Swansea Rejects Liverpool Bid For Joe Allen: Why Swansea Should Make Liverpool Pay

Swansea City has rejected a bid from Liverpool for talented midfielder Joe Allen, says BBC Sport. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers offered around £10m plus Jonjo Shelvey on loan, but the offer was rejected by Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins.

Swansea’s valuation for Joe Allen is £15m. However, the Welsh club has a clause in the compensation agreement for manager Brendan Rodgers, when he moved from Swansea to Liverpool. In the clause, it states that Liverpool cannot open bidding for a Swansea player for twelve months unless another club places a bid first, or Liverpool would make a significant offer that would trigger the release clause.

While Swansea waits for Liverpool to come back with an improved offer, Joe Allen continues his preparation for Team GB — who are scheduled to play their first match in the Olympics tomorrow. As a Swansea City supporter, I know that the likelihood of Joe Allen leaving the club this summer is almost a certainty unless Liverpool loses interest or isn’t able to justify the £15m expense. The reality is that Swansea can’t afford to pass up an offer of £15m for a homegrown player that came up through their ranks. If anything, selling Joe Allen for £15m would fill Swansea fans with pride, even if the sting still hurts. I’d obviously like to see him stay.

But if Liverpool wants him, they need to pay. Swansea should not let Liverpool walk all over them. Not only has Swansea lost their manager to Liverpool this summer, as well as potentially losing Joe Allen, but we also lost Gylfi Sigurdsson who agreed terms to stay at Swansea but then didn’t take his medical because Rodgers left the club. Sigurdsson, of course, went on to sign for Tottenham, who offered more money than Liverpool.

In addition to that, former Swansea City striker Fabio Borini joined Liverpool this summer from Roma. The incredibly gifted Italian striker was a large reason why Swansea got promoted from the nPower Championship. Seeing Borini link up with Brendan Rodgers again, this time at Liverpool, leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth. But I completely understand Borini’s desire to move to a bigger club.

The reality is that Swansea made Joe Allen. While Swansea didn’t make Brendan Rodgers, Fabio Borini and Gylfi Sigurdsson, all three of them made a massive impression at the Welsh club, which helped them move on to bigger and greater things.

Liverpool’s pursuit of Joe Allen may not be the last one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Liverpool doesn’t also attempt to sign Scott Sinclair or Ashley Williams (especially if Martin Skrtel leaves Liverpool). So, it’s important that Swansea sets the tone by continuing to reject low bids for Allen and any other Swansea players, whether the bids are from Liverpool or other clubs.

If Swansea do lose Joe Allen, Swansea has two new attacking midfielder signings Jonathan de Guzman and Michu to step into Allen’s boots. After collecting several million pounds from Liverpool to let Brendan Rodgers join the Reds, I’m hoping that if Liverpool do sign more Swansea players, that the Welsh club will collect many more millions to help finance the club moving forward.

All of this transfer speculation makes me understand how supporters of smaller clubs feel. For example, over the years Fulham has lost many of their up-and-coming players to larger clubs. Star players such as Edwin van der Sar and Louis Saha (in his prime), as well as strong transfer rumors that Clint Dempsey and Moussa Dembele could be leaving this summer. It’s not fair, but it’s a reality of being a mid-table Premier League side dwarfed by the Sky Six.

UPDATE: A Swansea City spokesperson has released an official statement regarding the Joe Allen transfer speculation:

“Swansea City can confirm that Liverpool have expressed an interest in Joe Allen, despite a written agreement with Liverpool not to approach any players within the 12-month period of former manager Brendan Rodgers leaving for Anfield.

“There has also been interest from other clubs regarding his possible availability and the club is due to speak to Joe, as originally planned, about the situation when he returns from GB duty.

“The club is not prepared to release any details on whether any formal bids have been made at this stage or details of Joe’s contract, which are private and confidential. The club is extremely disappointed that speculation regarding certain aspects of his contract have been released to the media by parties outside the club.

“Fortunately the club is in a financial position where it does not need to sell any of its players and will continue to work in the best interests of its supporters, who are our priority, and the club to provide new manager Michael Laudrup with the best opportunity to be successful in the forthcoming Premier League campaign.”

27 thoughts on “Swansea Rejects Liverpool Bid For Joe Allen: Why Swansea Should Make Liverpool Pay”

  1. Liverpool and rogers must be made to pay….Joe Allen is worth at least 20 million…how many other midfielders are as accurate in their passing or as good at tackling (cleanly and quickly) and have the ability to make space where there is none?….yup none I reckon! We should not sell to rogers at all for 12 months and then tell him to get stuffed after that as well! The way he handled the Gylfi situation (oh he must talk to swansea first ((then come to me my boy)) ) made me squirm..My admiration for him has now gone and has been replaced by loathing. If he wants to prove himself at liverpool its time he did it by really playing the transfer market not just signing his previous players ie Gylfi Fabio Scott etc he can do it ie Vorm so leave Swansea alone so we can consolidate and build on last year. I renewed my season last December for next season…I will not be renewing if Joe or Ashleigh are sold to anyone…but if they are sold to Looserpool I will sell my ticket for this year on ebay

    1. First of all, Gylfi was a free agents not a Swans player, so your gripe over that matter is stupid. Second, please name me one boss going to a new club who doesn’t make a play for lads from their previous club. To lose someone’s admiration for doing what makes sense and is normal is pretty odd. I suspect Swans would really rather do without such fair weather support as your’s.

      1. Fair weather supporters? I’ve supported Swansea since 1979. When did you begin following your team?

        Sigurdsson wasn’t a free agent. He was on loan at Swansea from Hoffenheim. Both Hoffenheim and Swansea agreed a fee for Sigurdsson. And the Icelandic midfielder agreed personal terms. All that was left for him to do was take his medical.

