Good News For Soccer Podcast Fans With iPhones or iPads

Earlier this week, Apple launched a free app which promises to be a big hit among Apple iPhone and Apple iPad users who are soccer fans.

The Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad devices automatically grabs your podcast subscriptions and makes them available on your portable devices. But best yet, you can subscribe to and download each episode over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection without having to sync with iTunes on your computer. For soccer fans on the go, like me, it’s a perfect way to listen to your favorite soccer podcasts and to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

One of the limitations to the growth of podcasts in the past was that located deep within iTunes, so it would take several clicks to discover new podcast shows. With the Podcasts app, podcasts are just a touch away. Plus, it makes it easier to sort through the library to find new shows. For example, here’s a complete guide of soccer podcasts from two years ago to sort through, many of which are still running.

If you haven’t listened to soccer podcasts before, I recommend the EPL Talk Podcast (currently coined the Euro Talk Podcast for the Euro 2012 tournament).

11 thoughts on “Good News For Soccer Podcast Fans With iPhones or iPads”

  1. This is a great development from Apple. These are improvements that I’ve been thirsting for, for years now. It’s about time. Thanks for the info Gaffer.

  2. Been using Google Reader on my Galaxy S2 for the past 8 months and it is simple to use, but I wish this was around when I had an iPhone. Before I used and app that allowed from downloading over 3G and wifi but if a podcast wasn’t already on the app you had to submit it to be added.

  3. I have been using another app called Instacast for a while, which i believe uses the same idea. It only cost one dollar, and has worked flawlessly. It might not be necessary now, but if anyone does not like the format of the apple one (i have not looked at it yet) it might be worth looking into the Instacast app.


  4. Am I not correct that you don’t necessarily have to have an iphone or ipad to view/hear podcasts? That you can use your computer or any device that has iTunes?

    How about a list of popular soccer podcasts that are available for free or subscription-based and their cost. For people starting out this might be helpful.

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