Two Years After Launch of FOX Soccer HD, Many Comcast Customers Are Still Waiting

Two years ago this week, DISH Network became the first TV provider in the United States to offer FOX Soccer HD. Six months later, DirecTV added it. And slowly, but surely since, several cable companies nationwide have made the channel available. However, the vast majority of Comcast customers are still waiting for the channel to become available. Two years is a very long time to wait especially when there’s no sign of it being added.

If you are a Comcast customer, and you still don’t have FOX Soccer HD, take action and get Comcast to respond why they’re not making FOX Soccer HD available two years after launch:

  1. Contact Comcast on Twitter at @comcastcares, @comcast and @comcastvoices
  2. Post a message on Facebook at
  3. Complete a form that will be sent to Comcast

These unfortunate circumstances reminds me of how slow the rollout of Setanta Sports was nationwide. Even before the company went out of business, it still wasn’t available to the majority of Comcast customers — myself included. Hopefully Comcast will see the demand that’s out there for FOX Soccer HD and will add it soon.

While many Comcast customers are still waiting for FOX Soccer HD, the same applies to FOX Soccer Plus. Next month will mark the two year anniversary of the launch of that network, and we Comcast customers are still waiting for that network to be added.

Of course, the other option is to switch from Comcast and sign up with DirecTV, DISH Network or, if Comcast isn’t a monopoly in your area (like it is mine), switch to a different cable company.


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