Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy Is The Problem at White Hart Lane

Not long ago I wrote a piece concerning the lack of spending at Tottenham by chairman Daniel Levy and owner Joe Lewis regarding the signing of new players. My conviction is stronger than ever that the problem with Tottenham Hotspur is with the current chairman Daniel Levy. I would like to add absentee owner Joe Lewis to that list too. These two men in my opinion are ruining a good club that Harry Redknapp built. Joe Lewis, the majority owner, shows little or no interest in the club and has passed that responsibility to his long time friend and associate Daniel Levy.

There should be no surprise as to the owner’s interest. The man heads a very large private equity firm, similar to Bain Capital. ENIC Group has control over the club but ENIC Group is part of the larger entity known as Tavistock Group based in the Bahamas. Tavistock has holdings in energy, resorts, property development, restaurants, manufacturing, sports and many other things. Tavistock is made up of over 200 companies. ENIC Group is part of that and finally Tottenham Hotspur is one of those tiny pieces to this private equity firm. I think for Lewis owning Tottenham is more about bragging rights — a current trend among the wealthy to own a professional sports team, which you see a lot in the United States. To a point, I will give Lewis a pass but he could do more. However, Levy has been given full control over the club by Lewis and is driving the club into the ground.

After four successful years of building a team that I believe was going to the next level, Levy decides to fire Harry Redknapp. There are all sorts of stories why this happened but that doesn’t really matter. The point is the most successful manager in a number of years was axed. Levy said he wanted to take the club in a new direction. All I have heard is he wanted a younger coach and a focus on younger players. I thought Redknapp had been focusing on the development of the youth at Spurs; some of them are currently playing. But what is Levy’s vision for Spurs? That has yet to be determined. Levy, as the man in charge, needs to explain what his vision is to the supporters. He has done an awful job in communicating his message to the public. He rarely speaks to the press. What are we to think?

The removal of Redknapp was a foolish blunder. Redknapp did more for the club than any manager in a long time. I will give Martin Jol credit for his efforts and accomplishments. Harry took a beaten club in 08/09, took them to the League Cup Final and almost got them into Europe and got them to 8th place in the league. Then came fourth place and the Champions League. And for the first time in that competition, the club performed very well. During he last two years, Redknapp took them to 5th and 4th and the dumb luck of missing out on the Champion Leagues. Redknapp wasn’t given a great deal of money to work with and new players coming in were limited, even though he sought to unload players and bring new players in. Yes, no trophies were won but that isn’t the only measure of success. You measure the man for what he has done for the club and Levy threw that all away. Was Redknapp perfect? No. He got too close to the press and made off the wall comments. He played favorites and left some good players out. He made public comments concerning his players and he should have known better. Yes, he made some poor player selections in games and didn’t always change his tactics, but that is after the fact. In addition, players must accept responsibility for their poor performance as well.

The two men didn’t get along despite what the reports said. Levy is classic new school, white collar and wants to make money for his friend, Lewis. Redknapp is classic working class or blue collar man. Redknapp, without a doubt, is a man’s man. The type of guy you could joke around with or have a beer and talk about anything. Redknapp is the type of guy who wouldn’t take crap from anyone and would prefer to handle things old school. If you read his op-ed piece during the riots in London last year you would know what I mean. The man was very comfortable in his own body. Levy strikes me as a man who was insecure around Redknapp and felt threatened by his personality. Levy doesn’t seem like a person who is comfortable with who he is, and thus Redknapp had to go. Levy wanted to control Redknapp and that wasn’t going to happen, so he brought in a very young coach that you can influence and dominate. Levy strikes me as a man who wants the appearance of making things happen, thus receiving the credit for that success. If AVB succeeds, Levy will say it was all his doing and no one else. I think that is the type of man Levy portrays.

How Levy became chairman, I really don’t know. And I doubt anyone in the general public will know the real story. I would suggest it was solely based on his long term and close association with Lewis. Levy has a degree in economics — not really the training to run a professional football club. Most of the people I know that have economics degrees are professors or work in the financial sector. Nevertheless the man is out of his depth in this situation.  From 2001 to present, he’s gone through nine managers. That isn’t a good record for the man at the helm. The responsibility of a leader or, in this case, a chairman is to spot and secure talented individuals to manage the team. That is a key to leadership. And either you got it or you don’t. That is something you naturally have or don’t and Levy has clearly demonstrated that is a source of problem. Martin Jol and Redknapp were his best.

Something else in being a leader is having the ability to see things out and have the patience to wait and build for the future not for the short term or the quarterly reports in how much you are making in net worth. Rarely does instant success happen in the business world or the sporting world. Time, patience and the desire to succeed are required. Think about this one. Would you feel secure in a company where the management was in constant change? Would you think the executives at the top knew what they were doing? I truly believe leaders are born and not created. Some people are just meant to lead and some are just meant to be followers. Levy isn’t a leader.

I am going to assume after years of selling off his best players and seeing money flashed in his face, Levy wanted to compete with the big boys of the league. Modric wanted to leave after the conclusion of the 2010/2011 season. Levy decided to have a testosterone contest with Chelsea and other clubs, where he rejected £40 million. He wanted to be taken seriously and not be pushed around. He was willing to hold onto a player that clearly wanted out. No one really knows what was discussed between the two but Modric cooled off. The whole affair wasn’t about Modric but about Levy’s appearance of weakness, which he shown so much in the past. Surprise, Modric wants to leave again. Last year Levy could have gotten £40 million, now he will be lucky to get £30 million. Latest reports say that Levy is dawdling over an additional £2 million. Why? Sell the player get the money and invest in needed players, a new young goalkeeper and a couple of strikers. Seriously, what has Levy done during this transfer window or the last few? The few players that have been brought in are ones that Redknapp wanted and look how hard he had to fight to get them. Well, if they are on a free transfer, no problem. You want quality, you got to pay for it. If a player is worth it and displays that worth on the field, then play him that wage. If the player is worth £100,000 plus a week then you pay the bill. Levy will not bring in the best players because he refuses to pay high salaries. In that case, get used to middle of the road. Because one day the likes of Bale and others will demand more money and Levy will most likely sell them off and pocket the money rather than pay larger wages.

Levy has given us a new manager with a very short resume. Yes, he had that one successful year but he failed at Chelsea and Levy is betting that Andre Villas-Boas will be the new savior of the club. I really don’t know. I just can’t adjust to his appointment. I believe he will destroy the great squad Harry built and will leave it in ruins. I want him to be successful but Levy’s selections in managers’ in the past leaves a lot to be desired. And now today Levy and AVB have sold Michael Dawson to Queens Park Rangers. Dawson is truly one of the standup guys at Spurs — loyal and completely committed to the club. See what loyalty gets you! We had a winner in Harry, and Levy throws that all away.

I really wonder where Levy’s loyalty is at. Tottenham Hotspur is a tiny piece in this giant private equity firm. I think the real loyalty is to the firm and more importantly Joe Lewis. Also, the shareholders must not be forgotten because their money is a real concern to Lewis and his ongoing business operations. Some will point to the fact that Levy wants to build a new stadium. Well that doesn’t take too much vision to figure a new and larger stadium would be helpful. He decided this back in October 2008. Has the stadium been built or even started construction? He wasted time and resources on that stupid Olympic stadium and went back to the original plan. A new training complex is being constructed, but then again that doesn’t take a great deal of vision as well. Do Lewis and Levy really care about the people in Tottenham or the surrounding areas? I suspect not. My intuition tells me when the stadium is finally constructed as with the training complex that Lewis will try to sell off the club and walk away with a healthy profit and the money that Levy has been hoarding over the years.

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  1. Keep your nose out of that which doesnt concern you and which you know nothing of. THFC is one of the best run clubs in the country – moron.

    1. I have been a Spurs fan for over 50 years and for goodness sake wake up will you. This man Levy has cost us another top four spot and why, we have no strikers. Defoe hasn’t scored since last year and that other clown runs about as if he is on dope. All other chairmen hate to deal with Levy and when the summer clear out starts I hope he is the first in that wheelie bin. Come on Spurs fans waken up.

  2. “These two men in my opinion are ruining a good club that Harry Redknapp built.”

    LMAO what an absolute joke of an article.

    Its like it is written by a chelsea fan… if you are a Spurs fan… I would ask that you reconsider, perhaps arsenal, chelsea or man city, uninformed opinions of spurs are expected from those fan bases.

    I also find it hard to believe that anyone in charge of editorial content or any quality would read this and think it was worth publishing.

  3. Nearly everything you wrote here is wrong. The stuff about Harry Redknapp was the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever read. He ‘a good club Harry Redknapp built’, &&&& off! I know you’re not a spurs fan. Bull sh&t.

  4. You sir, are a moron…you are so far wrong its not funny. Stick to that game called football that you play with your hands in the US and dont comment on topics or Soccer as you call it as you have absolutely no understanding on this as the above shows…

    1. What does this have to do with his nationality moron? You are not born into the love or knowledge of any sport. It is this person’s view. You do not have to agree. There are good points and bad points in this article. feel free to discuss them. However, you are too simple to construct and argument, so you go directly to your xenophobic nonsense.

  5. Okay… please put more than 30 seconds of research into how a PE firm works before lapsing into MSNBC sound bites. Dude, this is a blog—you have to think AT LEAST 10% smarter than cable TV. For the love of Obama, at least spend 10% more time researching how crap works. I love the Spurs, etc., but holy schnikey.

  6. this is the most one sided harry loving article ive read. what a load of drivel. dont give up your day job, knobhead.

  7. Ye Lewis and levy is everything wrong with the club and has no interest in the club, is that why there spending hundreds of millions on a new state of the art training centre and stadium so we can compete with the big boys every year. What a joke of an article

  8. You sir, are a bleeping idiot. Levy is one of the best chairpersons in todays football. Football Clubs are companies and are needed to be treated as profit making companies in order to create a stable and successful club, both on and off the pitch. The current transfer market is epically over valued due to clubs ‘willy nilly’ spanking £10,£20,£30mils on players and players rioting over their ‘dream’ moves that are not happening.

    On the turn of Harry Redknapp, at the time of our slump he was the best type of manager you could hire. He is a man manager, a person who can get the best out of players who do not recognise their full potential. He did remarkably well, yet his inanition to sign players of quality cost us last season. We needed a change, a manager who has a plan B, a manager who if an unexpected occurrence happens during a game, can adapt and can reshape the squad to void out the occurrence. Redknapp took us the maximum level he could produce, now AVB can take Redknapps achievements and raise them and fulfil Spurs potential.

    As for the youngsters coming in, That is mainly due to our excellent youth academy and managers, and if you are talking of the likes of Walker, Naughton, Caulker, Kane, Livermore, Townsend then you will see that they were all on a structured path before Redknapp came in which progressed them and Bale was pure luck that he had is best spell during Benny’s injured.

  9. The author is an idiot plain and simple. The majority of chairmen and ceo’s of FT or Fortune 500 companies are accountants or economists. Football is a business so I’d say that Levy is very well qualified to run the business that is Spurs. As Spurs is a business and not the play thing of a rich playboy it has to finance itself and not have money thrown at it. Spurs income is derived by gate receipts, tv income, prize money be it for cups or the league and sponsorship. From this income wages of all staff not just playing staff has to be met, transfers have to be funded you can’t spend more than you earn and have a business. Spurs is run to be in the black not the red and therefore £100k+ salaries are not likely.

    Harry inherited a great squad of players that had finished 5th 2 or the previous 3 seasons. Don’t make out as if he stumbled upon a pile of crap and turned it into gold. He then used the false league position they were in to spend about £50m in the first window to “improve” it. He continued to spend money until he started flirting with other clubs at this point the owners realised him for the charlatan he was and closed the purse strings.

    He was the most successful manager of recent years as he inherited a quality squad and was given ample funds to strengthen it, unlike Jol before him. He also had more say over ins and outs than Jol as the director of football was dispensed with in order to get him to join. He blatantly underachieved by not securing 3rd place last season with Spurs having a much better squad (something he didn’t use preferring to use the same 14 players until they were dead) than Arsenal. He deserved the sack as do you for writing such crap.

  10. Daniel levy drives me nuts with his brinksmanship and I would love Joe Lewis to pump in more money. You want to counter balance that with the ArcAngel Redknapp. When the England job came up we turned to sh*te Redknapp started to play a completely fakt Ledley King, including the farcical 5- 1 thrashing at the hands of CFC. When Hodgson got the job THFC started winning again.Redknapp is a gobsh*te mug who blew the best job he ever had by behaving like a spoiled child,

  11. Hey there, so this is pretty balls.

    You mention the good club that Harry Redknapp built, but fail to give Damien Comolli credit for bringing in those players. In fact you fail to mention Comolli at all. You also fail to mention that Tottenham finished 4th, 5th, and 4th while only spending a net of 6million pounds on transfers.

    Sure, it would be nice if Levy opened up the checkbook and signed Hulk for 60m pounds or Neymar for 80m but this isn’t Football Manager. This is real life and Tottenham is one of the best run clubs in England precisely because they don’t panic buy and don’t run up huge debts like the rest of the “big boys”.

    This article is off-base on so many levels but all the negative feedback so far is not enough.


  12. Harry Redknapp was fired for cause, instead of I don’t showing up for practice, planning tactics for matches he was looking for new ways to make a buck. Harry apparently is a good man manager but his track record has always been success early -problems later and he bolts- he was heading to England until Mr. Levy reminded him of his first priority.

    an opinion piece fine buit no research to support your opinion

    1. It appears that Levy wanted Harry to be selected for the England position, so it would save him the trouble of firing him. Just what I have read in the news.

      1. LoL this reply sums you up pal. You clearly have no idea and have based all your opinions on the anti spurs opinions of others. What an idiot. Straight after the court case Levy offered Redknapp a new contract in an effort to keep him from England. Redknapp refused it and started whoring himself in the media for the England job. It was only after he lost out on England did he come crawling back trying to get a longer deal with spurs. Bore off you know nothing clown

  13. A ridiculous article but at least it shows that Jamie Redknapp can write better than he talks! It is written by Jamie isnt it?

    Everyone talks of Spurs “doing their business late” – excuse me, we got two quality players in at the start of the window as well as got two quality loaness back. So thats 4 additions to the squad. And look around – Man Utd bought two players yesterday as well as Robin Van Driver last Friday; Barcelona spent £15m on a midfield donkey on Monday; Liverpool are still talking about getting 2-3 more players in; Chelsea havent bought Moses yet and are still looking for a striker; Mancini is moaning about not having bought anyone apart from Rodwell only last Friday – EVERYONE is doing business late so Levy is part of a general pattern. not some psychotic freak like this article maintains.

    As for selling Dawson – he is a good honest hard-working, committed, wholehearted loyal pro – who is also slow, error-prone and injury-prone. We’ve lost King, Bassong and Dawson this summer (worth maybe 40-50 games between them at most if fit and selected) and gained Caulker and Vertonghen (capable of 30-40 games each) who both fit into AVB’s style of play.

