Brendan Rodgers Agrees Deal to Become Liverpool Manager: A Swansea Fan’s Opinion

Brendan Rodgers has agreed a three-year deal to become Liverpool’s next manager, according to a report by BBC Sport.

The Swansea City manager met with Fenway Sports Group on Wednesday afternoon, according to Sky Sports. This is the second time that Liverpool has attempted to speak with him about becoming manager. On the first approach, Rodgers turned down the opportunity because he didn’t want to be one of a dozen going into a “beauty parade.” Now, after discussions with Roberto Martinez and evaluating the chances of Andre Villas-Boas, Fenway Sports Group decided to go back to Rodgers.

The Northern Irishman has been a revelation in the Premier League after taking Swansea City to 11th place — just five points behind Liverpool, who had far greater resources at their disposal. Prior to Swansea, Rodgers was manager of Chelsea’s reserve team where he worked closely with Jose Mourinho. Rodgers also managed Watford and Reading before joining Swansea in 2010.

As a Swansea City supporter, the news is discouraging since Rodgers has been such an instrumental part of the Swansea City side. However, even as much as it pains me to say it, we as Swansea City supporters knew that Rodgers was eventually going to leave. And even after the speculation in the press during the past two weeks with the Liverpool, Aston Villa and West Brom jobs being open, I knew it was going to be a very long summer, and difficult to hold on to the Swansea manager.

Even on the day when Kenny Dalglish was sacked, and all of the press speculation was focused on Roberto Martinez becoming the new Liverpool manager, I think I was one of the first to put Brendan Rodgers name out there as the potential manager to replace Dalglish.

If you’re a Liverpool supporter, count yourself as a very lucky club today to be able to get such a brilliant manager. Rodgers still has a lot to learn, but I have no doubt that he’ll be a success at Liverpool by turning the club into the one that many Brits were proud of in the late 70’s and early 80’s by playing the best football in Europe — the incredible passing style that won hearts and minds.

For Swansea, it’s back to the drawing board. I wouldn’t mind taking Roberto Martinez back to South Wales as manager, but hopefully the Swans will look abroad to find someone who has the same belief in the way that Martinez and Rodgers teams plays their football. As long as they can find the right appointment, I’m not concerned that Swansea will suffer by the loss of Rodgers. He’s built an incredible team, but the system is in place to carry on forward.

Congratulations Liverpool fans. You’ve won today.

45 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Agrees Deal to Become Liverpool Manager: A Swansea Fan’s Opinion”

    1. After my previous post (see below) I read the article you linked by David Hendrick. I’m feeling much better about things. What a GREAT read! It may be a bit optimistic but at least, now I see some reason behind the madness.

      It is good to know about Rodger’s relationship with Louis Van Gaal and Clarke. Also Hendricks says that though Rodgers isn’t ready to manage a club the size of Liverpool, between Rodgers and Van Gaal, they may just be able to get the job done. I just hope to high heaven that Van Gaal and Clarke will be at Anfield next season.

      Though I do wonder about his relationship with Jose Mourinho. Maybe they were that close. But you often hear such things. For example, someone was best friends with Elvis when (in truth) they used to just pick up his dry cleaning.

      Other factors that make Rodger’s a bit more attractive for Liverpool (now that I’ve read the article).

      – His philosophy on dominating possession
      – His crusade to end the “long ball” (PLEASE GOD!)
      – The way he’s reportedly been able to turn around “lazy” players and gain their loyalty

  1. This looks incredibly likely to be the case… BUT it’s still not official so there’s a tiny bit of a niggle still in the back of my mind.

    What did I say about not counting Rodgers out just yet though… this was the unexpected twist I fully expected.

    Welcome on board Mr Rodgers… you’ll be very welcome around these parts.

  2. Why abroad? What about Gus Poyet, Ian Holloway, Chris Hughton, Paulo Di Canio even. Managers working in this country need to be given a chance.

    1. I would consider Gus Poyet and Chris Hughton for the Swansea job, but Di Canio just signed a new two-year deal at Swindon – and Swansea is not the type of club willing to pay a hefty compensation fee to break his contract there.

      Ian Holloway, naah!

      Swansea would do well to consider a Dutch, Spanish or German manager who would be able to fit in well with the system that Swansea has.

