USA 1-2 Panama: Video Highlights from Gold Cup Shocker


The United States lost its first group stage game in their Gold Cup history Saturday night after being defeated by Panama in front of more than 27,000 fans in Tampa, Florida.

It wasn’t as if the United States didn’t create enough chances, but they simply had a tough time putting them away. More Gold Cup coverage coming later on MLS Talk, but if you want to see the highlights, watch the above video.

4 thoughts on “USA 1-2 Panama: Video Highlights from Gold Cup Shocker”

  1. Dunno what Ream was thinking on that challenge for the PK. Howard didn’t cover himself in glory on the first goal either.

    US got unlucky with their own PK call though – I thought the ref messed up massively on that one.

      1. You think so? I’m not American, so have no bias either way, and I thought it looked pretty genuine – if it was a dive, I don’t think it was an obvious one.

        1. The challenge was not smart and poorly executed, but the replay did show that it was a dive. Contact was first made after the Panamanian player was flying through the air (I think his airborne thigh made contact with our defender’s knee or thigh). It wasn’t incredibly obvious in real time, but it also went along with what Panama was doing the entire game (i.e. diving), granted that Bedoya took a dive for the US which I found irritating and disgraceful as well.

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