    AVB ‘flopped’ at Chelsea did he? He had a better points/game ratio in the League than De Matteo. And the players he signed were instrumental in getting Chelsea into the Champions League Final (Luiz, Mereiles, Ramirez, etc) . He also had to get rid of the Old Guard, change their style of play and win the League – a tall order that he failed to achieve. De Matteo was a flop at WBA; Sir Alec flopped at St Mirren; Rodgers flopped at Reading; Clough at Leeds; Harry at West Ham (and Southampton….and Pompey). Abramovich also decided that Scolari, Ranieri, Ancelloti and Mourinho werent good enough for Chelsea – so AVB is in pretty good company!

    The article is obviously wriiten by someone with a limited amount of football knowledge but a degree in conspiracy theories and a liking for tabloid tittle-tattle. That is not a good combination.

    1. You’re a joke.I ‘ve never seen an entire article just so full of rationalisations,as yours..and Id say he knoiws a hellof a lot more and understands a lot more about football than you could ever hope to.
      Come on ..Call me Jamie now,or tell me what a knob I am.Question my support of Spurs or all that I say.You can’t just disagree,you ,and the others like you must feel very threatened by what the writer said,becasue you revert to personal attacks.That tells me you feel threatened by whats been written by Matthew and those who agree with him.

    2. AVB doesnt sign players. Just as Di Matteo doesnt either. That is not the role of the Head Coach at Chelsea. That is why they are referred to as Head Coach and not Manager there.

  14. Everyone saying this article is a joke needs to open their eyes. The majority of what this guy has said is absolutely true. Answer me this…Since Levy took over the transfer business at Spurs what has he done that you would call remarkable with the exception of Rafa Van der Vaart because from where I’m sitting since he sold Berbatov and got rid of Damien Comolli he has done absolutely nothing except to make ridiculous pretend bids for players with no real chance of getting said player, held out for ridiculous valuations on so many fringe players that we just don’t need yet he will not sell but keeps paying them wages and seems to have stopped backing his manager or coach for ages now.
    He may well be a very shrewd business man, there is no denying that, but on the football front he is a joke and has held Spurs back. How long have we waited to play Champions League and when we finally make it what did Levy do…nothing. Surely that was the time to invest in the squad. I have supported Spurs for forty years with lots of enthusiasm and followed them everywhere and had two season tickets but because of Levy’s lack of activity all my enthusiasm has been drained away. I really hope that one day Levy will wake up and smell the coffee because you cannot be a big club with a small mentality.

    1. Listen to yourself: “From where I’m sitting since he sold Berbatov and got rid of Damien Comolli he has done absolutely nothing…”

      Berbatov was sold when Rednapp came in. So nothing good has been done since he got there? Not great defense for the guy.

      Rednapp is completely hypocritical with what he says to the media, lost us 3rd place last year, lost us a league cup final and 2 fa cup semi’s, one to relegated Portsmouth. Even Ramos won us a trophy. Jol made us a top 5 side, so Rednapp getting us into the CL wasn’t that much of an improvement. He dined out on “when I arrived at WHL we were bottom of the league” for four years. In January, he loaned out Bassong, Pienaar and Corluka, sold Pav and bought Nelson and Saha. Not the greatest bit of work.

      I liked him but it was time to get rid. As for that rubbish about him being a working class bloke you’d have a pint with…?! What’s class got to do with. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, especially with my accounts.

      Also, the stuff about Modric last season. Levy should be seen as a hero for keeping him and not giving in to big Chelsea money. We lost £10 mil as a result, but we wouldn’t have got 4th without him.

        1. No-one can really prove anything, you make a valid point. BUT Modric was extremeley influential last season. His stats don’t back up his influence. Anyone who say him play could safely say that. And I would also confidently express my opinion that we wouldn’t have come 4th without him. We could have done with him and maybe Bale keeping their heads up through Feb/March but we’ll never know what might have happened….

          Your original article is so blinkered and ill-informed it’s staggering. Football is a business. Wake up and stop living in dreamland buddy.

          COYS. Can’t wait for the next match. Siggy looks a decent replacement for Modders, and a good deal too. Ad for 5/6mil?! How can you say Levy doesn’t know what he’s doing?!

  15. I don’t even know where to start so I won’t. This is easily the worst article I have ever read on You can look very clearly at the comments and the “thumbs up” “thumbs down” votes to see that this is just an atrocity of an article.

    Okay I have to say a few things:

    To write this article shows how little you must know. Take a look at how many of the clubs in the premier league are losing money… Tottenham aren’t one of them. Take a look at how many clubs around Tottenham in the table have a 35,000 seat stadium directly decreasing available cash flow revenue… none. If you ask most people Levy was brilliant in his bid for the Olympic stadium… he never once intended to call that home but rather force the hand to receive public funding needed for the new stadium next to white hart lane.

    Tottenham are at a massive disadvantage when it comes to money because they don’t have some sheik running things and they have one of the smallest stadiums in the league. Despite this they have risen to be one of the top clubs in the world. To call yourself a Tottenham supporter and to say that Levy is a problem is the silliest thing I’ve heard in some time.

    I for one am happy to have an owner like Joe Leis, he let’s people who know what they are doing run the club and run it responsibly. He doesn’t flood the club with money to be spent chasing success, rather he is building a sustainable successful club. Im happy we don’t have the massive debt that the Uniteds of the world have. Do you know how many clubs ran an profit loss last year? I’ll tell you… 14. Not Tottenham they have the lowest operating profit to total debt ratio of any club in the league.

    Maybe you should get an economics degree!

      1. You’ve just written that load of tosh and you have the cheek to pick up on a spelling mistake? Lol. I’ve just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading it that I can’t get back.

    1. You rate the worth of an article by thumbs up or down. You do realize you have no idea who comes and goes on this site and that is your measure of success. If you want to know what kind of degree I have you can always read my bio.

      1. Listen Matthew, I’m very sorry I misspelled Lewis but that’s clearly not the point.

        With regard to the thumbs up thumbs down votes… if you read this blog regularly you will see a pretty good mix of ups and downs for positive and negative feedback but this article it’s all up for negative comments on your article. So to answer what I assume was a question despite the lack of a “?”, no I do not rate the worth of an article by these votes but this is by far the most one sided I’ve seen it on here which to me that does say something about the worth of YOUR article.

        1. Jason, I was just playing with the spelling thing, sorry about that. I believe firmly in what I wrote and I had the nerve to do it for everyone to see. Do you really think any of those individuals who personally insulted me could write something and take it? Negative feedback is great but not foolish feedback. How can I take a person who personal insults me seriously? I think people are having a little to much fun with the thumbs.

        2. Thumbs up thumbs down don’t mean shat, you tw@t. Any Spurs article appears on Spurs’ News Now page and most Spurs fans are very defensive and over sensitive regarding their team (they’ve got short person syndrome as they are quite with the big boys). Therefore mainly Spurs fans come here and they mostly put thumbs down a terrible way to judge an article.

          Nearly all fans outside Spurs think Levy is an ehomaniac who drags sagas out so he’s in the spotlight.

          Spurs fans might be trying to be loyal but everyone knows that deep down you know Levy has messed up the last 3 windows and it has had an adverse effect on Spurs.

          1. Tw@tspotter, you mention fans outside of Spurs. That comment sparked an interest in me. Could you go into some more detail?

  16. Very unfair and polemic article. Bitter much?

    While Levy frustrates me with all these last minute deals during the transfer window, he runs the club in a very astute manner. Spurs are one of the few PL clubs that not only live within their means, but actually make a profit,

    Sure, I wish Lewis and ENIC would loosen the purse strings a bit. And maybe they will, but Tottenham will never be the kind of irresponsible big spenders that the foreign oligarch owned clubs like Chelsea and Man City are.

    Finally, Redknapp was deservedly sacked. He blew an almost sure 3rd place finish by his lack of focus and not very subtle positioning for the England job. I think AVB was a bold hire and shows that Levy (and Lewis) may just have a master plan that we will have to wait on for a few years to see the true fruits come to maturity.

    Great website. Sad excuse for an article.

  17. fellow spurs fans you need to get your heads out of Levys bum hole, the man is a clown, 1. We needed a striker since the champs lege to late we got ade needed another Levy went on the cheap got Saha and we are in europa waste of a thursday night to little to late and we still looking for another goal scorer. 2 We all knew luka was leaving and we have misses the boat on the two to best replace him in Hazard and Santi why did we not spend the money last summer, or january, or this summer and make it back on the obvious 30ish million we would get for luka, leave him on his own with the kids. The club has taken three big steps backwards this summer, loss of a good consistent manager in who does give kids chances such as walker livermore (who is not good) two failed to find a replacement for Mordic and still looking for another goal scorer, not cleaver not smart its all save a penny lose a pound if if you look at the money we have wasted on players and not got back is amazing bent, pav, for example he is a clown wake up, because common sense aint to common it shows on this website

  18. I don’t mind getting trashed by almost everyone, more exciting that way. Since it is an opinion based blog that is the point. Happy reading.

  19. Wow.

    You sure took a ton of heat on this article. I can’t say that I agree with much of what you’ve written as I do differ markedly from your views.

    Redknapp’s departure reminded of the when Tommy Docherty was forced out at Old Trafford. Great manager who seemed to be taking the club up to winning trophies, but continuous bad press just couldn’t be tolerated any longer.

    I’m not an insider so I don’t know more than I can see or hear, and despite Redknapp’s abilities, he sometimes acts like a Cockney gangster. Hence, the FA looked elsewhere.

    I think Levy did the best he could with Modric by shutting the dorr on him last season but, like Van Persie, there’s only so much you can do. At least he was able to keep Bale.

    Andre Villas Boas is an ideal choice for a manager and today, Adebayor’s signing shows that they are not sitting on their hands.

  20. I guess your friends with the “economics degrees” are the smartest ones at your get togethers. What a disgraceful piece, truely rubbish. You my friend need to find a new career.

  21. You have previously made it known that you are not a supporter of Daniel Levy, accuse him of not being a fan – question would he attend a match if not in his role? He certainly did before he was Chairman and has been a fan for many years! Naturally, it will be difficult for you to attend…

    You have previously conceded that clubs are businesses, but questioned the strategy comparing managers to CEOs. The points you are missing are that the CEO is not the manager, but the Chairman and the question of who owns the company? You are well aware that Boards of companies are responsible to shareholders.

    You like to be controversial, like a good debate and to goad your readers. There is so much that can be said in response to this truly pathetic excuse for an article… However, let’s just leave it as: ill-informed, biased and simply wrong.

    Why not stick to ‘supporting’ Reading FC (shame because I have an affinity with the town) or better still Dallas Cowboys, San Jose Sharks, San Jose Earthquakes and the Baltimore Orioles?

    1. Your post is not only a “my way or the highway” infantile sarcastic little rant,you happen not to know what the hell your even talking about. Open your eyes and ears….look & listen.Pay attention to things going on around you and you might learn something.His article was as spot omn as you can get.Thats not an opinion it’s a fact.

          1. Jungian, that is the classic comeback of someone who doesn’t have the facts. That is something a student in school would say.

      1. This is the clearest expressed opinion, about Spurs real problem, and I fully agree with what you wrote.
        Croatia new manager, Stimac, said that Levy is trying to show how big a man he is in Premiership but that this is not the way to do it – and he Stimac is right. Levy never played football, never worked well with people (was never close with any footballer and therefore, how can he increase the value of something that is built on people, on footballers, on trust? It is interesting how blind many of the Spurs supporters are (they do not use their brains – they defend something that is not defensible) and how short memory is the rule with these supporters (Redknap was hailed until a month ago, and now AVB and Levy get the glorious tretment and reviews – but for what?). They are in the process of destabilizing the team and dismantling something that worked well. Levy will use AVB for the next 2 months and will fire him for nonperformance (eventhough he undermined the team and AVB by delaying the final composition of the team). Reading some of the Spurs hard core supporters comments, one has to wander about the intelligence of most of these suporters. Your article is prophetic and those that have memory (most of normal human beings have it – the memory makes us human) will remember it when Levy makes his next money exchage moves – at the end of the fall season.

  22. Great article and spot on. The mugs on here who blindly follow whatever Levy chooses to do will this season see just what you’re talking about.
    You’re excactly right about where Levys loyalties firmly are. and what comes first in the grand schmeme of things at THFC.Not the fans nor the action on the pitch.
    I know enough people who are very much in the know who that know what you’re saying is true.Most supporters haven’t got a clue however as to the real facts but I have a feeling more will be revealed as the season goes on.Anybody who believes that Levy and Lewis have their interest at heart and are determind to get to the the very top,are kidding themselves.These people are venture capitalists,and Spurs will never get into the top tier as long as they are around .Time for people to wake up to the reality of it all.I love Spurs and have supported them for 34 years,and I’m more concerend about our future now ,then at any other time in recent memory.
    Under these two Spurs will always have balanced books but nothing much to show for it on the pitch.They don’t give silverware for the club with the best balanced books.

    1. Wow,what an original put down,and so full of wit. You just don’t hear that kind of put down much do you? You’re a true original by the sounds of it.

  23. Thanks Richard for your thoughtful and insightful comments. I really enjoy negative feedback but I would rather it be intelligent. I stand by with I wrote and believe it to be true. When the name calling starts I just stop and move on. I will read intelligent positive or negative feedback but not fools feedback. Again thanks Richard.

    1. Funny how you only comment that feedback that agrees with you is intelligent. Please point out what is not intelligent and or factual about some of the negative comments… you’re a joke!

      1. Jason, I do comment on negative feedback. But for the individuals who resort to personal attacks. I will not, since that is not the sign of educated or intelligent individual. I would just wasting my time.

          1. You have been critical of people’s grammar and punctuation, I was just pointing out you left out the word be in your sentence.

    2. Thats OK.I’m supporting you becasue I know what you say to be true.When people start to revert to name calling and personl put downs,usually its becasue they feel threatened,and don”t know what else to say.It’s always easy to take cheap shots and tell those people who you don’t agree with that they’re arseholes,Harry lovers ( I am ), ignorant or whatever insult they decide to throw at you.It’s much harder to put across an opposing rational point of view where somebody just states his case like you;ve stated yours. I can read that with respect despite not agreeing with a word of it. When they start with the name calling ..they;ve lost it,and most on here have.

    3. Is that intelligent comment like you gave Jason earlier about his misspelling of Lewis? You missed an apostrophe from ‘fools’.
      I am intrigued that you ‘will read intelligent positive or negative feedback but not fools feedback.’ How does that work? From now are you only reading Richard’s comments?

        1. Yes Matthew, I do think correct spelling, as well as punctuation and grammar, is important. However, just because someone’s spelling may be poor, or, as in Jason’s case, they make a typo, doesn’t negate their view. You chose to make a flippant comment regarding spelling rather than address the comments in Jason’s post, but then complain about lack of intelligent comment… I think you will understand my point.

    1. I’ll second that, CTBlues. Gaffer, what color glasses are these folks wearing? As a Chelsea fan, I’d just like to thank Daniel Levy for hiring AVB. The “win ratio” defense of AVB at Chelsea is hilarious as the EPL was all but a lost cause by the time Di Matteo came in and I think you can argue pretty persuasively that the team focused on the best two objectives. I think Levy/AVB is a match made in heaven. They’re both small-minded and petty from what I’ve observed. Of course, I don’t have proof. But then I’m not an economist.

