Join the I Know The Score Prediction League for 2011-12

I Know The Score, the popular Premier League predictions game, has moved. It’s no longer hosted on the Premier League site, but has now found a new home on TalkSport, the British radio station.

At first glance, the game looks the same. Very little has changed except the site it’s hosted on, and the look-and-feel of the TalkSport website. It’s still free to sign up, so go ahead and register today. And, after you’ve signed up, join the EPL Talk private league so you can compete against fellow EPL Talk readers from around the world.

After you’ve registered, click on the “Mini-leagues” link. Then, in the space that says “Join A Private Mini-League,” enter the EPL Talk private code: F557A-SAI

Veteran readers of EPL Talk will know that we’ve been playing I Know The Score (abbreviated as IKTS) private league with fellow EPL Talk readers for several years now. It’s fun and a great complement to the Fantasy Premier League game. It’s difficult to be successful at both games, but both are free and are definitely worth a shot.

While the Fantasy Premier League is open to as many people who would like to join the EPL Talk private league, IKTS is only open to a select number of readers. After the maximum is reached, post a message on this site and let me know, and I’ll then go ahead and open up another division so you can join that (with a new private league code which will be posted above).

If you’ve never played IKTS before, I thoroughly recommend it. And if you’ve played it before, you know what to do. Best of luck!


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