Premier League Gameweek 5: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from week five of the Premier League.


  1. Swansea City: They ended their 374-minute goalless drought to pick up a solid win.
  2. Tony Hibbert: His pinpoint cross gave Everton the lead late in the match against Wigan.
  3. QPR transfer signings: The veterans who were brought in to stabilize this young club lead Rangers to an easy victory against Wolves. The latest football odds rate QPR as the most likely promoted team to stay up this season.
  4. Shay Given: The Villa keeper made several fine saves to keep them in the match and earned a point against Newcastle.
  5. Norwich City: On this weekend, all three of the newly promoted clubs – including Norwich – played like they belong in the Premier League.
  6. Nani: His wonderful twenty-yard smash helped United defeat Chelsea.
  7. Luka Modric: Hopefully Modric’s goal is a sign that all of the transfer drama is over.
  8. Sunderland: A dominating 4-0 victory for the Black Cats. Steve Bruce saves his job for another week.
  9. Emmanuel Adebayor: The brace he notched this weekend is evidence that Adebayor will provide the scoring punch that Tottenham has lacked in the past.
  10. Martin Jol: Fulham displayed a much better style of football during the second half of their match against Manchester City as Jol’s side received a well-deserved point.
  11. Sebastian Larsson: The Swedish international put in a solid performance in Sunderland’s impressive victory.


  1. Wolverhampton: After an encouraging start to the season, it looks like this club has come back down to earth.
  2. Fernando Torres: Yes, he scored a goal, but his wide-open miss against United was almost comical.
  3. Arsenal: It was already a difficult beginning to the season for the Gunners and now they have to deal with the backlash of scoring two goals on themselves?
  4. Stoke City: Normally, Stoke is one of the best defensive clubs in the league, but that wasn’t the case this weekend.
  5. Liverpool: They did not look into the match from the beginning as Tottenham completely outclassed the Reds.
  6. Darren Bent: Bent wasted two golden opportunities to put his side in the lead.
  7. Charlie Adam: Two bookings, which included a high studs-up tackle within twenty minutes of each other ended Adam’s day early.
  8. Ashley Cole: His cheap tackle injured Javier Hernandez and somehow did not result in a red card or a penalty.
  9. Fox Soccer: A rebranding campaign did not fix the lack of quality in Fox’s pre and halftime presentations, as they provide little to no insight into the matches. How does that old saying go, “You can put lipstick on a pig…”?

7 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 5: Cheers and Jeers”

  1. Jeer on Stoke? Yes, they just fell apart, and were also victims of bad luck, but it was about time to have a stumble. Their play so far this season has been ridiculously successful.

  2. I would have had put Torres’ goal/overall performance as a cheer and his miss as a jeer.

    I would have also put Rooney’s JT-like penalty miss as a jeer.

  3. You tell me the defender who wouldn’t have made the same tackle to block the ball and I’ll show you a bad defender. The assertion that Cole made a “cheap” tackle or that it was dirty misses the mark completely.

    Hernandez was unlucky, Cole did his job: block the ball. If you can prove Cole intentionally hurt Hernandez you should right about something else.

    1. It wasn’t a horror tackle, or even intentional. Cole is already looking away at the ball when he finally makes contact. Hernandez got his ankle rolled. That normally happens at least a few times a match where tackling is involved. And the yellow card was an absolute joke. There was no penalty cause the ball was already dead when contact happened. If referees gave red cards for every follow through of a tackle the resulted in a rolled ankle, there wouldn’t be a game ending with 22 players on the pitch.

      I read too that Sir Alex made his mandatory statement that it was a rash challenge, shocking, should have been a penalty etc. But He always says crap like that to protect his players. Hernandez won himself no support of the ref Sunday with the diving simulation the entire match up to that point. If you watch the replay after he rolled the ankle he jumps up as if he is going to cannonball into a pool. He was thinking more of getting a spot kick then the pain.

      Full disclosure, I HATE Ashley Cole … so this actually pains me to stick up for him.

  4. “The veterans who were brought in to stabilize this young club lead Rangers to an easy victory against Wolves” – but on the same day Wolves’ veterans are many too.

    Cole (an exceptional player) targeted Hernandez shin guard, no harm done. Hernandez is well and back on training today. Yellow card, a courtesy jest.

  5. Why is there no mention about the refrees blunder in 2 offside decisions ..
    If this had happened in favour of Chelsea . Will Ferguson shut his mouth like he did now or atleast will the media spare Chelsea .

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