  24. You believe what you wrote? LoL

    The last time I read something this clueless, the story started with being so powerful they made a planet in the dark and someone blaming a pregnancy from an affair on that same planet architect that works in the dark.

    Or was it the story of the convicted con artist guy reading scripture from a top hat saying that god is from the planet kolob….

    I guess my auestion is….Were those stories your inspiration in writing this epic story clearly entrenched with your beliefs ?

  25. hope your wearing your asbestos boxers it has been a why since i saw anything thing like this kick up a s-it storm. i have no dog in this fight just remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.good luck

  26. Actually…wait…hold on…I’ve figured it out…this is all part of some modern day Internet version of a seventies government social test….no?

    Ok….. Clearly this kind of insightful article that cuts to the truth of our delusion’s needs a wiser and wider audience than the epltalk readership. This link should be posted to other media outlets so they to can benefit from its wisdom, to cast light on the editorial value.

    I say email this, tweet it….err face book it….give it to keys and grey on talk sport, get their input on this great post, show off and share this with the world!

    Everyone needs to read this, I’m sure levy would read it…c’mon let’s get behind this daring article and site out to the mases…c’mon!

    Tweet it, face…!!


  27. Matthew

    I am confused. Your bio states you have been a Spurs supporter for the past 15 years – but that you are a Reading supporter for family reasons…how does that make sense? You’re in or you’re out. Tottenham v Reading and Reading v Tottenham will occur this season. Which side of the fence will you sit on, family or no family?

    I disagree with much of what you have written – but believe in your right to an opinion. That said, you have to admit that Redknapp was the architect of his own fate. Of course, Levy wanted him to get the England job. It would have saved him the task of firing the man AND would have resulted in a compensation package for the Club. What’s wrong with that? From the moment, Harry walked out of the courtroom, at Southwark, having dodged an almighty bullet, over “Rosie47gate”, he should have kept his head down and secured us, at a MINIMUM, third position and a guaranteed place in the Champions League. Almost certainly, he would have made himself impossible to sack and, equally as likely, Luka Modric would have seen that a bright future could still be his at Tottenham. You make the comment: “… If the player is worth £100,000 plus a week then you pay the bill. Levy will not bring in the best players because he refuses to pay high salaries…”

    For almost the whole of last season, there was a contract on the table, offering Modric an increase in wages from £45,000 per week, to £100,000 per week, which Modric chose NOT to sign. That’s not the Chairman’s fault. Gareth Bale has just signed a contract extension, in the process, seeing his wages rise to around £115,000 per week. None of this would have been possible (or responsible) were it not for the sound fiscal stewardship demonstrated by the Board, over the past few years.

    YOu are a young man and only a supporter since 1997, so you might be excused for not being aware how close the club was to being forced into receivership, in 1991. The Midland Bank were 24 hours away from calling in the receivers, due to the insane actions of a previous chairman, Irving Scholar and his cronies. It took the intervention of the unpopular saviour, Alan Sugar, to save this Club. A lot of what he did was also unpopular with a selection of fans (sacking Terry Venables, hiring Christian Gross and George Graham) but history must show that he saved the Club from going under. Daniel Levy has a duty to ensure we are never put in the same position again.

    Harry Redknapp had no long term vision for the Club. All his fixes were short-term. He only wanted proven players coming into the Club. The reserve team was disbanded at his behest. It is clear that, moving forward, the Club needed a change in direction. Ledley King was the last product of the Academy (until Livermore) to make a name for himself at Spurs. That we need better returns from our investment in youth HAS to be at the cornerstone of any vision for the future of the Club. Harry just did not seem to share such a vision. AVB, Steffen Freund and Tim Sherwood can make it happen.

    Finally, to you and anyone else who might bemoan the fact that we have left our transfer business until late, please be mindful of the fact that Manchester City have only just begun, Manchester United are still making signings and Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea are all STILL in the market, looking for ways to improve their squads and getting rid of players that don’t fit in with their plans. So are we. It will ALWAYS be this way, until the FA takes the step of closing the window BEFORE the season opens. A lot of business remains to be done, NOT JUST BY TOTTENHAM – but by all the sides around us, too. Be patient.


    1. Sheik. I have read all your posts on this page and you are really out of order and in the wrong. Mathews article was spot on. You clearly worship Levy but what has he achieved in comparison to others in his position? Arsenal would of paid of their stadium before we have laid out first brick! So how exactly is Levy ahead of the game? 1 trophy in 13 years….how is that a good return? He is the reason we fail year after year. A stupid transfer policy of buying player late in transfer windows. Levy wants to be the big man at Sours which is why he got rid of Redknapp!!! He is the worse type of chairman, tight and fully of rubbish a lot like you. You write well but the content shows you know nothing about football of any merit.You said Mathew is missing a chromozone, you are missing a penis as you are eunuch, levy eunuch.

  28. Thank you for your comments. Funny thing. I have a cousin in England who supports Reading and Chelsea. He has supported Chelsea since he was a teenager and since he was from Reading he supports Reading. There is another mystery. I just believe AVB is the right man for the job. I never said Harry was perfect but he rates high in my view. I have read about the history and aware of the problems and what Sugar did. I recall Sugar saying his invovlement at Spurs was a complete waste of his time. As always I hope for the best.

      1. Dust, save your strength and time. I am not going to get into with someone like you. You aren’t worth my time. Just look how you express yourself that should be enough.

        1. You can’t honestly say you want a serious debate when your article is inaccurate on so many points and shows compete lack of understanding on how to run a business let alone a football club. It looks like I’m not the only one.

          You have a history of personal attacks on this site so I guess you can also add hypocrite to your qualities.

          1. We learn from past and our mistakes. That is how a person grows. Just like TV if you like it don’t watch or in this case read it. So, tell me what makes you such an authority on the matter, Dust?

  29. Well, the comentsabove are appalling both int heir stupidity and their ignorance.

    First of all the original poster: who absolves Lewis is Wrong as Lewis’s failure to help out a club really struggling to cope with sugar daddy clubs and 60+K stadiums is very obvious. But Lewis is a currency trader and that is THE LOWEST FORM OF CAPITALIST LIFE: gain for NO product.

    Levy has done an admirable job but if you think that Bassong for 3 mill is good then you are an idot as he cost 8mill. In addition, Levy’s shylock obsessed last minute transfers has really screwed up 3 seasons in a row and probably a fourth. Those SIX points lost last season at the start wre MORE CULPABLE than the draw at villa or the cheating at the Hawthorns.

    Levy has done a good jib but his football nous is zero and his transfer tactics are danaging to us. I still would not part with him but he needs to wake up a little.
    But Lewis should provide or leave or sell as he is as useful as ***s on a bull.

    1. I agree with your take on Lewis 100%.I don’t agree with your take on Levy however inasmuch as ,you say his tactics are damaging us,and they question about it.,so where I disagree,is that I’d like to see him gone from the club sooner rather than later.You said it when you said that his football nous is zero.I’d say less than zero..but no need to split hairs.

  30. Sugar was speaking, I believe, in the context of how he was perceived then, as to how he is perceived now…a life peer (Baron Sugar of Clapton) and the immense popularity he has gained as the star of the UK version of television’s “The Apprentice”. It might not (involvement with Club ownership) be something he would contemplate again – but he did manage to walk out with a nice profit and he remains a supporter of the Club. Perhaps he is getting soft in his old age.

    Ultimately, fans won’t care who owns the Club, as long as we see the type of football that Tottenham is famous for, coupled with our share of success. From the depths of 1990-1, we have risen to become the 12th richest Club in the World – with a relatively small stadium and only one season’s Champions League money. That can’t be an accident. When we are no longer a sub-section of Tavistock, the controls put in place, first by Sugar and then by Levy, should ensure that we are sustainable, as a business AND as a Club, well into the future…long after the Abramovichs, Maktoums and Glazers have departed the scene.

    Adebayor has arrived and suddenly we don’t look so weak upfront. His transfer was handled responsibly by the Club, to ensure that there will be no financial blowout. It is a stroke of genius, pulled by none other than Levy, to get Manchester City to agree to pay the bulk of Ade’s wages for the next two years. The money we DON’T pay him could easily cover the wages of another striker (or schemer, once Modric leaves).

    I’m excited. You should be, too.

  31. I will be glad when Modric leaves. I thought he should have left last year. I respect your views but I just have a very uneasy feeling about things. I hope your right and things work out.

        1. I find it fascinating that you have disregarded well thought out comments bar a few spelling mistakes, but do not know the difference between your and you’re, and you teach and have a graduate degree.

          Also, when you write such a divisive opinion piece, the debate would be much healthier if your responses weren’t by and large limited to:

          -“thanks for the kind words” to positive feedback.
          -“agree to disagree” to counterarguments.

          Just something to think about. Or not.

          1. I would be happy to engage in discussion with people. However, I am not going to engage with individuals who personally attack me. Whatever I say they will continue with their rant and I don’t see point. I posted comments to individuals who didn’t attack me personally and disagreed with me. I am not going to waste my time with individuals who can’t engage in a civil discussion.

          2. We’re talking about freaking football here. Every time I talk football with my friends, “personal attacks” and fair points go hand in hand. It seems like once you deem something a “personal attack” (eg, “what a crap article” – oh my gosh, he said crap, personal attack), you disregard any points made that are worthy of discussion. As an example, you were happy to comment on Jason’s misspelling of Lewis and his thumb logic, but I guess you thought “to write this article shows how little you must know” was a “personal attack”, and decided not to respond to any of his football-related points.

            These sorts of responses have caused the discussion to degenerate into what it is. If I were to raise valid points to my friends and they offer no response, I might just personally attack them.

          3. Matt, first of all I was just joking about the spelling thing. People really need to lighten up a bit. It doesn’t if is sports, politics or religion people can engage without acting like fools. I get into all sorts of discussions with friends and co-workers but I have never attacked them personally. I will attack the idea. That is way people find so difficult to engage in such discussion because they are so sensitive. Attacking an idea is point of strength attacking an individual personally is a sign of weakness and a lack in your convictions. Sorry, I guess we run in different circles.

          4. I think you missed where I was being facetious and had adequately lightened up, but then again you hold no sort of English degree (two sentences above don’t make any sense as written).

            I would argue that you haven’t really attacked any ideas, but have defended them by parking the bus, as they say.

          5. Well, if you have been up for almost 20 hours you might be a bit tired as well. I was making a general reference about people involved in heated discussions and not physical disgreements. Sorry, but are the one not making any sense. Do you hold an English degree. I love how people always want to make themselves better.

  32. if levy is the best thing since scliced bread why are we not in the champs league and why has he failed to support his managers in the past? The way he treated martin Jol sacking him halfway through a game was disgraceful disgusting behavior.
    I have lived in tottenham and stood in the park lane stand since i was 6 and have never in my 11 years have i seen spurs play better football than under Harry (i was not alive in 1961) He not being named England manager was a good thing for spurs and Levy blew it. If you read Martin Jol’s book listen to other people in football there is far to many politics in that board room people interested in spurs, people interested in the team, no one is pulling in the same direction, Harry had to push and fight for Parker our player of the year, the board knew they would not make money so how is he football first? Levy came through on that it one, it is not all levy put the board. Levy messed up the Modric dealing, like at arsenal, with RVP and Song, like United with Van Nistelroy or Beckham get that negativity out of your club and replace them asap and for the sake of 1 or 2 million your club will be better for it and this is wht im not a Levy Fan. Look at the succsess of others and look at what we do, as i have said we have had a year to replace Luka and money to do it. Louis Saha and Ryan Nelson, what a joke thats why we are not third and in the Champions League, this is not progression and like AVB will not be given the time or chance like the other ones we are more a poisoned challace the newcastle, so lets not get to attached

  33. Having read your article my first reaction was to to simply write what a load of crap, but after reading the comments I felt the need to add a few comments of my own.
    Firstly I agree with the vast majority of the thumbs down brigade!
    As much as I liked Harry, I do agree with his sacking for a number of reasons, most of which have already been written.
    As far as Levy is concerned there are things that he has done which I do not agree with such as the way Martin Jol was sacked!
    However on a positive note the things he has done for Spurs are many. The club is financially secure, new state of the art tra

  34. If the worst thing that can happen is for Modric to stay, then I am STILL happy. At 80 percent, he is still the best player in his position in the league. If he leaves and we buy Pjanic or Kovacic, we will STILL be a force to be reckoned with. There are nine days left in the window. Normally, we would wait for eight of these to pass before becoming active. By comparison, we’ve done well, three in, seven out (plus some who didn’t graduate from the Academy). By my reckoning, there’s about £31 million in the pot, aside from any money Modric’s sale might bring (this accounts for nett takings from the sales of Crouch, Keane, Palacios, Pav, O’Hara, Kranjcar, Corluka, Bassong and Dawson, after accounting for sell-on fees and the purchases of Parker, Sigurdsson, Vertonghen and Adebayor).

    More money will come in, if we can sell Bentley and Gio dos Santos. Loans out of Jenas, Rose and Huddlestone, will free up squad spaces. We will be fine.

  35. I don’t know what happened there, but to continue new state of the training facilities, plans for anew 50,000+ stadium which will generate the revenue needed to compete at the highest level without “sugar daddy” owners. He is a very astute businessman who made a stand against player power by saying no!
    We could have had a chairman like Peter Ridsdale who bankrupted Leeds and sent them into freefall.
    I like the direction we are going, getting the foundations right and building on them. I wish AVB every success, and believe that this season will be an intersting one.
    Although we lost to Newcastle I was still pleased with what I sawq, especially AVB’S enthusiatic reaction to Defoe’s goal.

  36. Guys, I don’t agree much on what Matthew has written in this article. However, this is an opinion piece and I see no reason why personal attacks or name calling should be apart of it. Matthew isn’t required to present an unbaised view or present facts or statistics. He’s just trying to voice his opinion on the matter. I’d rather people attack his opinion without calling his intelligence or affiliation to a particular club into question. I’d be cool to have a proper discussion/debate on the matter.

    1. abu_menang, thanks for the feedback. I am with you. I think it would be cool to have a good and honest debate about the issue without all the name calling and personal attacks. We can agree to disagree.

  37. All the trash talking is preventing any serious discussion or debate. The trash talkers always want to block any discussion because they are afraid they might be proven wrong or have their ideas challenged.

  38. I didn’t even bother reading this. I just read the title and came straight to comments. You sound more bitter that he decided to fire Harry Redknapp then anything else.
    I go no problem with him for firing Redknapp. When Redknapp decided to put his own affairs(i.e England job) over that of the club, he had to go. Not only that Spurs went from being in contention for the title to fighting for 4th place.

    1. How on earth can you comment on something you haven’t read. That is like writing a book review without reading book. By your own comments you are sounding foolish.

      1. Hey, Harriet Klausner does that, and she’s Amazon’s #1 Hall of Fame book reviewer.

        Reading some of the comments is like reading the back of the book; you can get the general idea and realize it’s not worth your time to read the whole thing.

        1. Sorry, that is the lazy way and not a proper review. I would never comment on a book or article I haven’t read. I can’t take people serious who do that.

