Euro 2012 News: Italy’s Euro 2012 Camp Hit by Dawn Police Raid

The Italian national team for Euro 2012 was hit this morning with a dawn police raid regarding allegations of more match-fixing scandals in Serie A. The dawn raid could be a massive distraction to Team Italia especially if players have court cases on their mind. This will definitely be one developing story to watch.

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On a busy Euro 2012 news day, here are all of the Euro 2012 stories we’ve been following:

Only eleven days to go before Euro 2012 kicks off!

4 thoughts on “Euro 2012 News: Italy’s Euro 2012 Camp Hit by Dawn Police Raid”

  1. You’d think the Italians would have learned by now. When will it ever end. Juventus manager Conte has been implicated (maybe even arrested by now) for his involvement while at Siena before he joined Juve.

    I wonder how many present Italian national team players are involved and how that will affect their Euro campaign.

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