PES 2012 Gameplay Video: Manchester United vs Barcelona

A new gameplay video has been released for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, also known as PES 2012.

The gameplay video features highlights of a game between Manchester United and Barcelona. The commentary, provided by Jon Champion and Jim Beglin, pulls you into the game where — not surprisingly — Wayne Rooney plays a central role.

Based on the gameplay in the above video, how do you think this compares to what you’ve seen in FIFA 12? Share your insight in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “PES 2012 Gameplay Video: Manchester United vs Barcelona”

  1. No way. Collisions unrealistically light, movement still floaty and jittery. It’s all about FIFA now and PES’ time has passed, even if the player models look better in PES, the gameplay is what matters in the end.

    1. I hadn’t ever played PES (admittedly I am an EA Sports fanboy) and I couldn’t agree more about the nature of the movement. It almost looks like they are all hovering above the ground. You could really see it when Nani slid towards rooney at the end of the trailer. It just looks really funny.

      My main problem with FIFA is the release date. Late september is absurd. This is their only franchise that they release after the season starts, and I haven’t got a clue as to why.

      1. they wait until after the transfer window ends- but i dont know why they wait all the way till the end of september

  2. I like the motion blur on replays and that, looks very noice.

    The player models look brilliant, and the animation certainly looks more realistic than FIFA…..but I need to wait to actually play it. The PESs on this generation have been awful. Fifa has been miles better…but Fifa isn’t as good as people bang on about. I want the old PES to return to it’s former glory ie PES 3

  3. Some people are blindly loyal to one or the other.

    I really dn’t care, as long as the game is good.

    I just don’t think PES has been all that for the last few years.

    A decent amount of my PES loyalist friends have come over to the dark side.

    1. agreed

      Not impressed with this video. FIFA looks good but not huge changes that ive seen. Haven’t see that much yet tho

    2. I just prefer the sanctioned FIFA over the generic joke club names of PES, regardless of CL and Copa Libertadores. FIFA is superior in so many ways. Not that PES is bad because its not, but yeah.

  4. Why are the wearing last years kits if its PES 2012? and VDS is still in goal? sure this is footage of PES2012?

  5. from what ive read and heard,… videos dont do this game jusitce, apparantly the A.I is some of the best in a footie game ever. PES sounds very promising, i play both games. i like pes 11 . i look foward to both.

    But i agree loyalists and fanboys will up their own and bash the other.. sad reality .

  6. no way pes!!! this is a dissapointment the graphics looks the same as pes 2011 its hard to spot the diffrence. il move to fifa this year. they used the sme ingine. and the commentator is still boring he cant make you enjoy the game.

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