  39. Great article. Loved it but DO NOT agree with it. DL will not spend money on transfers and wages if he does not have it to spend. He will always ensure that the Spurs end of year balance sheet is in the BLACK. I agree DL is a business man. And I am not convinced that football is his business. But give him his due. Spurs are still in the PL and are financially sound. He was right to get rid of HR. Cast your mind back to Villa away. Why was defoe on the bench when we needed a goal. HR did not appreciate the need to rest and rotate. He burnt out the squad. His mind was away dreaming of lifting the Euro and World Cups. If he had stayed he would probably be off at the first opportunity if a better pay packet came along. I can only see spots 5 and 6 open to Spurs unless there is a major capital investment. I don’t think ENIC will cough up, so maybe Spurs will have to be sold for us to reach number 1 spot.

    1. Victor, thanks for the feedback. I never said Redknapp did a perfect job. Players did get burnt out and I agree Defoe should have played more. I just don’t believe Lewis and Levy have the best interest for the club but rather the parent company and their other investments.

      1. They do have a financial obligation to their share holders. If Spurs were to go belly up then Lewis and Levy would have a lot of important questions to answer, and probably lose their jobs or worse. With the advent of the Mega Rich club owners, to whom money is no object, DL is still managing to keep us thereabouts for future investment. All we can hope for is that the financial fair play rules have sharp teeth. When we are all back on a level playing field then we can hopefully push on. When everyone was on a level playing field Huddersfield won the title three times on the trot. Oh happy days. I long for a return to the times when anybody could win the title, not just a select few. Keep up the contentious writings.

  40. This article is out of order and unfair on both levy and lewis. I am just wondering who wrote such an in depth and extensive report like this. Obviously you are not a spurs fan. But I am just overwelmed that you have put so much effort and spite into this. This goes beyond a west ham, arsenal or even chelsea supporter. Or even jamie redknapp for that matter. Perhaps a competitor of Joe lewis’ private equity firm?

  41. Firstly – about Martin Jol – I agree, sacking him was outrageous…the way it was leaked, during a Europa Cup game, made it even more so. Comolli may have had something to do with that, I am not sure. Going back to the beginning, sacking George Graham was morally wrong. To sack a manager for talking to the press about his concern over funds for spending was just a pathetic excuse. It happens every day (managers talking about funds for buying and selling). It happened several times during Harry’s management – but he was never publicly cautioned over his comments to the press.

    Clearly, something is lacking in Levy’s man-management DNA – but you’ve got to hope he learns as he gets older. More than anything, we need a period of stability. This Club has a great history. For example, apart from Man United, no other side in the Premier League has won a trophy in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, apart from Tottenham Hotspur. The pieces are coming together for us to have more success in the future. Have faith!

  42. Harry Redknapp (competent manager that he is), got distracted by his court case and the prospect of the England job. He cost Spurs at least £30mil by failing to qualify for Europe.
    He does have a happy knack of inspiring players, but is tactically naive and failed to rotate the squad!
    Your ‘worship’ of him is not worthy of a true supporter; you seem to think he is bigger than, and created the club!
    I do agree that many of Levy’s managerial appointments were flawed, although I do not believe AVB will prove to be amongst them.
    The ‘posturing’ over the Olympic stadium was simply to extract more public money to aid the development of WHL. Our problems are not of Levy’s making, we should not pay exorbitant wages until we have our new stadium and the gate receipts to fund them.
    The club is run responsibly on a sound financial footing, by a chairman who does not receive nearly enough credit for his achievements! I for one would rather we ‘tread water’ for a season or two, until all the pieces are in place for our sustained return to the very top echelon of the premier league.
    We are going In the right direction, we just need to be patient a little longer!

  43. Have you been reading the comments as I have. I think Levy has an army of supporters. I worship no man. I thought he was a good manager for the team and I would have stuck with him. Plus, I don’t trust AVB.

  44. Think Jamie Redknapp must have written this. harry Redknapp is a funny man and a great coach. We need tacticians and businessmen now. Levy and AVB are a great (ruthless) team. But it is results that count. I can’t wait for the next match – Come on you Spurs!!


  45. What is your distrust of AVB based upon? Harry couldn’t even read or write, by his own admission (under oath). Why would you entrust such a man with the Club’s purse? As for his “man-management” skills, have a chat with Gio dos Santos, Heurelho Gomes or Niko Kranjcar..Once out of the starting line-up picture, Harry all but forgot them. Every player is entitled to know where he stands, in the manager’s thinking. Managers should be giving positive encouragement to every player in the SQUAD, not just his “pets”. Lack of man-management and lack of confidence in squad players to do the job meant he burned our ambitions long before he burned out the first 11. His stifling inability to change did us in.

    1. I am not a Chelsea fan but I thought the way he handled the media and the players was done poorly. I think his resume is too short. One great season doesn’t make a man a success. He failed at Chelsea and worry about it happening at Spurs. I don’t like his high line defense. I went to the friendly match in LA in July and in the first half the LA counter-attack destroyed that high line. He did make changes in the second half but I don’t it will work at Spurs. This just on a completely personally level, I think Michael Dawson is great player and has been so loyal to Spurs. He always gave a 100%, plus he was my favorite player as well. I think we have lost a great man and player.

      1. Agreed on the high line being exposed in LA. You have to remember that this was their first game as well. Secondly, with regard to Dawson, absolutely he has been loyal but he does not fit the system AVB deploys. He lacks pace and has a tendency to hoof it down field, not the way we are playing. Couple this with his history of injury over the past couple years and if we can get $10 mil for him I say do it. He doesn’t fit the system and we are getting good value.

        I think overall, Harry had done what he could. He did not have a vision for the club, rather a vision for himself to move forward. AVB shares the vision to grow the club and as a Spurs supporter this has me excited and 100% behind him. You should be as well.

  46. Never comment but had to on this crap,
    1 as for the amount of people that hit the site how long are they on for ?
    2 Harry is a hypocrite, as his comment on players dont care about who the manger is when he wanted england job, but they do care when he wants a new contract.
    3 AVB was given a remit by roman but did not get the backing.

    The club is run extremely well, what sort of chairmen and owner would you want? , And if you put as much effort in to your story as peoples grammer it might have been worth reading.
    Everyone has a right to an opionion,but this doesnt mean your talking sense.

  47. Grammer then was a joke and told the guy. You are completely right everyone has a right to their opinion. This work is my view if you don’t like it fine. But making it personal and calling people names doesn’t present the person in a good light. For example, I am sure you could have a better word to use than “crap.” Levy wanted Harry to be named England manager so he would be in the position to fire him. I want an owner that will solely focus on the club and not over 200 companies. Levy is all about hoarding money and that is why top class players will avoid the club because they will demand high wages and if they are that good, that is what they should get. Money is spent but on quaility players. To your first question I am not sure.

  48. I dont know how old you are but do you know who irvine scholar is? he was the owner of spurs who bankrupted the club and had to sell to Sugar/Venables for a pound, i do not want this to happen again that is why i love levy and can rest assured it will never happen on his watch maybe you dont go back 20 years , hence the hatred for levy.

    1. Fair enough. I don’t mind the negative comments but after awhile all the sh*t, crap, idiot, moron, etc gets old very fast.

  49. I am aware with what happened in the early 1990s. I never said I hated the man. I just don’t think he is the right man for the job. I would suggest worshipping someone isn’t a healthy thing to do. Just my opinion.

  50. ENIC is the root of Spurs problems.
    Levy, Lewis the Fagin’s of the football world.
    1 minor trophy in 12 years is the worst record in the clubs history.
    Please go and get people who love the club not these ugly money men.

  51. As an Everton fan, I appreciate Levy’s shrewd negotiating and business skills.

    Driving the club into the ground? You have got to be kidding me. They finished fourth last year and were taken out of CL by the flukiest CL run in years. They got some talented players early in the window and just added Ade while shipping out current useless pieces in Dawson, Pineear, and Bassong for a decent chunk of change. They still could make another splash or two closer to the deadline, as they usually are known for. Redknapp is a decent manager but not a god-send. He did oversee a historic collapse in the 2nd half of the season did he not, or is that all on Daniel Levy? From what I saw of Tottenham, they often played a free flowing attacking style for Harry but when things went sour he had no tactics or idea how to change the approach. As many have said before his squad rotation was a joke.

    I don’t understand why it’s such a bad thing that Levy is a shrewd businessman with his approach. He has still had decent success, with a young roster and bright future. How much Lewis is worth is irrelevant to the discussion, if he doesn’t want to sink millions upon millions to buy a championship and success like Man City and PSG and wants to run a profitable business thats fine. You can still be competitive and turn a profit.

    As for AVB, I have no opinion on him as of now. One bad season under a team full of aging divas isn’t going to kill him in my book. I think it’s pretty clear his tactics fit the current Spurs roster much better than the one he was put in charge of last year. High-line was not an issue in the Newcastle game so we will see.

  52. i have to agree with article to a degree not the bit about harry as i was glad to see the back of him but the levy and lewis bit is true. I am a spurs fan and always will be i dnt like a guy who has long pockets and short arms and i beleive that levy is that guy we will always be nearley rans the club that never was champions and until levy and lewis DO ONE we will always be that team.

  53. This is NOT the club that Redknapp built. It’s the club that Bill made. I’m not Levy ‘s biggest fan, he’s done good and bad things. But this is one of the most one sided poorly researched blogs I’ve ever read. And that’s saying something.

      1. Er, that’s exactly what you said even if it’s not what you meant. Opinion pieces are all very well but when you make judgements as above you should at least consider backing it up with some decent research. As I said, I’m not Levy’s biggest fan and some of your points are valid. But you ruin too much of it with your Redknapp love in. He really doesn’t need the help.

        1. The paper did go through a review process and some of the language could have been changed. I recall in the draft saying the squad or team. I certainly didn’t mean to imply the whole club. In my view Redknapp was a good coach, not a perfect one but good one. I met him in San Jose for the friendly match back in 2010 against the San Jose Earthquakes the team was and I were staying in the same hotel. He just seemed like a nice guy and friendly.

  54. Either:

    * the most poorly written and inadequately researched article I’ve read in a long, long time, or

    * trying way too hard to troll.

  55. Is there a reality pill that we can put in the halftime pies at WHL? We are, effectively, a small club in terms of resources – half the crowd and incidental revenue of Man utd and Arsenal; no oligarch spending ludicrous sums; no Champions League revenue apart from one year. Yet we have consistently challenged the top 4. We did it under Jol; won a trophy under Ramos and continued that challenge under Redknapp. So now we want to push on to top 2-3 – and Levy sees AVB as more likley to get us there than Harry would have done. Its a gamble – its NOT playing safe and only looking at the balance sheet!

  56. Who is this guy?? Unbelievably inaccurate. Last year, Levy was universally lauded for standing up the big boys. Now, accordingly to this guy, he’s ruining the club! You generally can’t stop players wanting to leave eventually (Berbatov, Carrick, Keane, Modric?) but he makes we get the best possible price. What is wrong with that? The public don’t understand the complexities of transfers with (both) clubs/agents/players high demands. His comment ‘the club that Harry built’ is the funniest I’ve seen in a long time. Harry did a good job but if we left him to run the club, we’d be bankrupt by now. Whatever the personal differences, Harry blew it himself. May be writers opinion but the facts are wrong. Do a bit more reseach before your next article sir.

    1. So, you know what goes on behind the closed doors at White Hart Lane and what is discussed in the board room? What is disussed between the chairman, the owner or the manager? Do you work in the tranfer market? Are you an agent for a player? How do you know the club would have been bankrupt? What facts to have to support that idea? For an individual that advances the use of facts you are in very short supply yourself.

  57. Matthew, you stated that AVB’s resume is too short and that one good season doesn’t make a manager. Give the guy a break! He’s only 34 years old – he would have been around 4 years old when Redknapp began his management career. Yet, in his short time, with Porto, he won FOUR trophies, including a treble and including a European trophy. In 30 years, Redknapp managed to beat a side from a lower division to win his one and only trophy, the FA Cup. Since then, he’s taken Tottenham to Wembley on three occasions – and we’ve come away empty-handed each time.

    I’ll take my chances with the younger man, thank you very much. You might also note that when he left Chelsea, they were one place and two points away from fourth spot. Roberto di Matteo took over and their position deteriorated, so that, at season’s end, Chelsea finished two places and five points away from fourth. I don’t think it makes either of them a poor manager – but it DOES put AVB’s work into some sort of perspective. He has handled the press very well, since joining Spurs, so I don’t care how it was when he was working under an oppressive chairman and bully-boys in the dressing room.

    Every Spurs fan should be wishing him every success.

    What would you rather have: a business-wise chairman who releases funds in the way he sees fit, in the meantime, keeping the Club in a healthy financial state, or the loveliest chairman around, Everton’s Bill Kenwright, who can’t offer David Moyes a bean, year-after-year, unless he sells a prized asset or two?

    We ought to be grateful.

  58. A well written article, but factually incorrect in many places. Everyone’s is entitled to their opinion, but that opinion is only a valid one if premised on fact rather than fiction.

    Harry had not spent time building that squad, the vast majority of it was there before he even got the job. Other than Scott Parker and Brad Friedel, who did Harry sign in his four years that had an impact at Spurs. Looking at our “star players” Bale and Modric were already there and VDV was all Levy’s doing on deadline day.

    Look at the players Harry brought (at an absolute fortune) in Defoe who never gets a game, Keane who was an absolute disaster, Palacios whose only talent was picking up needless yellow cards on the halfway line, Kranjčar and Bassong both of whom never got games. Let’s not mention the disasters that were Saha and Nelson. And let’s also remember the fact Harry wanted Carlton Cole over Adebayor last season.

    So really the squad that Harry built?!?! A squad ready to go to the next level? Maybe. But what in Harry’s credentials supports an argument he was the man to guide them there. We finished fourth, then fifth and then fourth again (by the skin of our teeth when we should have coasted into third). We were going backwards under Harry not forwards. Part of the issue was Harry did not rotate. That is fact. The players were tired. That was not going to change as that’s not the sort of manager Harry is. So why would we suddenly push to the next level? Harry alienated half the players in the squad. The only ones that liked him were those that played. Strange that! He wasn’t the great mana-manager he’s made out to be. A great man-manager would keep the whole squad happy, not his favourite 12 or 13.

    I won’t even get started on Harry’s second job as “rent-a-quote” for any journalist that would care to listen.

    As for Levy. Had he sold Modric for £40million on deadline day to Chelsea, how would he have replaced him? If he could he would have been held to ransom. We would have been left with no one until January. Remember what happened with Berbatov. Levy learnt his lesson there. We might not get as much this season but that value has been earned by a better league position finish and the long-term credibility it gives Levy as a negotiator.

    Your comments on the money front are misguided. Are you saying that you want Lewis to play as a “sugar-daddy”? Why should he? He is not Sheikh Mansour or Roman Abramovich. The club is owned by a company and run as a business. We cannot pay huge salaries because we do not have a huge ground and the receipts to go with it. We don’t have a billionaire owner who wishes to pump hundreds of millions into us. With UEFA Financial Fair Play rules coming up, that might not be such a bad thing.