      The Gaffer

  3. Though Liverpool are not currently a “top flight” team (at least according to their place in the league table) I don’t think that it is certain that they will never again fight for top spots with the likes ManCity, ManU, Arsenal and Chelsea. I’m all for taking on a fresh approach and taking risks, but I wonder if it was necessary to do so at this time? Being a manager of Chelsea’s reserve team, working closely with Jose Mourinho and Rodger’s time with Swansea are all impressive. But his history with Watford and Reading aren’t blowing my mind. And are his triumphs appropriate to qualify him for a position at a club like this? I still can’t see…

    A) Why they couldn’t get a coach with more experience and

    B) What makes Rodgers the man for this job.

    Seeing how the Fenway Group is doing with the Boston Red Sox at present is making me really nervous about their abilities to manage Liverpool. Was this selection all about getting the best bang for one’s buck? Was this truly a risk or a move to save $?

  4. Having Brendan Rodgers become Liverpool manager is good news for any young British manager.

    That being said how does he integrate what he wants football wise with what he has at Liverpool. Is FSG willing to give a man with one year experience in the Premier League a sizeable transfer kitty?

    My hope is that the rhetoric of Benitez and Dalglish is not replicated by Rodgers but that’s only my opinion.

  5. So apparently Martinez wanted control of who to buy and who to sell, which makes sense. Turns out FSG want to control that with a football director just like a GM in baseball and apparently Rodgers is ok with that, which to be honest is a surprise–it hasn’t worked in football yet so its a gamble.

    I think Rodgers is a very good manager that likes to play football, Im sure he will unfortunately be successful, and that sux, I was hoping he would wait a year and then end up at Spurs. Oh well.

    I guess we will have to settle for Pep or the special one ;p

    1. “I guess we will have to settle for Pep or the special one ;p ”

      haha…How about a Scotsman? I hear a certain AM is available. 😉

  6. From FSG’s point of view this appointment makes sense because of a new structure they plan to implement. According to some media reports, they intend to have 3 Directors of Football, one for statistics, one for dealing with transfers and one as technical director. Rodgers will be exclusively involved with coaching, traning, tactics and selecting the team, and will be a part of this 4-man setup. It appears that Martinez was not prepared to have his duties diluted to work under such a system.

    We’ll know more in the coming days when the other people are named as part of this new setup, if it is true that there is to be a new structure at the club.

  7. As a Red Supporter, and an American who follows very closely what FSG has done with the Red Sox, I am very optimistic about this appointment. He is a young manager who seems to have a real knack for the game, and what it takes to succeed. While his experience is not large, that should not be seen as a detriment. He is confident, driven, articulate, and has a vision of how he wants to his team to play. He understands todays players, and how to get them to succeed. As for FSG and their process, what they did is normal in baseball and many other American sports. Looking at multiple candidates to ensure you find the one that fits your vision and ideas is something I am used to on this side of the pond. Thus I am happy with that process too. The final aspect of the management structure is interesting for England, but not uncommon in Europe, or in Baseball. Sometimes the argument can be made that too much pressure and responsibility on one man is overwhelming. Let Rodgers manage, let the management find players, negotiate contracts and make deals. If the people can meld togehter and work on the same page, thus the reason for the prolonged search, it could be beautiful. A long term vision is worth far more than short term headlines.

  8. I think this is a much better move for Liverpool than it is for Rodgers. He will not have a Champion league roster nor the attraction of playing in it to lure CL quality talent. There are even questions if Liverpool even have CL quality money to throw around. Yet, there are CL level expectations. Even a good season with that roster will be hard pressed to get past Chelsea, Arsenal and the Mancs. 5th in the table is a failure for Liverpool although it may take a brilliant gaffer just to get that. As a neutral, I hate to see a manager I admired go to what I think is a very difficult position to succeed.

  9. Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool seems to be a win-win situation. He was able to 1) Get promoted to the Premier League playing an attractive brand of football and 2) STAY in the Premier League playing an attractive brand of football..something many have argued wasn’t feasible after watching Blackpool’s rise and fall I the Premier League with a positive brand of play. Not only will Rodgers be able to instill an attractive brand of football within his players, his style should help the likes of Carroll and Suarez be more clinical in front of goal. Something that was lacking under King Kenny

  10. jim white on sky sports just saying martinez had “grave reservations” in joining liverpool because of the structure with the “director of football”, so Martinez turned them down. I wonder why Rodgers agreed to this structure?

  11. The key here is, I think, Jamie Carragher. As a long time loyal servant of the club, it will be up to him to form the bridge between the players and the new manager/way of doing things. Sort of like Gary Neville’s role in the England setup. Otherwise, Rodgers risks the same fate as AVB – revolt in the locker room as players fail to live up to their potential. Kenny could inspire his players just by the virtue of his history, but Rodgers is going to need that extra help if he wants to impress an evolving style of play on the team.

