Manchester City Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season, By Umbro [PHOTO]

Manchester City’s new home shirt for the 2012-13 season will be sky blue with black trim, according to a new leaked photo of the Premier League champions shirt.

Three weeks ago, we revealed what the Manchester City home jersey would look like, and the new leaked image (shown above) is an even better close-up of what the shirt will look like.

The new Manchester City home shirt for next season will feature a black collar, and black Manchester City crest, Umbro logo and sponsor name. This will be the last time that Manchester City will be wearing an Umbro shirt fot the next year, as Nike has signed on to be the official kit supplier beginning with the 2013-14 season.

What do you think of Manchester City’s new home shirt? As with most Umbro designs, it’s clean, elegant and distinguished. It’s a definite thumbs up from me. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

35 thoughts on “Manchester City Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season, By Umbro [PHOTO]”

  1. Pretty nice – I’d have kept the club crest in its original colours myself, though.

    We better enjoy this, because god knows what sort of abomination Nike will inflict upon us in a year’s time. Perhaps a teal and purple ensemble with some sort of embedded hologram that turns the club crest into a barrel of oil if you look at it sideways or some such.

    1. It’s a nice polo shirt but it doesn’t look like an actual kit. The material is too thick, any warm weather and you’re sweating hard, thick cotton doesn’t breathe. Doesn’t appear to be actual sports wear.

  2. Not bad – considering that they change their home strip every year. The trim could have been a really dark blue . At least, now the three stars mean something.

    1. The three stars still don’t mean anything but maybe they complement the three rivers of Manchester below. The colors of the crest do all that’s missing is a Maltese cross. Looks like it’s cotton again instead of that nasty polyester that stinks after 5 minutes so happy and no doubt the designers will tell the story behind every thing in the design on City’s website as usual shame Nike are taking over.

      1. It is not a shame as Umbro is part of Nike and we now have there top brand as long as they do not give us what they just gave ManU it will be good. The Kit is nice and as to the stars we now have 3 top flight championships so the stars to true fans will mean something at least till we win more and they keep it the same.

        1. Have you seen the Arsenal away kit? It’s even worse than Utd’s! Umbro is a Manchester company with roots to the club, the kits the have made have mostly been quality unlike Nike’s (I know they own Umbro now). I suppose Nike will put them all over Asia etc but I don’t have to much interest in the business side I’m a supporter not an owner.
          If city win the league next they will have four championships but still only three stars (as you say) so they still mean absolutely nothing just part of the design! Utd fans seem to have a problem with that for some reason maybe they should have used footballs, they’d probably still ask what they were for, until you told them they have two on there own!

        1. well done, you now have as many prem titles as blackburn and top tier titles as wolves. You’ve basically almost got as much history as them. Not much to brag about my friend.

  3. I think there have been better shirts. Especially for a side that just won the league. I know it was designed before they won, but it doesn’t have the appearance of a champion in my opinion.

  4. Surely this can’t be the new shirt?! The crest should be in it’s original colours for a start. City’s home colours are sky blue, white, claret, dark blue. We are City, not Gorton or Ardwick anymore! Sky blue, dark blue, white and maybe claret on a City home shirt but NOT black! Red and black is for an away shirt.
    The design could have been more interesting considering we have just won the title. I was keen on gold, as used for the celebratory shirts. Original colour crest with 3 silver stars to represent our three top flight titles. Wake up Umbro designers!!!

    1. Yes but they don’t design for them or tell them what materials to use. They simply bought them out and left them to their own things. Otherwise why bother buying them?

  5. Umbro has Manchester roots. Disappointed going to have a Nike shirt in 13-14, even though Umbro’s parent co.

    Hate the emblem. 3 stars are still pointless. Why not have the 70’s rondel. Chelsea changed to a more traditional logo – that looks good on the Sauber.

  6. the badge should be the same, and maybe either dark blue, white or claret lettering instead of black would be better

  7. this being the last kit umbro makes for City in years, i think it should have been better. Been dying to see some gold highlights on the sky blue fo a couple seasons now and especially for the championship we just won. Material looks good and the design is clean and seamless but im not keen at all on the black V thing messing up the polo. it should just be a plane polo like the england away shirt.

  8. If this is the best that Umbro can do then I am glad we are moving to Nike next year. While there is nothing offensive in the designs of the new home and away kits, you’d hope to see more ambition from Umbro. As someone else mentioned, it looks like it has been designed in injury time. Liverpool’s new kit looks particularly strong this year and shows plenty of ambition. Quite like Chelsea’s use of gold too.

  9. Being a man united fan and not ever particularly liking any of our kits I have to say your kit from last season was superb, everything was classy and smart and even the goalkeeper kit was a winner. I like Umbro kits a lot and alway get England’s shirts (apart from the new home short don’t like it). This is again a smart effort but I don’t think it’s as good as last years.

    And pray for when Nike take over, they are sh*t. All their kits are always the same and they never make any effort whatsoever, we’re playing next season in a table cloth for god sake

    1. Totally agree! Umbro includes nice sentimental bits in their kits and they put alot of thought into designing, the most though about nike kit for us was the anniversary kit for the Benfica victory. All their kits are dull, would love for addidas to be our sponser as they seem to be in between. They’ve never done a good job with Chelsea’s as they’ve got no history, the bayern kits though are always good. Shame :/

  10. I agree with carl! Last seasons home kit was special! This is very dissapointing, especially seeing were the champions, id happily take last seasons kit with the gold champions writing instead of this shitt!

    And however above said you had a season ticket but aint going to watch them in this kit… ahut ya sh*t mate youll go and biy this kit as soon as its released and be at every home game if you have a season ticket.

    As for me il still be buying this sh*t top! CTID

  11. Considering that were beeing sponsored by Nike this year kinda puts doubts in my head that this is the official kit as it is sponsored by umbro

    1. Read the bloody article and the comments before posting. Manchester City’s deal with Nike doesn’t start until the 2013-14 season!

      The Gaffer

  12. For those of you hating on the crest, I’ve been told it’s credited to the club’s roots as St. Marks West Gorton, whose kits were white and black.

    Great kit. Still sky blue and not a picnic table.

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