    I accept that Levy has got it wrong before – Hoddle, Santini, Ramos. Maybe AVB is not the right man, but for you to suggest it wasn’t right for Harry to get the sack with spurious opinion, that you assert as fact, is frankly pious and deceitful.

    1. If I am not mistaken Andrew sounds like you are writing an opinion. Who’s decides the truth, you? Isn’t that a bit self serving on your part?

      1. Yes, opinion based on fact. Therefore a valid opinion. Not opinion based on half-truths and “pie in the sky”, thus a completely invalid one. Read what I say in my second sentence. I think I set that out quite clearly?

        Who decides the truth? We could have a philosophical debate, but since far greater minds than I (I dare not comment about you mind) have failed to define it, I doubt we will. However, facts are facts, for example:

        Do we have a smaller ground than all those clubs we define as our competitors for the top 4? YES
        Did Redknapp spend millions of pounds on players he did not play as much as other players already there? YES
        Was Levy”s reputation strengthened as a result of the Modric saga with Chelsea? YES
        Were Bale and Modric there before Redknapp? YES
        Do we have the money to pay huge wages and transfer fees and still be run as a business? NO

        You get my point? Surely you must.

  59. Some of you need to develop a sense of humor. For the record the spelling comment was a joke. Just having a little fun while everyone getting heated up. On serious not some of you really need to chill out.

  60. I don’t think there is a single sentence in there that I agree with.

    My favourite bit is this:

    “Levy has a degree in economics — not really the training to run a professional football club”.

    There is so much wrong with that one single line I do not know where to start.

    If you are going to take a club with a small stadium, a small, cramped training ground, little but history to go on, and out of this attempt to compete in the Champions’ League, compete for trophies, build a whole new stadium out of whole cloth, and totally rebuild the training ground, while keeping up with your nearest rivals, then you need someone who has a clue about money, and is good at business, because as Arsenal are finding out, getting it wrong will hamstring you for years. We could easily be an Aston Villa. Or a Nottingham Forest. But there we are, still doing it while financing £450m of capital expenditure.

    Incidentally: Levy’s degree is actually in a) in Land Economy – the study of law, economics and the environment and b) he studied at Cambridge and c) he earned a first-class honours degree. Which means, in short, that compared to you, me and pretty much anyone else we know, he has a mind like a steel trap. I’d be surprised if the power of his brain couldn’t knock glasses of water over like in Matilda. The author here should think very hard about the alternatives, does he want the East End barrow-boy-made-good sort of person in charge (we tried that with Alan Sugar) or the Abramovich model (I’d rather die)?

    1. Blindly following an individual can be an unhealthy thing. How do you know he has a mind like a steel trap? You sound like you know him personally? How can you comment on such a thing? You can comment on yourself all you want. But you don’t know anything about me or who I am. By the way some of the brightest people in the world never attended or completed college. Check out a guy named Bill Gates. You are clearly impressed with degress and honours not me, it is the person that will impress me.

      1. I don’t think there was any suggestion you need to go to college/university to be bright. However, the fact remains that a first class honours degree from one of the top 5 institutions in the world, followed by a very successful career in business is indicative of intelligence, whether you like it or not. Your degree in history combined with the article you have written are, on the other hand, not.

        Rather than picking up petty little points on everyone’s comments, why don’t you try to justify what you have said, or better still apologise for the plethora of factual inaccuracies in the blog, rather than picking on people’s spelling mistakes (flippantly or otherwise)?

        1. This is an opinion piece and I have no need to apologize. I have justified in what I said in the article. Or wasn’t that clear to you. This blog site is not Oxford University. I have laid out my case. It’s your job to find fault with the story. You must not be familiar with opinion writing, different from academic writing. Furthermore, where was I comparing myself the Levy? You are the one all upset. You seem to be insecure in what you think to be true. All you have done is take pot shots at me. If you have only someone challenging your ideas I suggest you stay away from opinion pieces. You seem clever Andrew. Would you like to write a story for this blog and how you handle the heat? You can fun all you want about my history degrees I don’t care; I am a pretty happy dude.

          1. Happy to write a story and discuss why my views differ to others. An article that I can be proud of that is well-researched and based on reality.

            I was not knocking your history degree, I was knocking your article. I was not knocking you, I was knocking your article. You seem to have a complex about everyone getting personal. It’s not you they’re getting personal with, it’s the diatribe that you have written. It’s the classic school-gorund retreat of someone criticising and running off in tears claiming bullying. Nonsense. Write a decent article, with facts and opions set out and justified and whether I agree with it or not then it will get praise.

            Your article and subsequent comments betray you as a not very happy dude I’m afraid.

          2. Andrew, I think you should take the Gaffer’s offer. I will keep a look out for you and look forward to your to your story.

  61. I dont know how old you are but do you know who irvine scholar is? he was the owner of spurs who bankrupted the club and had to sell to Sugar/Venables for a pound, i do not want this to happen again that is why i love levy and can rest assured it will never happen on his watch maybe you dont go back 20 years , hence the hatred for levy.

    Do you remember this?

  62. Matthew, my friend, I do not give two hoots about your education or where you have been or what you have done or what type of person you are, because, with the best will in the world, none of that makes any difference to me whatsoever. You’re just a bloke who has written a poorly informed article and is getting burned for it. I’m interested in Levy’s CV becasue I’m interested in Tottenham.

    You picked up on Levy’s education in your article and used the fact of his having an economics degree to illustrate your point that he was not suitable to be chairman of a professional football club. You started that debate, not me.

    I merely pointed out that a) it was not just any old economics degree that Levy has – he would have to be one of the brightest sparks in the country to achieve all that he has, b) given the fact that football at the top level is all about money and that our nation is literally filled with examples of football clubs who have been unable to handle money well and, c) if we are going to compete with the top teams on a relative shoestring then we have to do this well, the Levy’s CV sounds like exactly the sort of CV I’d want my chairman to have.

    Some bright people didn’t attend uni or college, true enough. but that wasn’t the point you were making, was it? You were saying that an economics degree was not, in your opinion, any qualification for running a football club. My point is that football is now a multi-billion pound business and that fact, allied to Tottenham’s circumstances (needing massive investment and expansion in order to compete with the top tier teams in the absence of a sugar daddy and making profit each year while doing it) makes it an ideal job for someone exactly like Daniel Levy.

    Unfortunately, while it’s also true that this is all talk about qualifications and we should judge Levy on actions rather than qualifications. Unfortunately for you, he’s been chairman of the club since 2001. Go and have a think about where Tottenham were then (a laughing stock nationwide who had George Graham as manager, played Gary Doherty up front and actually signed Andy Booth on a loan deal) and where they are today, actually competing, developing the training ground and stadium for the future, and sustaining a challenge to the top 4 despite all the sugar daddies and setbacks.

  63. I am not the one getting all upset. You were the one bragging about his education not me. I was just pointing a fact of his background as a piece of the story and making a judgment call on it and that is it. In your view I have written an article you disagree with but that this doesn’t make it wrong. A common theme I have noticed in most of the comments is Levy must not be judge, somehow this man is off limits. When I hear or read things like that it give me pause. It almost seems like a cult following. It is apparent I have touched off a nerve with you.

  64. If you read what ive posted twice(but not commented on), you may understand why people will back levy, its not a raw nerve but when your club is kicked off the FTSE and bankrupt, your glad you club lives within its means.

    1. Sorry, if I missed your comments. I think it is a raw nerve. However, I respect your view on the matter. Even if we don’t agree.

  65. Do you know who irvine scholar is? he was the owner of spurs who bankrupted the club and had to sell to Sugar/Venables for a pound, i do not want this to happen again that is why i love levy and can rest assured it will never happen on his watch maybe you dont go back 20 years , hence the hatred for levy.

    If you read what ive posted twice(but not commented on), you may understand why people will back levy, its not a raw nerve but when your club is kicked off the FTSE and bankrupt, your glad you club lives within its means.

    1. I am aware of what happened back then. I don’t hate the man. Just think he is the wrong man for the club. You are happy with him in charge, great. But I am offer a different point of view and some people really lack the skills or whatever to handle a different view point. So, I am not going to get into fights with individuals who are going to make personal attacks. What would be the point? They still continue with it.

  66. “These two men in my opinion are ruining a good club that Harry Redknapp built.”

    So assuming you meant squad then where exactly do you think the money to buy those players came from? Redknapp’s own personal account? I’m guessing Redknapp personally funded The Lodge and used personal accounts and brinksmanship to obtain planning permission for the new stadium too? Even discounting the above why on Earth should Lewis bankroll the club? Like it or not he’s a businessman and Spurs are a business, not some tax write off or billionaire’s plaything.

    You are critical of the Modric saga citing wages etc. Which despite your attempts at proving the opposite, proves that they have the club’s best interests at heart. We’re not paying vastly inflated wages with the club’s current set up because it could potentially bankrupt the club or SEVERELY impact the amount of money the club can spend of transfer fees. We have a current capacity of just over 36k, that puts us on an income level from ticket sales level with the likes of Everton and West Ham, the new stadium build (approved thanks to Levy’s work) will increase that to 56k, bringing in a larger revenue stream and more sponsorship money to fund higher wage structures WITHIN THE CLUB’S CAPACITY.

    You trusted Redknapp despite helping bankrupt Portsmouth and relegating Southampton yet you “can’t adjust” to AVB? Why? Because the media told you AVB is rubbish while stroking Redknapp’s massive ego? “We had a winner in Harry” Yes a winner that threw away a 10 point lead over our biggest rivals that ultimately cost us a place in the CL, a winner that took Bale and played him in every position other than the one where he is most effective, a winner that is so dead set against rotating the squad that our entire first team squad was exhausted by February and quality fringe players like Kranjcar and Pienaar got sick of trying and left, a winner that flirting openly with the FA in attempt to get the England job while neglecting to do what was needed at the job that paid his wages and would give soundbites to any media outlet that wanted it. Same winner that then after FAILING to deliver something that was a nailed on certainty tried to negotiate an even higher salary with ridiculous clauses regarding transfer fees.

    The last paragraph sums up your lack of knowledge about Spurs BEAUTIFULLY. Abandoned the OS plans to go back to the NDP? Are you for real? Haringey council have put roadblock after roadblock after roadblock infront of Spurs in terms of getting planning permission agreed for anything at WHL. The OS was used as perfect brinksmanship to force the council to stop sitting on it’s hands and get things moving forward. It worked. Instead of being stuck in a stadium that doesn’t fit our needs we’ll be playing in a brand spanking new stadium that can then push us onto the next level in terms of player wages and transfer fees.

    Will Lewis sell once that’s done? I highly doubt it, but even if he does he will have delivered, along with Levy ,ALL of the building blocks the club needed to solidify it’s place in the CL placings and potentially title challenge. Not bad considering that almost everyone around us is being bankrolled by sugar daddies or businesses that are paying vastly inflated fees and wages for average playing staff and that our steps to the future have all been delivered safely within the club’s budget without putting us into huge debt.

    But nah club that Harry built and all that. Don’t bother replying I won’t be back on here, it was linked on a Spurs forum I use where EVERYONE on the thread re this article is mocking you, had to have my say, have done and will now leave you to your own delusions about the club

  67. My opinion is through first hand knowledge (worked on the turnstiles and season ticket holder) spurs supporter for 40 years,family supported club for the last 80 backed up by facts that are easily checked, is a raw nerve, than so be it.
    So what your basic point of view is get a chairmen/owner that pays 30mill for a player and 200k a week
    You keeping saying RAW NERVE / NO SKILLS / PERSONAL ATTACK I said your articles crap not you as a person, you wrote this long winded tosh without saying what you would like to see happen.

    1 do you want us to pay 30mill on a player
    2 who do you want to take over from levy
    3 how would you finance a 450mill staduim
    4 what direction would you like the club to progress
    5 would you like us to pay 100k a week for an unproven premier player ie not sure his name but signed for southampton last week over us and liverpool
    6 Would you like us to go bankrupt again

    If you could answer the above maybe i could understand your point of veiw

    1. Mark, I am sorry but you have completely missed the point. You’re addressing something completely different. I can tell by your language you didn’t properly read the story and allowed your passion to override your senses. The problem is you’re mad with what I wrote, I would suggest very mad. I say this with all respect, if you are secure in your ideas and beliefs what I write wouldn’t have gotten you so upset. I wrote an article a while that dealt with some of those issues you mentioned. My article dealt with Levy as chairman of the club, plus a short discussion about Redknapp. I provided all the necessary information to support my case. This is an opinion piece and not academic work, which is different. If you read it correctly, I said if a player merits high wages then that player deserves that play. If a player has proven to be worth 30 million then I would pay it. A person’s skills are worth money regardless of the job. Wouldn’t that be true of your job, would you demand the right wage for your skills. I know I feel that way about my profession. Why not the same for an athletic? At the end of the day this is their job. For untested individuals no, you must work your way up. If you want to see how a good stadium was created I suggest you look how Jerry Jones created Cowboys Stadium in Dallas that can hold almost 100,000 people. It was a combination of local money, taxes and his own resources as owner and general manager. In fact he paid all overhead costs. You see he wants to win and when you want something bad enough you put every bit of effort into it. A person like Jones granted an egomaniac at times is a visionary in American football. That is what I would do. If you want a stadium to be built you find a way, which is what a leader does. They don’t stop until it’s done. It wouldn’t hurt to have de-regulation of the rules in football in Europe. The FA and UEFA appear to overarching bureaucracy rather than a sporting association. In the end it is a business and the weak will fade away and strong will be left standing. That may sound harsh but it is the truth. Maybe I see things different living in the United States, even though half my family lives in England. You need to decide what side you want to be on. I think I have been extremely respectful to you and I would expect the same in return. I would never have called your work crap. That is an insult to the work that was put into writing this article, whether you agree with it or not. We used to call it common courtesy. I hope that addresses some of your concerns.

      1. “If you read it correctly” really? you’re blaming a reader for reading incorrectly? This is condescending and rude.
        “If a player has proven to be worth 30 million then I would pay it” Really? So even if you can’t afford something you would just pay it because someones worth it? Under tha logic why don’t we go buy Messi for $100 mil. He is the best player in the world so clearly worth it.
        “I said if a player merits high wages then that player deserves that play. If a player has proven to be worth 30 million then I would pay it. A person’s skills are worth money regardless of the job. Wouldn’t that be true of your job, would you demand the right wage for your skills. I know I feel that way about my profession” If you (this goes for you and footballers) think you deserve more in terms fo wages, you are absolutely allowed to make an attempt to get that. You will have to explore your options and it might involve leaving your company (team) and going elsewhere to those that can afford to pay that premium.
        ” I suggest you look how Jerry Jones created Cowboys Stadium in Dallas that can hold almost 100,000 people” You realize that process started in 1994 and was complete in 2009.Finally got approval for 297 million in funding in 2005 and then proceeded to clear out 150 homes and business to make way for this staidum and there are still pending lawsuits over these land aquistions. Total costs came to $1.1 Billion with near $300 in public funding, $200 in NFL loan and the rest privately funded by Jerry Jones… There are a handful of teams that can do this, tottenham aren’t one of them.
        “You see he wants to win and when you want something bad enough you put every bit of effort into it.” if this was the case wouldn’t he leave the football to the football people? They haven’t won it since 1995 despite Jerry Jones spending. Effort my friend is more then just $$$
        “In the end it is a business and the weak will fade away and strong will be left standing” Couldn’t agree more, this is a great point to support the job levy has done. Financial recklessness have put the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, ManU and ManCity in an interesting situation moving forward… where do they go when the money dries up?
        “I hope that addresses some of your concerns” You actually addressed 2 concerns. 1. You would spend $30 million and 2. You would pay $100K a week. to his point thought you haven’t once said how you would do this.

