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adidas: #takethestage


With just over 100 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games, adidas has revealed their biggest UK campaign ever entitled take the stage. An all-new 60 second TV ad kicks off the multi-channel campaign on Saturday 7th April that will showcase that there is a stage for everyone in 2012, whether you are in to Sport Street or Style.

Featuring Team GB athletes Victoria Pendleton, Louis Smith and Tom Daley alongside entertainment stars such as music artist Example and comedian Keith Lemon, the narrative of the advert tells the story of how you can go from the top deck of the bus to the top of the charts overnight.

The campaign will be followed (14th April) by 3 x 30 seconds TV spots which show how to take the stage.  Through these 30 second adverts, fronted by David Beckham, music star Wretch 32 and US Basketball player Derrick  Rose, adidas is giving the Great British public truly amazing once in a lifetime opportunities to take the stage and showcase their talent. Beckham calls for the public to submit their own photography to win the opportunity to be the photographer on set with him. Wretch 32 is in search of one lucky music artist to open on tour for him this year and one lucky winner will get the chance to play ball in the States with NBA star Derrick Rose.

Recording artist Wretch 32 was commissioned by adidas to create the exclusive soundtrack for the 60 second TVC, which is based on insights from young people across Britain and is focused on the different ways in which talent today can be showcased. The ad premiered to an audience of millions at 20:12 on Saturday night during the first commercial break during Britain’s Got Talent and was then available to watch, alongside additional content on the adidas website and YouTube channels.

To mark the occasion, British adidas players were given specially marked boots to wear on match-day. Whilst Chelsea warmed up in #takethestage gear:


Gareth Bale 300x225 adidas: #takethestage

Gareth Bale's blue and orange combo

Stewart Downing 300x225 adidas: #takethestage

Stewart Downing takes the stage in yellow and black

steven gerrard 300x225 adidas: #takethestage

Stevie G customised his kicks with the hashtag too

What do you think of the British take on the games?

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5 Responses to adidas: #takethestage

  1. jetfire85 says:

    I like that shirt that has “Adi Does” printed on it (51sec).

  2. Ahmed Yussuf says:

    Laurence loves his boots!! But in this case I can ates to being a lover of football boots.

  3. sue says:

    Where can I buy the hoodie wrench 32 is wearing in the advert with the lion,s head on the back of the hood

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