Euro 2012 Prediction Results After End of Group Stage: How Are You Doing So Far?

The group stage of Euro 2012 is over, and it’s time to take a pause to see how everyone is doing on the pre-Euro 2012 predictions. If you remember, we asked you — the readers — to make your predictions about who would qualify from each group, and in which position.

From the first round, three points were awarded if you got the team position correct. If you correctly predicted a team would escape the group stage, but got their position incorrect, you received two points. If you predicted a wrong team to qualify, you received zero points.

I then averaged the numbers of points to get the following results, thus far in the tournament:

First, here are the results thus far from the experts:

As you can see, Michael Ballack has been winning a lot of fans with his analysis, but his predictions currently leave much to be desired.

And here are the results so far from you, the readers of EPL Talk:

To make it fair, we’ve combined the experts and readers together so you can see how the readers did against the experts. And, as you can see below, Paolo Bandini from The Guardian is leading the pack, followed closely by Alexi Lalas.

Now, a very important point to make is that I didn’t receive predictions for every group, from every pundit. As a result, their average score was higher than many of their opponents because they predicted fewer groups. So, I went ahead and removed any of the experts who didn’t provide complete predictions.

We then can see how everyone is doing against each other, fairly. And as you can see below, EPL Talk reader Matt is leading the pack!

After the tournament is over, I’ll provide a final table so you can see if you beat the experts.

3 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Prediction Results After End of Group Stage: How Are You Doing So Far?”

  1. Very cool

    Ironic how the first time I have no faith in my England and their opponents this sunday it results in me not being 2.25 but 1.625 LOL. typical.

    Now i just need France to screw me and beat Spain and for England to win the whole bloody thing for the irony to be complete!

  2. I only made one prediction and it’s still on the cards

    England vs Spain Final and it’s still on the cards

    England beat Italy and Germany
    Spain beat France and Portugal

  3. In the relegation zone of the epltalk prediction premier league by 0.125 points, all my fans must be devastated, looks like it’ll go down to survival Sunday!

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