  68. If I can read the tea leaves here. it still seems that your main issue with the way Tottenham is run, is that the ownership doesn’t flush it with cash like a Chelsea or Man City.
    Objectively you have to recognize that Spurs did finish 4th, and at the start of season that was most likely what they where searching for…
    Harry is Harry. He is good at taking mid table clubs a notch further, but he has no track record of taking a club to that next level and then staying to finish the job. So you would think you would applaud the move away from Harry and celebrate their ambition.
    And your assertion that Lewis and Levy are using the club as a way to further create their wealth by selling once the new stadium is approved and built, is sort of silly. If Tottenham is just a small piece of a greater financial empire as you say, then why? These rumors have floated on Tottenham web sites since Harry was sacked, and mostly debunked.


    1. Trick, thank you for bringing some outside point of view. I hope Matthew understands that we are not attacking his article because we Spurs supporters with blind faith for Levy but that we are true lovers of the game and understand the business of football and the job Levy has done. Hopefully the opinion of a rival club supporter will help. Cheers to you mate and best of luck this year!

      1. Jason, all this has become you are all right and I am wrong because most everyone said so. All this has turn into is a he said she said loaded with personal and rude comments. “This is condescending and rude.” I find this comment from you to be very amusing. The guy didn’t like my response that is his problems not mine. People’s passion is governing their actions. “Passion governs, and she never governs wisely.”

        1. Matthew, if someone had written a story about my club like yours, I would too be upset. Thing is I spend 90% of my time reading about football focusing on my club. I read the blogs, the fan sites etc. There are even apps that filter in just your club stories for my phone.
          So it may not be personal on you as it is personal for them.

          Harry is gone, get over it… its not like he left for a rival.

          Lewis is rich, but isn’t going to let the club sponge from him, and frankly that is good business going forward with fair play rules coming into play. Who knows maybe Spurs get champions league with 5th place as a club is rulled out.. could happen… AVB could do well in the dimmer lights of Spurs, he is weeding out players and if he doesn’t see quality in Dawson, so be it. There is a staff there and many are long running…. so its not like he just came in and put a black line through his name…

          so yes.. passion is at play, is the one true emotion in all sport… so get over yourself. it isn’t about you. its about love for the club, and the passion to defend it.


          1. I never said it was about me. I never saw the piece as a debate between Redknapp and Levy. In my view I think Levy isn’t right man for the job. As far as Redknapp was concerned I thought he mold a good squad together and I think that might be destroyed. I hope not but that is just my view. Passion is good, I don’t disagree but there is a limit where people need to control their senses as well. In my view if people think Levy is doing a great job and they are happy that Redknapp is gone, then what I wrote shouldn’t bother them that much. I truly believe people who get that upset can’t tolerant differ viewpoints and I think that isn’t healthy, my way or the highway. People firmly ground might be annoyed but all guns blazing, I think not. Sorry, I just don’t operate that way. I guess for some people this is their only outlet in life and I don’t say that in a mean way. I know for a lot people sports is there only outlet. In that case people can be extra touchy about things. In my discussions no matter what the topic, I believe in the idea we can agree to disagree. However, I will defend myself and what I wrote. Most of the people on here don’t have courage to do this, so it can be easy judge. As I have told individuals in the past, you don’t like what I wrote, write your own and have your say. I see the same old people on here all the time but yet not one will do what so few of us are willing to do, put out our ideas for the whole to see. By the way I thought you weren’t going to read my articles anymore since our last meeting.

        2. What this has turned into is you sounding more and more like a completely smug and ignorant fool, and yes, that is meant to be personal. It is meant to be personal because you have gone from writing an article on a blog where debate is welcomed to insulting a number of people. You have insulted everyone who took the time to engage in debate with a counter argument by thanking people for their agreement and telling people who disagree that they are unintelligent and don’t know what they are talking about. All any of us have asked for is to provide backing for your article. The few “facts” you noted in your article have been refuted.

          I surely hope The Gaffer reviews this article and takes appropriate action. As trick said above, articles to are linked throughout the world through various apps, forums and websites and I believe that the site deserves better than to have folks read this and infer the lack of quality of this article to others on this site and not return because of this. The writers on epltalk should and for the most part do a great job of writing an interesting perspective and then engaging the readers with healthy debate.

          I’ll give you credit for at least writing another article after your last abomination of an article.

          1. How have I personal insulted people? This was never a healthy dedate and you know that, it never started that way. All it was a bunch of Levy supporters jumping on the bandwagon because someone challenged what they thought to be true.

          2. Jason, The Gaffer is will aware what is going on. We clearly disagree fine, no big deal. However, I shown more respect and restrain than has been given to me. You think I am going to roll over and just have everyone walk all over me. I would like to make a challenge and I hope you accept. Since you disagree with what I wrote. I challenge you to write an article for EPLTalk defending Levy and we can go from there. I am being completely serious. What do you think?

  69. While some of your statements may have a ring of truth to them, their are other issues that forced Levy to sack Redknapp…..the main 1 being that after that last 2 failed CL attempts to qualify for the competition, Redders got too big for his boots, thinking that he was in a good bargaining position for a contract extension, when the fact of the matter was that Levy had, along with many supporters, completely lost trust in his footballing tactics and substitutions!! It appeared to many that Redknapp was out to sabotage our fight for a CL place with his fukked up team selections and completely baffling substitutions toward the end of last season! For me, Arry had to go……fukked up twice in 2 seasons with a team last year he claimed had a chance to fight for the PL title!!!! If in the next 2-3 years we dont achieve the steady success the club wants, maybe then Levy will fall on his own sword for sacking Arry, but for the time being, seeing as nobody has a crystal fukkin ball to see into the future, lets just support the team and see what the next couple of years brings. If we are all unhappy in 2 years time, then we can give Lewis, Levy and AVB some double-barrelled bollockings and seek to make the changes WE want by protesting or whatever. #:)

  70. In any event, when asked “Would you have taken the England job it had been offered to you?”, Harry answered “I would have taken it!” (

    Under such circumstances, how on earth could he expect to continue at Tottenham? His negligence cost us a top-3 finish. That much iis irrefutable.

    Matthew, you state that, in your opinion, Levy is the wrong man for the job of Chairman. Then, who would you replace him with? You said that you don’t trust AVB. Then, who would you replace him with, given that it could NOT be Harry, in view of his willingness to walk away (which, mentally, he did, the day Capello quit the England job?

    1. I did address what you asked. You need to take your blinders off. Being loyal is one thing but complete and blinding loyalty is something else.

  71. We cant afford 30mill for a player and 150k for wages, if we did Bale VDV Sandro would want same the same, so what your basically saying is get rid of the owners and get someone that doesn’t care but will dig in their pocket to finance this, so to me your you dont give a s**t about THFC, as long as we can afford to buy people like E Hazard, Silva, why dont you go and support city or the chavs you will fit in well with the plastics and dreamers.

    You might have some degree but know nothing about living within your income. Maybe your just trying to bump up the income on the traffic to pay off your credit card, or you might have a sugar Mummy

  72. No one can argue with the sound financial footing Levy has developed at Spurs and it appears pretty obvious he has the full backing of Joe Lewis. Just how much he confers with Lewis or Lewis’ personal assistant nobody on this board will ever know. However, Levy has demonstrated he has the final say in all matters Tottenham and players/managers are all expendables to ensure the club remains solvent.

    His biggest failure was the sacking of Jol and the appointment of Reyes. The Redknapp sacking was much more shocking because ‘Arry took his case to the press when he knew the skids were under him. One thing is certain about that situation, there was a lot of percolating under the surface than we’ll ever know (or care to know). Levy obviously plans very well for all contingencies. AVB is currently in the chair and I have no doubt Levy read him the riot act on how his future at Spurs will be assessed. Let’s be sure on one point – Levy does have a plan B if AVB is a disaster as many are predicting.

  73. Holly smokes, went to sleep and it was at 78 or something comments, now it’s at 178 or 9 now. Thi zmust be the most commented article that isn’t an open thread I have ever seen on epltalk.

    I have to say I think it’s pretty clear what 97 percent of the spurs fans on epltalk think of the chairman and owner–they all get it. It has been a long and difficult task but they have put the club in a great fiscal position (11 biggest in the world), expanded the fan base and commercial appeal of spurs that will ultimately strengthen the club.

    Now with AVB they seek to take us to silverware–it’s an exciting time to be a Spurs fan, I trust AVB to deliver…I think now its time for a little sing song!

    Ooohhhhh wwwhhheeennn tthhheeee ssssppppuuurrrrssssss……….


    1. Dust, I have noticed you like to talk a lot on this blog. So, you must a have a lot of free time. I think it would be interesting to have you put pen to paper and in a week’s time see your first story for EPLTalk, if you are up to it? What do you think, up for the task?

  74. Most of the comments have turned into war between Levy and Redknapp and that wasn’t my desired result. My discussion concerning Redknapp was limited as I saw. The main focus was the ownership and Levy and Redknapp. The story was about 3 pages and discussed several points, which I thought might have been discussed. Most of you didn’t like Redknapp, great. I thought the guy did a good job. I can see people follow a man like Caesar into the gates of Hell but Levy doesn’t strike as that sort of person. However, I think some of you would do that. Funny thing is I never said I hated the man or claimed he was evil. I just happen to disagree with him and his position at the club. Nothing really earth shattering about that. Not all but large numbers of individuals come from a point of extreme hostility. I think what some have said is correct. If you are grounded in your belief, ideas, convictions this want bother you. In my experience those individuals who are not grounded in what they believe have a greater tendency to get hostile quickly. To be truthful most people don’t like their beliefs to be challenge, whether it is religion, politics or in this case sports. The reason for that is the individual feels violated and attacked. They think they are under personal assault but really it is just what they believe in. If Levy was a personal friend I could understand some people getting defensive and jumping to his defense but I am guessing none of you are. If you think Levy is doing a great job, then what I wrote shouldn’t bother so much. Sure you can disagree and say why. However, I think when the comment opens with words such as crap, shit, moron, idiot or whatever. I tend to think the person isn’t grounded and they have doubt. I have read many articles on here and have agreed and disagreed but kept it simple and polite. Some of you have made some valid points but I just happen to disagree with them. I have come to the defense of writers on here even thought I disagree with their work because of the unfair attacks on them. By unfair attack I mean the cheap shots and name calling. I tend to expect more from grown adults, teenagers are still growing so I can give them a pass to a point. I have developed some ideas as to why some of you are acting the way you are but I rather keep that to myself, I see no reason to go down that path. I know some of you think I am taking this personal but I am not. I have written 25 articles for this blog and loved every minute of it. I am not paid. I have a lot a fun with it. Yes, I tend to write more shocking stories sometimes not but most of the time, so I know I will get a lot of negative feedback. I will write the fluff piece once in a while. I will continue to write for this blog as long as The Gaffer believes that my articles are worth posting, he of course gets the final say, his blog. That is what matters to me. I love the sport and will continue support Tottenham no matter what happens. Even at my age I still practice and play ever week, will I am not that old. It is one thing to be a nameless person who comments than a person who puts their work out there for the whole world to see and comment. If you think you can do a better job, great just submit a story to The Gaffer and see what happens. This has been a very exciting article and has drawn a lot of attention and this is wanted and desired by me and The Gaffer. It is approaching the 24 hour make and I normally leave the story alone and make no further comments but I might check in. I am sure I will see some of you down the road with more of my articles. I am planning a partial- fluff piece on Redknapp, so that should get some of your engines moving into gear.

  75. When I asked: “Who would you replace Levy with?” and: “Who would you replace AVB with?” (because YOU said Levy was the wrong person to be Chairman and also that you don’t trust AVB), your answer was:

    “I did address what you asked. You need to take your blinders off. Being loyal is one thing but complete and blinding loyalty is something else.”

    How the hell can you DARE to say I have blinders (blinkers, in England) on, just for asking you to justify your position, with a couple of names?

    That’s outrageous AND insulting. Furthermore, true fans ARE blindingly loyal to ONE thing: Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. In my case, for over 50 years. There is NO “blinding loyalty” towards Chairman or Manager/Head Coach, other than the fact they represent OUR Club. There is, however, genuine respect, from the majority of fans, for what they are trying to build. You seem not to have a clue about how a modern football Club is run (hint: It has changed, markedly, in the past five decades, when Clubs were, by and large, run by local businessmen, not required to make a profit of any significance and a cheap, working-class form of entertainment…when ALL games kicked-off at 3pm on Saturday afternoon and the half-time break was only 10 minutes, except for the Cups.)

    Let me make the questions CLEAR, once again, for you:

    (1) You say Levy is the wrong person to be the Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. You also accuse me of being “blindingly loyal” to the man. That is ridiculous. I am a Palestinian and he is a jew. There’s no love between us. I say, however, he IS the right man for the moment, mistakes notwithstanding. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU WOULD REPLACE LEVY WITH AS CHAIRMAN OF TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FOOTBALL CLUB?

    If you don’t have a name, then what, exactly do you want or expect, from the “Mr X” you would replace him with?

    (2) You say you distrust AVB as Manager/Head Coach. You infer that his four trophies, in two season are not good enough to judge his credentials, given the “failure” of his experiences at Chelsea, working under a Chairman who fired Jose Mourinho, the most charismatic figure in the English game, since Eric Cantona, Big Phil Scolari, who won the 2002 World Cup, Carlo Ancelotti, one season after winning Chelsea the League and Cup double, not to mention the Stamford Bridge “bully-boys”, who barely gave him a chance to do what had been asked of him. You imply that Harry Redknapp was better – a man who has been coaching almost as long as AVB has been alive, yet, whose solitary piece of silverware remains the FA Cup, in which his very expensive Portsmouth line-up beat a team from a lower division to capture, yet, in three subsequent visits to Wembley, with THFC, lost each time, either in regular time or on penalties, coming away with NOTHING. The same man who admitted, when pushed, that he would have WALKED AWAY from Tottenham, had England come calling and when they didn’t, had the nerve to go on television, announce that the Chairman’s mother had just died but wanted action on a contract extension, anyway “for the sake of the players”. HE CAN NEVER BE ALLOWED TO MANAGE SPURS AGAIN..So, Matthew, in plain English, given that Redlnapp can NEVER return to the Club, WHO WOULD YOU REPLACE AVB WITH AS MANAGER/HEAD COACH OF TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FOOTBALL CLUB, GIVEN THAT YOU DISTRUST THE MAN SO MUCH?

    For this one, I CAN pursue you for a name.