    Still, as a Liverpool supporter, I’m hopeful and looking forward to seeing what the new Liverpool can do when they visit Boston and Baltimore in two months.

    1. There’s only two players on LFC with the ego and power to revolt…Carra and Stevie. Stevie will thrive under Rodgers while Carra would have to accept a dimishing roll under any new manager. This should be Carra’s last season.

      Lamps, Terry, Cole, and Drogba are MASSIVE egos that LFC simply don’t have.

      Get in Rodgers!! Welcome!

      1. Yeah I have to agree with that. There aren’t any egos at Liverpool, it’s a different ballgame to what happened at Chelsea under AVB.

        Can’t wait to get back inside Anfield in August and see all this in action when the season starts!!

        1. Paul,

          Really, no ego’s at liverpool? of course there are, look what happened to Hodgson. I know Torres has gone but still, Suarez, Carrol, Gerrard, Johnson.

          I don’t think Rodgers will have a problem because the players will respect what he has done with swansea and want to be a part of this way of playing, but if some players don’t fit that plan, like say Andy Carrol, they will do what they do, bitch and moan and could be a cancer in the locker room.

          You just don’t know

          1. Hodgson had no choice but to go. Gerrard himself is first to say Roy was a good manager… he would have liked for him to stay but unfortunately for him the fans made it clear they wanted “their hero… their king” and they made it uncomfortable and impossible for Roy to carry on.

            As for player egos I don’t think we have a massive problem here in Liverpool, I really don’t. There is a very firm mentality at Liverpool and it’s that no player is bigger than the club. We’ll all be behind Rodgers from the off… I’m looking forward to the ride he’s going to take us on! You never know, we might be back to play with the big boys sooner than what you lot think 😉

          2. I didn’t think we had attitude at spurs , but then Modric threw a nutty when we wouldn’t let him join chelsea and disrupted the locker room.

            I don’t think Liverpool should be allow to hire Rodgers, there must be some way to torpedo this deal. I don’t like this at all. LOL

            Bloody Levy left it too long.

  12. Liverpool’s owners are trying to implement a system with more than one person making player decisions which they believe is more efficient . It’s a system used in clubs like Ajax and Inter Milan to name a couple. Clearly FSG believe it’s the system they feel is best for the club. Let’s not forget that they have been burned with laying out over 100 million pounds for average players that clearly have not been much good. There were only two principle people involved in those decisions, Kenny Daglish and Damien Comoli. With this new system in place they feel they can avoid the mistakes of last season.

    Of course, there is no guarantee that the mutiple directors system is better than having the manager making all the player decisions. Time will tell if Liverpool’s new system is a success or not.

    Rodgers has travelled a lot to Spain, Italy and Holland and has observed how a system where many people are involved with player decisions is employed and obviously he feels comfortable with it. He spent time at Barcelona when Van Gaal was there and Van Gaal is supposedly going to be the director of football at Liverpool.

  13. Gaffer must be beside himself, what the hell are swansea going to do? will the icelander Sig still sign? who will replace Rodgers? does this mean swansea are favorites to finish in the bottom 3? manager carousel continues!

    Any one seen any news reports from Miami? Perhaps of a man running around screaming setting fire to liverpool shirts? 😉

  14. A couple of points…on Brendan Rodgers – I don’t think that he will have the AVB problems because he has proven himself in the EPL and he players will be more willing to adapt to his style. And being a Brit won’t hurt.

    Regarding Roberto Martinez (a non-Brit), I believe that Dave Whelan did a wonderful job of putting a reverse spin on things regarding Martinez and the amount of control he wants. I think that he got Martinez and FSG thinking that Martinez had to be in control and that made FSG wary. Whelan also won points by being so outward all along about the possibility of losing Martinez, albeit for a few million pounds. A masterful job of “reverse psychology”…I wonder how Martinez will react to Whelan’s involvement?

  15. “… but I have no doubt that he’ll be a success at Liverpool by turning the club into the one that many Brits were proud of in the late 70′s and early 80′s by playing the best football in Europe — the incredible passing style that won hearts and minds.”

    This is an interesting comment, Gaffer, because based on comments here and other football sites one would think it is an affront to play attractive football these days.

    I’m hoping for the best with Rodgers and am crossing my fingers FSG know what they’re doing in putting together a system.

