Tottenham 0-0 Liverpool: America’s Version Of An EPL Game

There have been a number of friendlies over the course of the past two weeks, as teams from England and beyond look to prepare for the start of the league campaign. The difference with most of those matches is that they rarely involve two league rivals — aside from Saturday’s French Super Cup.

But in Baltimore this weekend, two Premier League teams met at M&T Bank Stadium, home of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. Liverpool F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur F.C. took to the sod pitch at the Inner Harbor park, a temporary field put down to cover the artificial surface more suited to 21 stone linemen flopping around in the sloppy winter weather. An additional bit of interest was that both clubs have new managers leading the way, with Brendan Rodgers and Andre Villas-Boas in charge of their respective clubs.

As my fellow pundit Morgan Green and I strolled around the stadium prematch, the atmosphere outside was beautiful. Fans from both teams were congregating in the parking lots and concourses of the arena, preparing to see their beloved sides march out and give their all on another sweltering day in the mid-Atlantic region.

Both teams started lineups with a solid mix of youth and veterans. The one similarity was that both the Reds and Spurs lined up young center forwards – Liverpool with Adam Morgan and Spurs with 19-year-old Harry Kane. Notable for Liverpool was that the players who needed a break after the Euros were on the bench – primarily Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll (currently rumored to be on the radar of West Ham United). Tottenham started Aaron Lennon, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Gareth Bale just behind Kane. New signing Jan Vertonghen was on the bench to start, but spelled William Gallas late in the second half.

While the match did not produce a goal, both managers after the match indicated that they were content with the effort from their squads. There were several moments that stick out, most of all being a Charlie Adam challenge on Gareth Bale that left the Welsh left winger hobbled. Villas-Boas indicated after the match that he was unhappy with the challenge, especially given the history between the two players.

From the attacking side, the best chance came for Spurs by far. In the 42nd minute, Bale ran up the left side and swung a ball in for the young Kane. The ball just went over his head, but Lennon thrust himself forward and kicked the ball strong and hard. Unfortunately for Spurs, it hit the post squarely. Sigurdsson also had an opportunity to get a goal off a headed cross, but the ball was easily grabbed by keeper Brad Jones.

Liverpool did have their moments, but while they had plenty of possession, their opportunities rarely materialized. Of course they are missing a key player in Luis Suarez, who is trying to help Uruguay to an Olympic title. They also have a midweek Europa League fixture Thursday against Gomel in Belarus. The best chance came from a quirky rush from Martin Skrtel from out of the back. He moved through the Tottenham midfield and took a curling shot from 20 yards, but Brad Friedel was able to grab it. A late cross to substitute Andy Carroll was just too far for him.

The match may have been a scoreless draw, but it was clear that the 42,723 fans who came to Baltimore to see their favorite EPL team had a great time. As the Premier League season nears, we look forward to seeing the result of the work put in on the American excursions.

17 thoughts on “Tottenham 0-0 Liverpool: America’s Version Of An EPL Game”

  1. And how much did you pay…. The price of these tickets has gone from 40 bucks for a great seat 5 years ago, to 120 today… For that price I’d rather fly to England and watch a real match. Not to mention the seats are priced based on American football standards. 3rd tier so called 50 yard line is not the same in real football. I’d rather be behind the goal with fellow fans. and yet that is still 50 bucks a seat, wasn’t that much a few years back. Someone realized that we are all suckers and love our teams, and we will pay out the nose,

    so if you went… where do you sit, and how much did you pay.

    1. Earl was in the press box, as a member of the media, covering the game for EPL Talk.

      While I wasn’t at the Liverpool-Spurs game, I did go to the game in Miami to see Chelsea-Milan and paid $97 per ticket for seats near the half-way line, near the pitch. For me, it was money well spent. The cheapest RT airplane ticket to England is $800, which doesn’t include the cost for a Premier League ticket, hotel, or transportation.

      If Chelsea-Milan came again next summer, I would pay the $97 again to see them. I had a great time and the tickets were well worth the money.

      One more thing – the tickets gave me entry into Friday night’s training session to see Chelsea and Milan practicing at the stadium, to get autographs and speak to the players. So that was an added bonus included in the price of the ticket.

      The Gaffer

  2. I was in section 131 row 19…I may have just paid $119…and regardless of how much was paid, I was entertained. I think that is what really matters.

  3. the best value was when Bayern Munich came to NJ about 5-6 years, $10 ticket for lower bowl at Giants Stadium, the game wasn’t well marketed but you won’t get those prices for friendly matches anymore!

    I won’t spend more than $50 for any friendly match honestly, only time I did was the double header with Tottenham, Sporting Lisbon, Red Bulls, Manchester City 2 years ago, and thats only because there were two games for the price of one and I got to see Modric/Corluka/Kranjcar 😀

  4. I just got an email offering 4 tickets to the Real Madrid v Celtic match in Philly for 132 bucks, and you get a hot dog and soda. So they clearly have seats to fill.

    The best import friendly I saw was England V Columbia. I paid 18 bucks for the seat, sat in the England support section. And a Red Bull match was included in the price. That was more than 5 years ago, and I realize that to a real fan they would pay five times that price today… But it is still highway robbery for a a game that is really just a run out. And for the 1500 it would cost to fly over and go to a game, I get the culture behind the game. Get to mix with real local fans… And my dig is at the promoters and stadiums that are charging the prices. Not with the fans. They know your passion has no spending limits.

  5. I had to sell them, but I got 3 in the 4th row of the LFC section for $201 total w/ all fees. I sold the tickets because we are flying to England for a real match(es) and trust me, it’s way more expensive in the UK. Complaining about ticket prices is generally pretty pointless. 42K people though the prices were OK so it’s simple supply and demand. .

  6. Paid 100 for bleacher seats in the”fenway Kop” to see Liverpool play Roma. While its quite annoying to watch American fans pretend to be from England the atmosphere was great. Would pay the same price again no problem.

    The only issue I had was I didnt get to see Stevie G. I was in Rome in Febuary and saw Totti put in 2 at the Olympico but have yet to see #8 play live. hopefully it will happen before he hangs them up. cheers

  7. “its quite annoying to watch American fans pretend to be from England”

    How does that work? I’m intrigued as to how they behave. It’d be interesting to see how their perception translates.

  8. I was sitting close to the “Boston Liverpool’ supporters club and they just got annyoing after a while.

    One example a group of them must have seen “layer Cake” or “rocknrolla” one to many times because the whole game i was hearing, “jog on” “c*nt” and “wanker” throughout the game. And belive me it dosent sound as hard when its coming from a rich american college kid and not Tom Hardy. This coming from a yank.

    Other than that, alot of them just think there in a Boston version of a firm. They must have looked up 2 liverpool chants before they left the house and tried to sing them the whole game with both there arms streched to the sky and it just seemed fake to me. But they were having a good time so who am i to judge.

    1. Here’s an English phrase that you can call them if you ever see anyone acting like that again. They can be described as ‘bell ends’.

  9. LOL sounds like they watched football factory, “jog on” lol. I didn’t see any of that at the spurs galaxy game, there were a large section chanting USA which I found amusing. The “ultra’s” of most mls teams are mostly incomprehensible.

  10. You know…all this complaining about the international friendlies and I bet if they stopped coming, the complainers would whine about “How come we can’t see some of these teams here?”

    if you don’t want to go…DON’T GO but please for the love of pete save the derision for people that DO GO and DO HAVE FUN for someone else!

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