good debut, took a few mins to get the pace, and adjust to Zlatan, but after the first goal learned and kept Zlatan in check for 74 minutes, if there is any doubt, look to the fact when caulker left his short had been ripped as the gane Zlatan for his physicality and smarts and england were in the kead and looked comfortable. He scored to put England up and in control…. Until he left the game, then zlatan just bullied the defense.

    Not sure what else Caulker could have done aside from not letting zlatan put him on his wrong side for the opening goal.

    Lets hope Caulker can have the same impact for Spurs against Farcenal

  4. I’d call that a crazy “fluke” goal. Really cool and worthy of a notable goal highlight reel, but there have been better ones.

  5. What impressed me, aside from the skill, was that he obviously thought he could score from the get-go. He never had any intention of bringing the ball back down under control for a further attack, as most players would have done. Given the situation, he “knew” he could score….and did.

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