    1. Good observation, fickle is a word that comes to mind, the amount of people defending the garbage that Chelski played in the semis and final of the champions league saying they “deserved it”, and “a win is a win”.

      Gareth Southgate was speaking about the new FA plans for youth development and started by saying its important to teach the youth of england that its not just about winning they need to win right way, to play football, and pass the ball not just end to end, with long balls from defense to a one man upfront.

      I wonder what all those that were arguing that all that matter is a win have to say or would tell the youth.

  16. I feel bad for Swansea.
    Next year at this time, I’ll feel bad for Rogers after he is sacked after 1 season for not finishing in the top 4.

    1. I was waiting for somebody to pop along with some really useful input. Thanks for that Cody, really appreciated.

        1. Been a slow day? Baiting on EPL Talk the highlight? Sorry for not rising to your call a bit more in that case! I’ll try harder next time.

          1. Would my comment have been worthy of your time if I had mentioned some repetetive dribble about Gerrard or Carragher?

  17. Sorry to see Rodgers leave Swansea, but I think he could do very well for Liverpool. While he’ll not be in charge of everything, he certainly will have a say in transfers and I expect him to field a team he feels can give him the same kind of effort that the Swans did.

    More concerned about the next manager for Swansea. Needs to be someone who will utilize the squad in much the same way. The pieces are all in place for continued success.

  18. A statement from Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins:

    “I was contacted by Liverpool last night and they expressed their wish to speak to Brendan regarding their vacancy. I had a discussion with Brendan to talk about their interest and his views on whether he wanted to speak to Liverpool. He expressed his wish with me to do that and he has spoken to Liverpool today.

    Following on from discussions with Liverpool’s owners, Brendan has informed us that he would like to take up their offer to manage Liverpool. At the moment we are currently in talks with the owners to agree compensation. We are trying to finalise that within the next 24 hours.

    Although we are very disappointed to lose such a talented, young British manager, we didn’t wish to stand in his way. As always at Swansea City, we want people working here who are fully committed to the task ahead.

    We wish Brendan every success in the future. We will always remain good friends and we thank him for all his hard work and passion at this football club over the past two years. We shall now refocus and quickly start the process of finding his replacement to continue the great work Brendan has carried out at this football club.”

  19. Rodgers has jumped at a bigger job before – and failed, massively. He’s done the same again, and I think there’s an even bigger chance he’ll fail at Liverpool.

    I assume he’s going to try and play the Swansea way, but to do that takes time, time he doesn’t have cause if they lose a few at the start of the season the pressure will be massive. He walked into an amazing job at Swansea where the style was set, the only style Liverpool had under Dalglish was hit n hope!!!

    1. Where did Rodgers fail at a bigger job before? His only failure to date was at Reading.

      The Gaffer

      1. He left Watford for the much sunnier skies of Reading, and failed. The jump is even bigger here, much more room for failure.

  20. As far as Swansea is concerned, Martinez would be the best option as he was there before and was integral in developing the style of play of Swansea. However, I don’t think he will leave Wigan for Swansea.

    Ian Holloway would be another option as his sides play like Swansea in a away. However, having got Blackpool relegated I’m not sure if the fans in Wales will be high on him.

    Pep Guardiola is still available :-) .

  21. Like I said before Liverpool are in danger of being overcome by their past. They were failing so they brought back King Kenny and he tried to play a thirty year old system. They are a mid table team dragging around a hilarious right of entitlement anchor which they crown every manager with who has the misfortune to walk in the place.

    But a young manager untouched by the glory days may be just what they need. If he takes the job then he needs a good clear out of all the cobwebs. Pension off Carragher and the rest of the old schoolmates who are expecting to hang around the ground for the next thirty years otherwise this poor bloke will be crushed under the weight of past expectations.

  22. For what I’ve heard, Rodgers is not the one who gets the team play beautifully. He walked into an amazing job at Swansea where the style has already been set by Martinez 2 years before.. as evidence Watford and Reading game are not so interesting at the time..

  23. He said in his press release, “There is a fantastic squad here, some terrific players, but there is no doubt I’ll need to make maybe two, three or four additions to try and get that flow”

    This has to mean that he has already discussed this and will be given some $$$ to bring in help, right? With Chelsea amping up with Hazard/Hulk/Dembele (likely), Wenger with tons of money from Fabregas and Nasri to get a few players here and there, and Man U and City likely to retool, Liverpool should move quickly, they have very glaring needs.

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