FOX Soccer 2Go To Launch On Android This Week; New Updates Coming to iOS Devices

The news that many soccer fans who own Android devices have been waiting to hear can finally be revealed. FOX Soccer 2Go will be available on Android devices later this week according to a FOX Soccer spokesperson.

FOX Soccer 2Go is FOX Soccer’s streaming service that offers paid customers access to live Premier League, Champions League and other leagues and cup competitions. With this week’s release of FOX Soccer 2Go for Android devices, FOX Soccer 2Go will be available on several platforms computers (both PC and Mac), iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now Android phones and tablets.

There’s also good news for FOX Soccer 2Go subscribers who have iOS devices. FOX Soccer is waiting on Apple to approve its newest upgrade to the app which will feature on-demand matches as well as the previously available live streaming option.

As soon as we learn when the Android app and iOS upgrades are live, we’ll post a message on EPL Talk.

Last but not least, FOX Soccer will be launching a 7-day free trial of FOX Soccer 2Go beginning on Friday, August 17, so you’ll have a perfect opportunity to give the platform a test drive for this opening weekend of Premier League matches.

17 thoughts on “FOX Soccer 2Go To Launch On Android This Week; New Updates Coming to iOS Devices”

  1. LOL so the small percentage of people that own android and even smaller percentage that are epl fans can now watch…LOL

  2. I realize this is off topic, but readers of this blog might be interested in the fact that Talk Sport Radio in the UK is now offering free streaming of all EPL games.

    I listened to part of the Charity Shield last weekend and while the commentary was ok it wasn’t up to BBC standards. Still, as an alternative it’s something worth remembering. Perhaps The Gaffer might consider doing a feature piece on this.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that. talkSPORT has the rights in the UK to all of the Premier League matches this season on radio. However, once the season starts this weekend, I won’t be surprised if they geo-block the broadcasts (as they typically did last season) to prevent anyone outside the UK listening in.

      We’ll see what happens this weekend.

      The Gaffer

      1. The other good streaming resource for pc or iOS device is BBC Radio London which airs a EPL match or Championship match unblocked and takes your around the grounds during game times.

  3. The talkSPORT service that I referenced is different than their domestic coverage. They signed a contract with the EPL to given them international rights.

    So, I’m 99.9% sure that this service will continue to work outside the UK. As an aside, their streams are compatible with tablets devices as I listened to the Charity Shield on my iPad. What wasn’t totally clear to me was whether or not their commentators were calling the game off monitors or if they were in the stadium.

  4. Frustrating they are doing this now, since has lost a lot of it games (Ligue 1, Series A, Championship, Carling Cup) for this upcoming season I stopped my subscription. It just isn’t worth 19.99/month.

  5. I can’t log in to the new iPad app. Can log in on sesktop but not iPad. Foxsoccer’s support has no clue either. Any idea what the problem is?

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