    These are SIMPLE questions. Stop dancing around the answer with personal insults and just answer them.

    Thank you.

    Come On You Spurs!

    1. That comment wasn’t addressed to you. Sorry, but that was intended for someone else. It has been very crowded with comments on here and everything is getting all messed. Sorry about any mix up.

    2. I said I didn’t trust AVB but I am willing to give him a chance. What the hell does religion have do with anything? I would have pefered a more season individual someone like a Martin O’Neill but I will give him a chance.

    3. Nah personal insults are fine.Might make you wake up and smell the coffee of one league cup in 13 years! Maybe you could smell the coffee if you didn’t have your tongue up levys ass

  76. If you are referring to the last long comment I made that was just a general statement and wasn’t target at anyone in particular. Just me expressing my thoughts.

  77. Nothing to add to the Spurs debate just felt like i had to be part of what could be a record post,although it seems like half of them are written by the increasingly defensive author.

  78. A couple of individuals have asked who I would like to see in charge of Spurs. I feel since the article didn’t deal with that issue there is no need to explain myself but nevertheless I will address the issue. I don’t have a particular individual in mind to replace Levy but an example. I am sure some of you are aware of the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys and their owner and general manager; he holds both positions unlike most teams in the NFL. I will admit Jerry Jones is an ego mantic and thinks he walks on water but he is one hell of a business man. In 1988 he bought the Dallas Cowboys for 140 million dollars. According to Forbes the Dallas Cowboys are tied for third place in the world’s richest professional teams, valued at 1.85 billion dollars. Jerry Jones net worth is 2 billion according to Forbes. They were never that wealthy but Jones took them to that level. Just like Levy he has a rotation problem of coaches and I will admit that is a problem. Granted the Cowboys haven’t done as they could. But I do admire his business sense, the man lives, eats, sleeps, and breaths the Dallas Cowboys. Everything he does is for the betterment of the team. He had a vision for a new stadium and it took some time but he got it done. Maybe Levy has difficulties working with local government, but I see him dragging his feet. First he wanted to move the stadium out of Tottenham and I am surprise no one has mentioned that issue. When I see Levy in the stand he looks bored as hell, the man has no emotion. When I see Jones watching games, the man really gets into it. He talks to the press regularly, goes on radio shows, gives after game press coverage, and goes into the locker after each game to rally the troops. That is the type of man I would like running things at Spurs. Levy may have nice degrees from Oxford and all that and I believe owes much of his career to Lewis. A guy like Jones would eat up Levy for dinner. I guess I admire the American business approach. It is a shame in the past Britain and other European states used to be go getters in business but now they are held in check by government so much, halt innovation. I know a lot people moan about Americans taking over English Football. But they have poured a lot of money into the system and if it has a positive impact does it really matter where the money comes from? I recall in the mid to late 19th British business men were heavily involved in the cattle and the railroads in the American West not much complaining about that at the time since it was seen as better the industries. Debt isn’t always a bad thing. Most everyone has debt, house mortgage and car payments. In order to make money you need t spend money and so some debt if it come to that wouldn’t be the end but could be a real payoff in the end.
    Granted Tottenham for a football/soccer team in net worth according to Forbes have maintain a position of 11th place in 2012 and for the last several that has been the same, with slight movement. I think that has been a positive thing but I believe you can always do better. Why be middle of the road go for the top.

  79. As a Chelsea fan I must say that I have been massively entertained by Spurs over the last few years compared to the pattercake Arsenal Barcelona wannabees. I’ll leave the Levy/Redknapp debate to Spurs fans because I think you have a much bigger problem. I was shocked by the appointment of the truly inept AVB – a complete disaster at Chelsea – and so maybe his signing is an indictment of Spurs management. If Jose was the master of tactical substitutions then AVB is completely clueless in both selection and tactical replacement and confused the hell out of the players. I’m a fan of football and hope for Spurs fans sake AVB doesn’t kill off your team.

  80. The jury is well and truly OUT on the impact that American ownership has had on the English game. The Glazers have saddled United with so much debt and the clowns (Gillett and Hicks) almost destroyed Liverpool. Aston Villa has hardly flourished under Randy Lerner and Sunderland have yet to achieve much of note under Ellis Short. Henry/Werner are on to their THIRD manager in 18 months and Liverpool finished in their lowest position for years, last season.

    You make a serious mistake when you criticize quiet reserve and thought as lack of passion and care. We don’t have freaking cheerleaders, either – but then we don’t need to “sell” our product, as evidenced by the 24,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.

    The “locker room” as you call it, is the preserve of the manager/coach and his staff.

    AS for the stadium, you have completely missed the point. Levy had a duty to explore all possibilities, even if we, as fans, have an emotional attachment to the ground and the area. What has he achieved? Lots. A greater determination by the Council and the government to keep Tottenham in Tottenham. Guarantees of government money to improve the public land around the stadium and money poured into the biggest bugbear of all – public transport links to the ground. As a result of his to-ing and fro-ing, we will have a world class facility with the stands closer to the pitch than at any comparable football stadium in the world. This is not “Jack and the Beanstalk” type fantasy, where a seed planted at night, results in a finished product, the following morning. The area has been sectioned off and work WILL begin this year (that is, 2012). It’s not the first or the only masterstroke Levy has pulled – but it is a big one. He can concentrate now, on selling naming rights (though, I will, forever, refer to the new ground as White Hart Lane). Getting Adebayor for only £5 million AND getting Manchester City to agree to pay the major part of his salary for the next two years was genius. So was arranging for separate shirt sponsors for league and cup competitions. It’s Cambridge he went to, not Oxford, by the way. Levy was the mastermind behind the new training facility – to paraphrase the late Brian Clough: “I’m not saying it’s the best in the country – but it is in the top one!”

    Has he made mistakes, sure. Who hasn’t? To suggest replacing him with (by your own admission), some abrasive and loud-mouthed yank, is simply, breathtakingly galling. How long before that geezer would overstep the mark? Tottenham is not just a member of the FA – we are also part of UEFA and, therefore, FIFA. These organisations have a bearing on the way in which Clubs conduct themselves.

    What experience does a man like Jerry Jones have in the world of real football, which, unlike gridiron, is a majority sport around the globe? I am almost certain he probably doesn’t even have experience in the MLS. What possible credentials could he bring to Tottenham? Levy and ENIC were not football virgins when they acquired Spurs. They held a big stake in Rangers, as well as in clubs in the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Switzerland. They know a little bit more about football than you might think.

    Our club is being set up for future success – the RIGHT way. Forward-thinking Chairman, young and skilled manager, brilliant, new training facility, pending new, stadium, decreasing average age of the first team squad, spending within our means and glory, glory football.

    Come On You Spurs!

    1. I said a man like Jones not Jones himself, his business style. I feel like I have to keep repeating myself all the time since people are reading what I am saying. You can keep your xenophobe comments to yourself. Would you like it someone said the same about someone from the Middle East? Another thing some reform in FIFA would be nice it act more like a criminal entity than anything else.

      1. Please explain what was Xenophobic about this comments? I’m American and I defenitely don’t see it. So again, if you’re going to accuse someone of something then at least state what has caused that reaction on your part.

        1. When I was making a comparsion and suggesting a different buisness style that I like, he decided to bring the issue of nationality into mix. His quote, “some abrasive and loud-mouthed yank, is simply, breathtakingly galling”, sorry I don’t that was necessary. You can disagree and that is fine. If you read one of the very early comments someone else made a remark about being men being an American and another person said that statement was not needed and he called it xenophobic.

          1. For a British historian you sure don’t know much. I’m pretty confident “Brits” refer to americans as “yanks” all the time. Loud mouth Brit, loud mouth yank what the hell is the difference. Jerry Jones is a loud mouth and it is breathtakingly galling that you would suggest someone like him to run Spurs and that has nothing to do with him being a yank nor was it implied but what Joseph wrote.

    2. You said your Palestinian and Levy is Jewish. Your quote, “I am a Palestinian and he is a Jew. There’s no love between us.” Are you saying you like Levy as a business man but you have problems with him being Jewish? Palestinian is not a religion for one thing. I believe you meant to say Muslim but then again not all Palestinians are Muslim. Plus, there is great debate whether it is a national identity. Funny you live in England but don’t call yourself English or British.

      1. Really Matthew? You’ve reached an all time new low. Now I don’t know Sheik personally but I do respect a lot of what he has said. With that said, you have just managed to insult him once again by questioning his national identity? What does that have to do with anything? You don’t know his story. Did you ever think he is from Palestine and that is his national identity and has then moved to England? In that scenario why would he not identify with his Palestinian roots?
        Also why ask stupid questions like “Are you saying you like Levy as business man but you have problems with him being Jewish?” I think it’s quite clear he agrees with Levys aptitude in business and clearly givn the history between Israeli Jews and Palestine there “could” be reason to not give the man any credit (right or wrong not for me or you to decide). If I dive a little deeper and take a shot-in-the-dark I would guess Sheik doesn’t have a problem with Levy being Jewish because he clearly supports a club with very strong Jewish ties…. YIDS!!!!

        1. As a historian his comments sparked an interest from a historical point of view. Granted off topic but as a historian I was curisous as why he made those remarks. An all time low, I think not. Jason you jump off the handle too quickly, slow down. I am very aware of the clubs history and history of north London. I am a British historian.

        2. Your a part time faculty member at Bellevue… get over yourself. Also, apparently you aren’t even a good professor. Comments from your class reveiws. “This guy is the worst teacher ever” “He will never respond to any e-mails” “Avoid if possible” “very very boring, and just a bad professor in general” “Lectured the class to boredom”

  81. Hopefully the author of this piece has looked back through the many many comments left and thought, ‘oh, obviously I’m the only idiot who thinks this’. I am so very sick and tired of the umpteen journos and wannabee journos and bloggers who write articles without doing some decent research. If the author had done some research he wouldn’t have reached the conclusions he has. Clearly he thought he was jumping on the bandwagon of popular opinion and would put in his twopenneth worth. You are so very very wrong in all your conclusions about what the agenda at Spurs is with regard to Joe Lewis,Daniel Levy, Enic etc etc. And if you actually did know something about what the plan going forward is you wouldn’t have written your piece.

    1. I don’t think I have jump on any bandwagon. Most of the people here have jumped on the Levy band wagon. Never claimed to a journalist but just enjoy doing this.

  82. YOU are the one who said it is a religion. And it’s “you’re”, not “your”. To make it clear, I don’t give a hoot what religion Levy is AS LONG AS HE IS DOING HIS BEST FOR TOTTENHAM. Don’t EVER presume to say what I mean. There’s no need to. Whatever I mean, you see on paper. If I had meant to say “muslim”, I would have done so. I didn’t so there you go, Professor – wrong again.

    There’s NO debate about that.

    Have no fear – I have been abused and then some, for being Palestinian – even by some Tottenham fans – but it does not deflect me or my love of the Club. The xenophobe is not me – but overbearing, loudmouthed bullies have no place at a Club like Tottenham. Oh, I am proud to be British as well.

    You seem upset because Lewis/ENIC seem not to have poured billions of pounds into the Club. What good would it do for them to do so, only to sell the Club to someone not willing to continue the profligacy?

    In my first comment, I defended your right to an opinion – unfortunately, you take things way too personally. If you publish an opinion piece, you have to expect that people who disagree with you will challenge you. In the interests of fairness, you SHOULD be able to defend and justify what you write.

    You may not have called for Jerry Jones to take over Tottenham – but you clearly would be in favour of a “Jones-like” figure doing so, given your admiration for American business practices. Wealthy academics like you, with your employer-sponsored health insurance have no need NOT to admire those practices.

    You call me a xenophobe. I laugh in your face. My best friend and soon-to-be-business partner is American. And jewish. And he’s the Godfather of my baby girl. On my behalf, he is offended by your statements.

    When he secures his UK residency, we will apply for season tickets, side-by-side. If the waiting list is too long, we will do the next best thing and buy a box. then, every home, we will invite 4 or 5 people, who otherwise couldn’t afford to get in to the ground, to join us.

    You have to have seen Jimmy Greaves, Alan Gilzean, Dave Mackay and Pat Jennings, live, to know where I am coming from. By your own admission, you are not fully committed to Tottenham, the way the rest of us are.

    Perhaps your next article can be about how Reading are the first team, whose name begins with “R” (and, to date, the only one) to have played in the top flight of English football.

    Come On You Spurs!

    Put this piece to bed now and write something else – or don’t.

    1. I have done nothing but defend my position. No one is forcing you to this or comment. You do say at your own risk. As as people disagreeing with what I wrote that is the norm for me. Most of my stories are more shock than fluff. Your quote, “some abrasive and loud-mouthed yank, is simply, breathtakingly galling”, sorry I think attacking one’s nationality isn’t required. I still respect your point of view even though we disagree. I feel I have nothing to say sorry about. I hit hard and don’t let people walk all over me. Good luck with your new business.

      1. How is that comment attacking someone’s nationality? Jerry Jones is a “Yank” and he does happen to be abrasive and loud-mouthed. Joseph did not say “just like all other americans/yanks Jerry is abrasive and loud mouthed”. It would be like me saying you’re a pathetic historian, that does’t equate to all historians being pathetic… just you.

    2. @ Sheikh352 From what I have seen, you have always been articulate, and honest. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I would be interested on your thoughts on this weeks game against WBA.

      Ignore this guy!


    3. Sheikh352,
      Regardless of what you think, I do respect your views although we disagree. Yes, then things got a bit heated but the dust has settled. Just because I think Levy is the right man for the job or AVB was the best replacement doesn’t mean I am not a loyal supporter. That is like someone saying President Obama is an awful president, does that mean the person isn’t a loyal American. When I expressed a replacement for Levy, I gave you an example but you assumed I meant it had to be Jones or American and that isn’t the case. There are many individuals regardless of nationality admire the American business style. I do get tired of foreign nationals taking pot shots at Americans; I just felt your comment wasn’t needed. By the way I am far from a wealthy academic; I wish it was the case. If you want to make money academics isn’t the place to be. When you mention the Palestine and Jewish thing it puzzled me and then the historian in me kick in and I became interested. For example I know someone who calls herself Swedish because her grandmother came from Sweden but the individual in question was born and raised in the US. My mother is English but I was born and raised in this country and despite spending a great deal of time in England and having half my family live there I am an American. When I went to click on your name I was thinking it would show a bio just as mine does. However, it was a link to a commercial page. To me personally I think people should be using another person site to advertise a website. To me it is free advertising regardless if it is profit or non-profit. I have seen other people list their sites on the comment sections before and didn’t think it was right. If The Gaffer doesn’t care will it doesn’t matter, but that was my personal view on it. If I am proven wrong about AVB so be it. I hope for a successful season. There was nothing personal about this discussion.

  83. Matthew – I thought it was well written piece. I have been a loyal Spurs supporter for close to 50 years and was a regular at the Lane. This summer we could have had David Moyes – the best manager in the premiership. I’m afraid we are in for a long season – middle of the table – and within two years the whole squad will be revamped. No Modric, Bale, Walker, Livermore, Sandros, Lennon, etc. With West Ham moving into the Olympic stadium, we will now be the 4th club in the capital pecking order!

