Manchester United and Liverpool Battle for Mexico’s Hector ‘Zorro’ Herrera: The Daily EPL

Zorro could be heading to Liverpool or Manchester United! No, not the swashbuckler Zorro, but Pachucha’s Hector Herrera — who starred in the Olympics for the gold-winning Mexican team. The 22-year-old midfielder’s other nickname isn’t quite as appealing — it’s el zorrillo (skunk).

Here are the Premier League news stories today:

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8 thoughts on “Manchester United and Liverpool Battle for Mexico’s Hector ‘Zorro’ Herrera: The Daily EPL”

  1. jeez are English clubs just going to BUY everybody in the world? 😀

    I know the national teams are on the backfoot now, but eventually England will need to do a better job developing some of their own talents, and I’m talking about the “top 6” clubs

  2. How many midfielders are Liverpool going to buy? They need a left back as they only have Enrique in that position with only right-footed players as cover and a striker who can score.

    Manchester United will probably get Zorro as they are a bigger club than Liverpool and don’t discount the Chicarito factor. United also need to replace Scholes and Giggs soon.

    1. Liverpool is reportedly trying to get rid of Charlie Adam and Jay Spearing, so that’ll free up some space for Dempsey and perhaps Herrera.

      If United signed Herrera, the team would have Chicharito and Zorro – what a combo!

      The Gaffer

        1. duh … I missed the crucial *it in that sentence:

          Doesn’t it seem …

          I could be wrong on this. But he seems like fourth choice now, no?

  3. oh yeah I saw the link about Arsenal and Robbie Savage, do people really care what this guy thinks? Not an Arsenal fan btw, but Savage should be the last to talk

  4. If there is choice btwn Liverpool and United. There is no real choice. One has the most successful manager in the league and a history of development and the other has….. a decent manager in his first year at a club that is erratic at best.

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