Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread

While the biggest Premier League matches are saved for tomorrow, we still have six intriguing matches scheduled today.

Blackburn Rovers against Arsenal kicks things off today with the early kick-off. Rovers will be desperate for a home win. If they lose, the pressure will be on the Venky’s to sack manager Steve Kean. Rumors are that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has already been approached as a possible replacement. For Arsenal, they’ll want to push on from last week’s victory to make it two wins in a row. But Ewood Park is never an easy place to get points.

At 10am ET/3pm BST, we have five matches being played at the same time. Aston Villa against Newcastle should be an interesting tie to watch especially since both teams match up well side-to-side.

In the Wolves against QPR match, the advantage should go to Mick McCarthy’s side, but you should never discount QPR. Neil Warnock’s side are good at creating chances, so sooner or later their strikers will begin to bang in the goals.

In the Bolton against Norwich match, you have two teams who are struggling. This one could go either way, but you would think that Bolton should get the three points with their home advantage.

Then we have Swansea take on West Brom in Wales. The Swans have been devastated this week by an injury to defender Steven Caulker as well as FIFA denying Swansea the chance to finalize the transfers of defenders Halliche and Situ. While Swansea will be weakened at the back, West Brom will be hoping to get another three points after their narrow victory against Norwich last Sunday.

Last but not least we have Everton against Wigan. The Toffees will be hoping for their first home win of the season, while Wigan will want to bounce back after their defeat against Manchester City.

Before, during and after the matches today, use this thread to share your rants, raves, observations, questions and more. We look forward to reading your thoughts on what is the biggest day of the week for fans of Premier League clubs (or the Premier League itself).

12 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread”

  1. Fox Preview Show.. I guess going to the Big 10 Network studio to talk to a correspondent is better than Skype. However, when you take a guy who is not used to being on TV, at least raise the camera not to show his Speech Com 101 hand motions while talking to the camera. It’s just uncomfortable to watch.. give the guy some coaching before you throw him to the wolves. Also having Barton sit there like he’s miserable as sin trying to provide analysis with a co-host that doesn’t know anything about soccer is just painful. Smile.. Frown.. Smile.. Nod..

  2. as an arsenal fan, i’m livid as hell about today’s result. we played so well in the first half, we was stroking the ball around at ease with blackburn rovers hardly ever pressuring it(the ball). we should’ve taken some more opportunities. the arteta goal was fantastic i think and so was gervinho’s. aaron ramsey was gr8 in midfield as always. i believe there was one instance where robin van persie yells at gervinho for not relaying the ball to him to shoot. you could see the frustration on his face. we should’ve def scored more than 2 in the first half. the game would’ve been out of reach for blackburn, considering their manager’s job was hanging in the balance today, and they would’ve felt more pressure and prob wouldn’t have been able to cope with it. the yakubu goal was bad defense by arsenal. 3 of the goals blackburn scored were either defensive mishaps and 2 own goals. Rovers fans, ur team was lucky today. You were let off BIG TIME. when johan djourou came on, i sensed something bad was going to happen and it did. his failed sliding tackle on Martin Olssen led to him running down the right wing and cutting into the box, where koscielny just bottled it. There’s no words to describe that own goal. I’m very dissappointed today as you can imagine.

  3. i just heard from bbc 5 live that this was the worst start we’ve had in 58 years. the fact that its’ happening under the most succesful gaffer we’ve had in the club’s history is all the more puzzling… :/

  4. bolton were already down 2-0 at the Reebok and to make matters worse, Ivan Klasnic got himself sent off before the half-time whistle. i hope owen coyle can keep his job. he’s a decent manager.

  5. Glad Swansea finally got a goal and won it too. You can always bet that a Roy Hodgson team will struggle away from home. He has to be one of the worst managers as far as away results are concerned.

    Norwich give up another penalty, that’s 5 in 5 games. Must be a record I think. They did win though so that makes it easier to take.

    QPR could well end up in the top half of the league with the veteran players they brought in whcih was very good business.

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