FA Cup Sunday, 5th Round: Open Thread

After yesterday’s shock results in the FA Cup with both Arsenal and Norwich being knocked out, we have a few potential upsets in the 5th Round of the FA Cup today. Plus we’ll learn later today who will play whom in the 6th Round of the tournament, founded in 1871 (long before the Football League was created).

The early match in the FA Cup today is Crawley Town against Stoke City (7am ET/Noon GMT kickoff). That’s followed by League One side Stevenage against Tottenham (9am ET/2pm GMT). And then, last but not least, Liverpool takes on Brighton at 11:30am ET/4:30pm GMT.

Before, during or after today’s FA Cup matches, post your questions, observations or rants and raves in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “FA Cup Sunday, 5th Round: Open Thread”

  1. Surprised to see it looking so sunny in England today. Although both Crawley and Stevenage are in the south of England where it’s typically sunnier and warmer than in the north.

    The Gaffer

  2. Hoping Stevenage keeps it up and gives Spurs a good run in the 2nd half. Go Stevenage!! When I don’t have a dog in the race, I always pull for the underdog.

  3. Liverpool/Brighton v Stoke, Chelsea/Birmingham v Leicester, Stevenage/Tottenham v Bolton, Everton v Sunderland

    Matches to be played weekend of March 17-18.

  4. So Downing actually, finally – puts in a decent, instinctive cross and Carroll ruthlessly finishes – yes, it’s that simple.

  5. The 6-1 scoreline wasn’t what Brighton deserved. Three own goals must be some kind of record in any competition. Liverpool weren’t troubled enough for Brighton to have got anything from the game. Another home game for Liverpool against Stoke should make them favorites but they do struggle at home against EPL sides. Too many draws so Stoke will take heart that they can get a result at Anfield. Should be a terrific fixture.

    Everton vs Sunderland is another great fixture especially the way Sunderland are playing under Martin O’Neill.

  6. Liverpool beat Brighton, Stoke and Chelsea all away on the way to the Carling Cup Final. They know have Brighton and Stoke at home. If they then get Chelsea in the semi you are on some very weird statistical trip indeed.

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