Italy vs Croatia, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Italy vs Croatia: Noon ET
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Kicking off the first of the two Group C games today is Italy against Croatia. The Italians are boosted after their great draw against Spain, while Croatia is flying high after defeating Ireland. Despite good starts for both teams, who will win today in the battle for supremacy?

The battle today may be fought in the air. Croatia is the tallest team in Euro 2012, while Italy is the third shortest, on average. How much of an impact will Jelavic have for the Croatians? We shall have to wait and see.

Before, during and after today’s games, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

26 thoughts on “Italy vs Croatia, Euro 2012: Open Thread”

  1. Ok, Corluka, is a huge liability for Croatia, luka can only do so much, Italy I think will just be too much, baloteli seeking retribution for the first game.

  2. Well, at least Mario didn’t go off the handle that time. Going with 75% likely he won’t be playing against Ireland in the next match. I just don’t see him keeping his composure if things get tough later in the match.

  3. Italy are playing very well, they could go on and win this thing! I didn’t expect them to feature much in the tourney.

  4. An announcement asking fans to “not throw firey objects on the field”. LOL that should stop it, I’m sure if he person that threw the flare on in the first place would have obviously reconsidered his actions if the announcement was only a few minutes sooner lol.

    1. As Balotelli was already on the field, the announcement was pointless anyway. Although, to give him his due, he did very well today.

  5. Croatia is kind of a sleeper team here – per the FIFA rankings they rank 4th out of the 16 teams in this tournament.

    Those ratings have their flaws, needless to say, but their play in both of these matches certainly leaves them nothing to be ashamed of.

  6. How many times did baloteli score inthe last 5 minutes of games last season? He shoulda still be on, maybe they are worried about the yellow cards? I would start ate baloteli the sub and keep him til the end. Waste of a clutch player.

  7. Croatia needed the win, Spain beat ireland, Spain will beat or draw against croatia, Italy will beat Ireland. That’s a shame for Croatia.

  8. This next game could be very very messy for Ireland, it could get brutal very quickly., Torres is starting he will score I think, Ireland defense is not good

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