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Is This Arsenal’s New Away Shirt for 2012-13 From Nike? [PHOTO]

arsenal away shirt1 600x600 Is This Arsenals New Away Shirt for 2012 13 From Nike? [PHOTO]

A new photo has been leaked on the Internet of what appears to be Arsenal’s new away shirt for the 2012-13 season.

Whether it is or not, we’ll have to wait a few weeks or more to find out. But the purple and black hoops certainly make this shirt design quite different than anything that we typically see in the Premier League. It’s certainly more attractive than the Freddy Krueger design that has been floating around.

Could this be Arsenal’s new away shirt? I think it’s more likely that this one will be the one instead of the Freddy Krueger-inspired one.

arsenal away shirt alt 600x703 Is This Arsenals New Away Shirt for 2012 13 From Nike? [PHOTO]

What do you think? Share your opinions about the new Arsenal away shirt in the comments section below.

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31 Responses to Is This Arsenal’s New Away Shirt for 2012-13 From Nike? [PHOTO]

  1. Stephen says:

    I can tell you right now that this IS the new away shirt! Get ready for pink printing, yeah that’s right, I said PINK!!!

  2. hoosiergunner says:

    I opened this post hoping the away shirt would be better than next year’s home shirt. Disappointed with both.

  3. lokj21 says:

    I expected this

  4. says:

    Yes it look gud dan dat of hope shirt may be dat home shirt was jt rush n not avin rethink b/4 chose it bt dis away shirt look superb

  5. Tom 147 says:

    If it is next seasons away shirt then someone at Nike should be fired.

  6. Schoolboy says:

    Awful combination…whats with that red colour on the sleeves? Worst away kit ive ever seen.. Cmon nike, you can do better than that? You won’t make money with that kind of design

  7. Alex Wolcott says:

    Nike should just get out of the uniform design business entirely. This is EPL, not some tradition-less American college football program. Have some respect for the game you idiots!

    • CTBlues says:

      I don’t think you want to say too loud in the southeastern part of the US.

      • Nick says:

        As well as Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles. OSU and USC are tradition-rich programs with tradition uniforms.
        Also, exclude Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Arkansas. No tradition in programs or uniforms there.

    • Davis says:

      I’m sure he thinks its tradition-less because its against the rules for college football programs to blatantly buy themselves titles.

    • Frill Artist says:

      Let’s see you make a jersey then.

  8. s dollars says:

    Did u realish is not 4 only europea,pls make a good design 4 world gunners ,and mind u arsenal is coming down 2 nigeria pls we want a very very beutyfull design .

  9. Daniel says:

    Yes, that is the Arsenal jersey…if they are outfitting the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba!
    Nike should be sued if this is a legitimate jersey.

  10. San Franciscan says:

    Looks like Manchester United’s current away kit.

  11. Chinmay says:

    Looks like nike holds a ‘design the worst Arsenal away kit’ competition and the winners come out. Good, it’ll save my money.

  12. Kingsley says:

    I like the away kit a bit but i totally dislike the home kit.pls nike u pple can do better than than that.get us sometin more attractive.arsenal is a big football club,not street club.

  13. Kingsley says:

    I like the away kit a bit but i totally dislike the home kit.pls nike u pple can do better than than that.get us sometin more attractive.arsenal is a big football club.and pls manager wenger get us quality players during transfer window, we need trophy.

  14. This away kit is still manageable compare with the home kit which is the worst design i’ve ever seen,nike should know that arsenal kit is the most expensive in England,common nike you can do better.

  15. tunkete ndabiti says:

    now i know,NIKE are old minded company, please Arsenal,, look for another company,we want kits that of arsenal level, by this kits, i belie
    ve Nike are hating Arsenal.

  16. ian says:

    seriously? wtf…….

  17. RBP says:

    Seems like I’m in the minority, absolutely LOVE it

  18. Allan says:

    it’s cooooool

  19. NC says:

    This looks like something a mens tennis player would have worn in the 90s.

  20. Jean says:

    what the hell is that?? Looks like some kind of womens pro-wear…

  21. prankster hypnotalia says:

    You have to be mentally prepared before you look at this kit.What a horrible combination of colours,Arsenal could be the laughing stock next season!Nike,you should come out with a new and innovative design,like the one last season.This seems far less than satisfactory.What are you,an amateur sports company??Come on!

  22. Matt says:

    Do any of those RETARD designers at Nike realise who they are designing a kit for? This away shirt is a JOKE. I can just about take the new home kit but this kit is cac. What happened to the traditional yellow and maybe a bit of blue?
    Seriously, Arsenal need to look at getting Adidas to make their kits again. I can only think of a couple of Arsenal Nike kits that have achually been alright. Every season we see Adidas knock out some decent looking kits only for the club i love turn out in shitty Nike ones.
    I hope someone at Arsenal reads these responses, how about in future getting the fans to vote on the new kit? NOW THERES AN IDEA!!

  23. kunle olapade says:

    I don’t like that sheat!

  24. jonas says:

    reminds me of the old MU away jersey. disappointed

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