West Bromwich Albion vs Southampton, Open Thread

It’s been several weeks since we’ve had a Monday match to watch. And today we’re treated to West Bromwich Albion against Southampton.

Steve Clarke’s West Brom side has been one of the most under-the-radar sides this season in the Premier League. They play together extremely well as a team, and have an opportunity to move up to joint fifth position with a win today.

Southampton, despite having difficulty winning matches, have been a joy to watch for their free-flowing attacking style of play. They’ve also gifted a lot of goals, which have been them an entertaining side to watch.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

One thought on “West Bromwich Albion vs Southampton, Open Thread”

  1. Power has returned to my house but not the office so I get a rare chance to watch a Monday game.

    So far Southampton look intent to move the ball forward on the left side of the field, which they’ve done with reasonable success but it also exposes them a bit. They go to that side over and over and have had some dangerous moments but leaving Danny Fox alone is risky.

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