        I’m not complaining that Rodgers is signing our players. I just want to make sure that Swansea stands tall and makes as much money as possible from the deals.

        The Gaffer

  2. Not just that, Liverpool/Rodgers have made it obvious that they want the player so bad that Swans easily rejected the first bid. Allen a good player but surely if Liverpool will be paying over the odds like last season if they come up with a 15 million bid.

    Already crowded Center midfield. The better option is to try out Aquilani for once

  3. Why should we pay over the nose for a player who shone in just one year?

    We are offering a Jonjo Shelvey who technically is younger and better than any of ur new buys. Did you watch him in the FA cup? No wonder Swansea never got there. If we offer 12 million pounds, I will not be happy if Jonjo is included cos we don’t even need ur Allen. Who will he bench? Gerrard, Lucas, Aquilani. We are playing 4-3-3 guys. Keep Allen and we will beat you home and away or sell allen and trigger a clause that will not allow him play and we will spare you.

    1. I’d take Joe Allen over Jonjo Shelvey any day of the week.

      Shelvey is skillful but he hasn’t been able to crack the first team and lacks consistency. Shelvey only has 8 Premier League appearances to his name, and just one in the Championship. Joe Allen has played 31 times in the Premier League.

      Not sure if you watched last season’s matches, but Liverpool failed to beat Swansea. The Swans got a standing ovation from the supporters at Anfield after the 0-0 draw, and beat Liverpool 1-0 on the last day of the season.

      The Gaffer

    2. You’re a poor representative for our club sir. I can understand why Swansea supporters would be a bit miffed that Liverpool is looking at Joe Allen or any other of their players for that matter. Nevertheless, I would still like to see him in a Liverpool kit this season.

      In any case, I hope you guys have another memorable season.

  4. What makes me shudder is that Rogers sees nothing wrong with destroying the contribution he made by grabbing Swans players. The heartbreak caused by his leaving is exacerbated by the raiding. Everyone has their price I suppose. But raiding seems to show Rogers is well short of ideas on how to achieve his new dawn, perhaps he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

  5. Why are Swansea fans worried. This is Liverpool we are talking about who have a knack for overpaying for British players. Liverpool will end up paying at least 15 million for Allen and maybe more if there are add-ons to the transfer. As decent as Allen is he isn’t worth 15 million. Is it any wonder that no other top team in England is trying to buy him? I’m sure Laudrup will be able to spend the 15 million very wisely.

  6. How good actually is Allen, Gaffer? I’ve seen very little of him in all honesty and don’t really remember him standing out in either game against Everton when I seen him live last season. Who would you compare him to in terms of playing style?

    1. Out of all of the teams Swansea played last season, the side that Swansea played worst against was Everton. At Goodison, Rodgers tried to put up shop to go for a nil-nil draw. And that backfired. And against Everton at Liberty Stadium, Everton put on one of their best performances of the season.

      So in both matches, it was hard to see Joe Allen stand out.

      How good is he? At the beginning of last season, I was concerned that he wasn’t ready to make the step-up from the Championship to Premier League. But he made the transition with ease. And after a few games, he gained his confidence and started to play really well in midfield. He’s a hard-working midfielder, and a fantastic passer of the ball. His only weakness is his shooting ability, but he’s improving in that area.

      The Gaffer

  7. It sounds like Liverpool might be a good move for him then in all honesty. With a manager that knows him well and Steven Gerrard there to learn from, he won’t have a better foundation to progress from.

    I, like yourself no doubt, hope he stays at Swansea in that case! I’m sure Laudrup would have also have a lot to offer him if he plays in the style you say.

  8. Swansea statement was clear enough, They rejected Liverpool offer by talking about the written agreement. and talked about the media speculation in Allen’s contract. That speculation is about “15 Million” release clause. Liverpool can only buy him after activating that clause. simple as that

  9. Good article, I agree with its theme.

    Swansea are in an unenviable position whereby they risk having an unhappy player on the books but the price tag is a tad unrealistic to finalise a transfer hereby creating an impasse.

    If the rumoured £12m and Jonjo Shelvey on loan for a season is true then that’s a good, fair deal for both parties. Remember, just because Liverpool were fleeced last summer doesn’t mean they are prepared to make the same mistake again. They showed with Sigurdsson that they’re not going to pay over the odds on wages/fees any longer.

    1. True, but I would doubt that Michael Laudrup has any interest in signing Jonjo Shelvey.

      Swansea is in another unenviable position in that they are not in debt. Financially, they’re strong. Swansea doesn’t need to sell Joe Allen, but if an offer of £15m comes in for a talented midfielder, I think we should take it.

      The Gaffer

  10. Swansea must be laughing. First 7m compensation for Rodgers who I think has been replaced with a more than capable manager and now they’ll be getting over the odds in my opinion for Joe Allen, who’ll probably be replaced with a 3m signing who’ll do as good a job. The 7m compensation alone has got them 2 great looking signings, one of which scored 15 goals from midfield in la liga last season. Liverpool are bidding on the wrong person, they should be bidding for Hugh Jenkins.

  11. Allen is a good player but nothing special. He looked very ordinary today for GB against Senegal. If I were Swansea I would sell him for the reported 15 million. Gaston Ramirez who is much better can be had for 15 million. Doesn’t play the same position as Allen but would be terrific addition. He is also only 21 years old.

    1. James, you can’t judge a player by one game. Did you watch him play in every Swansea game last season? I did. And in the right sort of side that plays good football (not Team GB), he’s wonderful.

      Maybe Swansea will buy Ramirez after we sell Allen to Liverpool? 😉

      The Gaffer

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