Liverpool Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season From Warrior, Leaked [PHOTO]

A photo of Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2012-13 season has been leaked on the Internet.

The new Liverpool away shirt, designed by Warrior Sports, is featured in a catalog (see above photo). Based on the quality of the image, it’s difficult to decipher what the colors are and what the design actually is, but according to the source, Warrior has revealed that it’s authentic.

Liverpool’s new away shirt is expected to be officially revealed on Monday, June 4 — with the shirts themselves expected to be available for purchase on July 2.

The shirt appears to be black or charcoal gray, with blue trim and yellow sponsor logo and crest.

What do you think of the design of the new Liverpool away shirt?

H/T LFC Poland.

12 thoughts on “Liverpool Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season From Warrior, Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. looks good but its very similar to the new everton away kit. at liverpool had the yellow/black thing before everton did

    1. Liverpool’s first true black/yellow kit came in the early-mid 90’s, Everton’s first in the early 60’s. Will give credit when due though, I like this one from Warrior.

      1. With due respect, I think you are wrong. The only black and yellow kit you’ve had was in 1996 (stripes on the shirt)
        Liverpool were first to have a black shirt as the away kit in 2002 (you had one in the same year too but it was an alternative kit which wasn’t mainly used)

        Its fair to say Liverpool had the pure black away first and have used it more times than Everton so we arent copying. Your’s is a nice kit though


  2. Im ok with it if its all black with yellow logos, but under AC’s right arm it looks like theres a bit a of grey. This wouldnt be that surprising when looking at the warmup kits but i’ll be disappointed if it is the case. Evertons new shirts are class btw. Despite my obvious reasons for never supporting them, part of me wants to buy it just to look at.

  3. Hmm… Ok look very closely at the neck area..

    Is that a GREY BIB I see???? Why on earth make the shirt look like it has a baby’s bib on it?

    1. You’ve got a point actually now I’m looking at it on a computer instead of on my phone. Seems like it’s a grey patch on the bottom of the shorts behind the Warrior logo, on the side of the shirt and then under the collar. Take it back, I know what you’re on about now lol

  4. It seems to be another black/dark grey kit, not sure why we’ve started having these every season recently they always seem the same. Would much prefer one of the other four that go in rotation, yellow, silver, green and white. The collar looks quite nice though.

  5. LFC website shop pages state ’12/’13 Away Kit “design reflects the maritime history of the city” – intimating that what is perceived to be black/grey could in fact be dark/light blue. Tonight will tell all.

  6. I hope this kit is of better quality than the Home one …… I washed mine once @ 30 degrees and the embroidered LFC and Warrior Logo shrunk and went all curled up when dry . My mate had the same thing happen, not quite so bad though … but his collar has started to come off …. May have just been a bad batch but they all look like they are cheaply made and have a tacky feel to them .I have also heard of others with similar complaints … be warned ! …. Just thinking if you are stood on the terraces wearing this shirt in the rain , do not be tempted to put a coat/whatever over your head , you will look like a NUN …… I am looking forward to the new 3rd kit though , either so i can consider buying it (quality allowing ) or for another laugh ! … As for now I will be sticking to my old Adidas / Reebok shirts ……

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