  84. Jason

    Thank you. I will clear everything up about my identity, right now. My roots are, indeed, Palestinian – well, at least for the past 3,500 years ago that my family had recorded and known history for. With that said, after my father’s family (minus his mother, who was shot dead by the enemy) was dispossessed and, eventually, exiled, he travelled to Egypt, where he met my mother (herself of Greek/Albanian/Maltese and Irish grandparents and Sicilian great-grandparents. My father was a radio broadcaster and he managed to find work with a radio station in Cyprus, when it still under British Administration. The station he worked for was “guarded” by a National Serviceman. My parents married in Cyprus and, shortly thereafter, moved to Sudan, where I was conceived. When my mother was about five months pregnant, my dad accepted a job with BBC Arabic Service, part of the WOrld Service family of stations, based at Bush House, in Aldwych. I was born, a few months later, at St Mary’s Hospital, famous for a number of reasons, not the least being the discovery of penicillin and, some years before that, the discovery of heroin. Also, the hospital where Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break four miinutes for running a mile did his internship. Apart from me, it is the birth place of Elvis Costello, Kiefer Sutherland and the future King of England, Prince William, his brother, Harry and Princess Ann’s children Peter and Zara. I guess that makes me English – fantastic! In no way does it mean I will ever abandon my Palestinian roots. If some supporters of Spurs have a problem with that, I am sorry (for them). In 1961, when I was four years old, Spurs won the double and then went on a tour (I think to the middle east). Wherever it was, the BBC sent my father along as correspondent. He drove us to Heathrow and I asked him where he was going. When he told me, Tottenham Hotspur became the team I supported, from that day.

    Daniel Levy and I might never become friends – but the guy is a genius and as for Matthew’s somewhat hysterical claim that “a guy like Jones would eat up Levy for dinner…” he should try to learn and understand the 17 principles of negotiation. He would discover that the most successful negotiators are quietly spoken, often introverted personalities. In a game of poker, I would back Levy against anyone – you just can’t tell what’s going on behind his eyes. That has been extremely good news for Tottenham in the negotiating stakes. He went to the brink with the Olympic Stadium and got us a ton of money and guarantees that mean the NDP can finally go ahead. He (not Harry) got us Rafael Van der Vaart, at 11:55pm on the last day of the window, for the knockdown price of £8 million and got Manchester City to agree to pay the majority of Adebayor’s salary for the next two years. He continues to press forward with negotiations, inward and outward, during the transfer window, to get us the best possible, AFFORDABLE deals, despite having just emerged from the mourning period for the loss of his mother and whilst having to travel, frequently, to the United States to be near his wife as she undergoes medical treatment for illness. He is EXACTLY the right man for the job at this time.

    Come On You Spurs!

    1. Sheikh, (great name by the way) I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. You have a passion for Tottenham but write fair, effective and well informed pieces. I am not a Spurs fan but really enjoyed the way they played under Jol and Redknapp. And who can ever forget Spurs greatest player – the most deadly goal poacher of all time – Jimmy Greaves. I saw him several times as a kid.

    2. Sheikh, or Joseph. I like how you have your user name link to your business page. You have free advertising on EPLTalk very nice. I am assuming The Gaffer doesn’t mind.

      1. How petty can you get? It reminds me of when I was a kid and some little kid would go to my mom after school “Did you know Jason was doing such and such. You sound like a damn two year old. Plus… it’s not a business. Shocking, Matthew makes an inaccurate statement. If you took the time to look at the site you would notice that Joseph put that site together for people to gain some guidance in finances…he isn’t selling anything and it’s clearly not a business. But honestly Matthew… whatever makes you feel better. I’m actually starting to feel bad for you.

        1. Jason, I serious doubt he doesn’t charge for his advice, but anyways. But on a serious will you accept my challenge that I posted on one your comments.

          1. It’s an informational page my friend. It actually looks like a blog free of advertising so I really can’t see how he would make money. If you read a bit of the site it even states he is looking to share his experience in the finance world.

            Anyhow, I don’t see a challenge from you… literally I don’t see it any of your posts in response to mine. It must be in response to one of the other hundreds who tore this article apart. If you can state your challenge I’d be more than happy to at least accept or decline.

            Oh and congrats you have won the honor of “most laughable article ever” on a Tottenham supporters forum. Again, Gaffer should take note of the reputation his blog is receiving because of this nonsensical article.

          2. The first part I don’t care about. This you disagree so much what I have written. I would like to challenge you to write a story for EPLTalk discussing why Levy is the right for the job. I think that would be interesting idea. The Gaffer is always willing to accept new stories. Here are the guidelines
            I really don’t care what bunch nameless individuals on the internet think about me. For all I know half of them could be in prison or living in their parents basement. When you start to worry what others think of you, you cease to have an identity. But back to the challenge, are you up for it? It shouldn’t take but a couple days.

          3. You say that you don’t care but you then find the need to comment and sound like a 2 year old. What a joke.
            As far as your “challenge”, I’m not a writer and never claimed to be so why would I bother? With said, you clearly aren’t a writer either so maybe I should give it a whirl…

          4. I am no surprise at your refusal. You are like most you people well at shouting out but unwilling to put up but that fine. You hide behind by saying you’re not a writer but you have no problem with commenting on here. Write a story what is the worst that could happen, something call you a jerk or an idiot. But I think you are too afraid to write a story. I am not a journalist as I said but as a historian I do write. But at you have the advantage over me in that you know something about me because of my bio but you, I know nothing. But I am sure you prefer that way since you hide behind your computer. I have gone up against better people than you.

          5. My name is Jason, I’m 29 years old and I live in CT. I work in IT consulting. I am recently married. I’ve lived in CT my entire life aside from a 4 year hiatus in NH for college. I have played the guitar since I was 10. I’ve travelled quite extensively. I was born with a congenital heart condition and spent the first month or two of my life in a hospital. I’ve had reconstructive ankle on each ankle two times, because of this I’m slow and in little league I was the slowest person on the team by a considerable amount. I am 5″10 and overweight. This should suffice to show you that I am by no means hiding behind anything. If you’d like to call me a jerk I’m perfectly content with that because when you are honest, as I am, people will take it personally if what they hear is something they do not like. I am complimentary when deserved to anyone, ask Sheik or Trick (West Ham supporter). Also, as far as your comment “I’ve gone up against better people than you” See, this is where you and I differ. I don’t go up against anyone, I simple state my opinion and don’t take anything personally. You on the other hand admittedly love to challenge people and admittedly like to write controversial articles knowing that you can hide behind your computer and avoid actually engaging in debate, rather turning to insulting others to self medicate yourself. I honestly feel very bad for you because I know that in your mind you have accomplished something by writing this article and fee “big and bad” taking swings at people on a message board. See, you miss one important piece when you challenge me… you are the one who chose to write for this blog,not me. For you to challenge me to write an article and then call me out for not doing so is ignorant. I never once commented on your skills as a writer and I don’t have a comment on that because I have no opinion on that. I disagree with a lot of things but I don’t think it makes me qualified to do it. That would be like Daniel Levy reading your article and saying why don’t you come run the club! The bottom line is YOU wrote an article. I disagree with your opinion on the article and challenged your opinion with supporting facts. YOU refuse to engage in debate by supporting your opinion with facts and have instead changed to insulting people who have disagreed with your opinion while lauding those (2 or 3) who agree. Did you realize at some point after reading the article again and the counter-arguments that your argument is not valid anymore?

          6. I wasn’t asking for bio. Never an issue of writing but offering a different view point since you felt so strongly about it. I wasn’t being smart but very serious. Up to you. Never insulted anyone but evidence was in the story. As author I and I wrote for the blog and will continue to do so decide who I want to engage with or not. I completely side by my points as you side by your points. I know quite about this sport I train with a personal trainer every week aside my own practicing time and play on a team. I never claim to be an expert. But one thing that history teaches is analyical and critical thinkings skills and that is something not really don’t in the sciences or IT. Good luck and take care.

          7. “But one thing that history teaches is analyical and critical thinkings skills and that is something not really don’t in the sciences or IT” You really can’t make one comment without trying to put someone else down and putting yourself on a pedestal, can you?

  85. Matthew

    I have NO ADVERTISING on my page. None. Zero. No links to affiliate products, no opt-in page, nothing of a revenue nature at all. How can you call it a business page, when, to date, there is NOTHING of a business nature on my site? How dare you attack me for doing what the “Leave a Reply” sign in asks for. You really are showing yourself up. Why do you have to advertise that you are a professor? Is that not self-aggrandizement?

    YOU brought up the name of Jerry Jones. YOU painted him as an obnoxious beast. YOU, not ME.

    scrumper, thanks for the comments and I really miss the days of Greavsie and Gilzean. People who used to rate Berbatov might never have known the deftness of Alan Gilzean’s touch, both with foot and head. Greavesie said he was the best he ever played alongside. Another legend was Cliff Jones. About as quick as Gareth Bale – but much deadlier in front of goal and didn’t go to ground anywhere near as often.

    I remember 1971-2 and the run to the UEFA Cup (the first year that it took the place of the Inter Cities Fairs Cup). The Club had promised the players that wives and girlfriends would be treated to a trip to wherever in Europe the Final was played (in those days, the final was a two-legged affair, home and away), provided, of course, the lads made it to the end. Everyone was excited. In the end, it was hilarious because the opponents, in the final, turned out to be none other than Wolverhampton Wanderers! A trip to the Black Country, then!

  86. Quote from Matthew:

    “I really don’t care what bunch nameless individuals on the internet think about me. For all I know half of them could be in prison or living in their parents basement.”

    Note to The Gaffer: In future, please don’t allow Reading fans to write about Tottenham Hotspur matters, without first, exercising some measure of quality control.

    Further note: Please ensure that future correspondents are not inbred, rednecked hillbillies, whose definition of “virgin” is any girl who can run faster than her brother.

    Matthew, you seem to be missing a chromosome. Get help!

    Come On You Spurs!

  87. @dust. This week’s game against WBA will not be easy – but I think we still have a couple of gears left in us. It’s pretty clear that AVB is looking for a more disciplined performance than we might have otherwise expected from Harry. Whether that leaves room for free expression, I can’t say. We were hamstrung, somewhat, against Newcastle, by the two early yellow cards. It amazed me that Newcastle didn’t attempt to exploit that vulnerability in the middle – but maybe we were actually playing (defending) better than I thought.

    If you ask me to speculate, I would guess that Adebayor will come off the bench, sometime after the hour mark. I am pretty sure that’s the way AVB operates. He will barely have had any time to evaluate Ade’s physical condition, so I suspect Defoe will start. Why not? He is in form, at the moment. More problematic is the role of VDV, this week. He looked good when he came on – but he also replaced a player that was playing well. WBA carry a genuine triple-threat, now, with Gera and Odemwingie joined by Romelu Lukaku. My hope is that Chris Brunt stays on the bench because I think he is genuinely good midfielder. For us, it is imperative that Younes Kaboul comes through a fitness test. At home, I would like us to be a little more adventurous. Sandro might be out, which leaves us with the still-green Livermore at the heart of midfield. If that proves to be the case, I hope we adopt the “attack is the best form of defence” policy and play both Siggy and Van der Vaart, at the same time. Come to think of it, there might not be much alternative, other than Jenas. In short, I don’t expect anything but a stern test at the Lane – but we will win by a goal or two (he says, hopefully!) Looking for 2:1 or 3:1. Would love to be proved wrong and see us win 5:0. Next home game, I expect Ade to get on the scoresheet!

    Come On You Spurs!

    1. Midfield concerns me if Sandro is out, I don not like Livermore in there on his own, and in-spite of all the chatter and surprise at Huddlestone’s loan, no way is he fit enough to play.

      AVB may end up with a 4-1-4-1 or (5-4-1) if Sandro is out. only way he could realistically stick to a 4-2-3-1 is if he puts Sig in front of Livermore to the left to distribute to Lennon, Bale, VDV and the striker.

      Caulker and Jan can handle the center of defense if Kaboul is out (I wouldn’t risk a longer injury for Kaboul). I would like to see Nuaghton given a go at left back if Benny continues his lackluster positioning, and generally poor tackling and decision making.

      Ade at 60 sounds right, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started ADE tho and got a hustling 45 out of him and then just brought on Defoe for the same. in the second half, or vice versa.

  88. I stopped reading after “These two men in my opinion are ruining a good club that Harry Redknapp built” what a load of nonsense… Harry had NO say what so ever on signings.

  89. this is brilliant, second time I’ve read it and I found as much of an enjoyable read as the first time. The bit about the ‘a good club that Harry Redknapp built’ has me in stitches everytime. Comic gold from start to finish

  90. @dust

    As it turned out, Sandro started (but didn’t finish). Ade came on just about when I said he would and he and Sig (for us), as well as Lukaku (for them) really lit up the game. Benny had a much better defensive game, this week and his goal was pure Benny. We’re not seeing 90 minutes out…that’s twice in two games that we have lost points because of extremely late goals. I am happy that the next game comes after the end of the transfer window – against a former hero, in Chris Hughton – but we can’t take any prisoners.

    Kaboul could be out for a month. Apart from a couple of shaky moments, Vertonghen did pretty well. It’s remarkable how many quality Belgians are now playing in the league. Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Kompany, Lukaku, Fellaini, Hazard…


  91. Hi Spooky

    It had crossed my mind that we were all part of the author’s private joke – but he seems to be deadly serious, horrendous as it is.

    I wish there was a magical button that would replace his “article” with a great big redirect button to your blog. Loved your match report at:

    Don’t worry, Ade will gain in fitness this week and will, almost certainly be in the starting lineup against Norwich. There’s no way he could have started on Saturday. He was commuting from London to Man City’s training ground, everyday, for a kick-around with their reserves – but he looked good to me, when he came on for his cameo.

    Levy (you know, the man who is the “problem at White Hart Lane”) played things right over his transfer. Any other way, and we probably wouldn’t be in a position to sign another player in this window, As Ade, alone, would be consuming the wages of 2.5 “triffic players”. With his situation now under control and Modric done and dusted, expect a new face or two. More importantly, expect a goal or two from the big man on Saturday.

    As for Matthew, do your self a favour and go and read “Dear Mr Levy” and other blogs written by devoted Tottenham fans.

    1. Watch the big man get a goal. Blink and you would miss it. One or two new faces??? are clueless! Where have you been the past 13 years of his reign!!

  92. Turns out the author was correct.Levy is useless and to the dumb spurs fans that think levy is God, you are a thick bunch of twits! To those dumb fans that were rude to the author…turns out he was right. Levy is a tight cunt and will never change.He will get 6th this year! Another wasted year and Bale will want out. I could go on forever about this cunt of a man but soon you will all be agreeing. What do you want!!! Levy at the club 25 years???? one league cup?????? he is the worse chairman in our history

  93. all the peole slagging the author off ,need to read this article again and see if they agree with him now i have not been happy with Levy for years now and only now people are starting to realse what a useless chairman he is ,only in it for the money ,more money from Sky this year and he has the cheek to put season ticket prices up again and the new stadium stil has not started,and probably never will ,he needs to sell the club now or the fans should let there feelings known at the last game of the season

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