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ESPN Moves Manchester City vs Man United From ESPN2 to ESPN For US Soccer Fans

espn logo1 600x450 ESPN Moves Manchester City vs Man United From ESPN2 to ESPN For US Soccer Fans

The most anticipated match of the 2011-12 Premier League season featuring Manchester City against Manchester United has been moved on television in the United States from ESPN2 to ESPN.

Moving the Manchester derby, in a match which may decide who will go on to win the title, is a fantastic decision by ESPN to try to hit a ratings bonanza for a league which continues to become more and more popular in the United States.

Coverage of Manchester City against Manchester United will now be shown on Monday, April 30 beginning at 2:30pm ET on ESPN, with the match scheduled to kick off at 3pm ET. This will be the first time that a weekday Premier League match has been shown live on ESPN, according to the Worldwide Leader In Sports.

“Given the magnitude of this match, we wanted to take advantage of the live SportsCenter lead-in to incorporate our on-site resources in previewing what will be the biggest match of the season in the Barclays Premier League,” said Brian Kweder, ESPN senior director, programming and acquisitions.

In addition, ESPN Deportes’ Spanish-language coverage of the match will include a 30-minute special edition of Los Capitanes, the commentary program hosted by José Ramón Fernández and other legendary sports journalists, as they discuss and debate the latest sports news, information and issues. ESPN3, the live multi-screen sports network, will carry the live presentation of the match in both English and Spanish.

For the English-language feed of the game, Ian Darke and Steve McManaman will be the commentators.

In December 2010, 570,000 people watched the live match on ESPN2 between Manchester United and Arsenal. Both ESPN and ESPN2 have 100 million subscribers each. I’m sure ESPN will be hoping that it can break its record for the most number of viewers for a live Premier League match.

What’s your opinion about ESPN moving the game from ESPN2 to ESPN? Will you plan on calling in sick from work, or taking an extended lunch break in order to watch the game live? Or watching it from your office desk on or via the WatchESPN app for mobile devices? Anyone planning on going to see the game in a pub? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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21 Responses to ESPN Moves Manchester City vs Man United From ESPN2 to ESPN For US Soccer Fans

  1. Ted says:

    Fantastic. I get both channels, but this will hype a little more. Wish the game were on Sunday instead, tho.

  2. Mr. Apples says:

    Damn. I only get ESPN2, not ESPN.

  3. Alex Wolcott says:

    Unfortunately, I wonder if I will easily be able to watch this in Orleans France. Oh wait, all I need to do is find the local United pub….. if I want to be in a fight by about the 5th minute anyway.

  4. cnl. onions says:

    Will be the same old situation that I’ve faced a lot lately where I avoid all sports websites, twitter, and facebook at work and watch it on DVR later. Makes work a lot more boring when with those 3 things out of the equation!

  5. CTBlues says:

    I think the difference will be because of how big the match is not because the game is on ESPN proper because if you have cable you get both channels which are usually right next to each other.

  6. Casey G. says:

    we’ll here’s your reminder then.. SET YOUR DVR’s for ESPN.

    • dominjon says:

      I already set it for ESPN2, and there is no way I will remember to change it. Looks like I will be settling in after work for some tractor pulling action…

  7. Moranin says:

    As a business decision I completely support it, but as someone who has the cheapo family cable + Fox Sports package from Comcast (and can only access ESPN3 via the website)? Disappointing – since I doubt they’ll show the game on ESPN3 as well as ESPN.

  8. CelticsBlues says:

    Strange that the TV Listing site and our Verizon FIOS TV site both have the game still on ESPN2. Perhaps they just need to update their information to match this recent announcement. This is one game they cannot be confused about.

  9. CTBlues says:

    I saw the add a couple times today during the live Sports Center on ESPN.

  10. Jean says:

    Hope in the future, we get more games on big ESPN, it just gives the game more value, like UNC-Duke or Lakers-Heat or Yankees-Red Sox…

  11. ISAAC says:

    Thank you ESPN

  12. JBD says:

    I have it blocked on my calendar. WE ARE CITY, WE ARE CITY!!!!

  13. Jwc says:

    Awesome! Will be watching!

  14. Petros Kalodukas says:

    took off work and leaving school early!! Lets go city!!!!!! cant wait to poznan in my living room :)

  15. kuku says:

    Go Rooooney….Thank u ESPN

  16. patrick starr says:

    Any idea what the TV ratings were on ESPN?

  17. TK says:

    Looks like 1.033 million viewers, which broke the previous record of 610,000. Go ESPN! More games please.

  18. Nickster says:

    I hate Comcast! Comcast did not update their TV guide to reflect the channel change. They still had the game listed as being on ESPN2 and that’s what my DVR was set to record it on. It wasn’t until I sat down to watch my recording of the game that I found out. They had plenty enough time to update the listing.

    Well now I know that fickle ESPN can never make up its mind where to show a soccer game so I had better triple-check multiple sources from now on. Thanks to them and Comcast I missed the game. Boy am I steamed.

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