Tommy Smyth Interview: Exclusive Chat With ESPN Soccer Analyst

ESPN soccer analyst Tommy Smyth signing an autograph.

ESPN soccer analyst Tommy Smyth recently sat down with EPL Talk to discuss a range of topics relating to the world of soccer.

The conversation began with Smyth describing what it was like to commentate the 2010 World Cup Final for ESPN Radio. Other topics discussed include his opinion whether no U.S.-born lead commentator for ESPN’s World Cup coverage was a good or bad thing, as well as whether he foresees ESPN becoming more involved in broadcasting the Premier League to a U.S. audience in the future.

Several other interesting topics are discussed such as whether there’s room in the New York area for another team. Plus Smyth answers several questions submitted by EPL Talk readers.

Later this week we’ll have interviews with Shaka Hislop (ESPN), Michael Thomas (Arsenal) and Jonathan Wilson (The Blizzard).

8 thoughts on “Tommy Smyth Interview: Exclusive Chat With ESPN Soccer Analyst”

  1. back of the olde onion bag…. The man has single handedly put back perception of the Irish people by three generations… I had no idea he still worked at ESPN.

    and to the question of no American doing WC 2010, I have two words… Michael Beckham… and if that’s not enough, then I give you the phrase ‘what’s is a geezer’. Both actually used in England V Portugal WC 2006. and remember the over use to the term “service”… It was said like every other word.

    1. Using Dave O’Brien as an example of what U.S. commentators are like is unfair. You’re taking an extreme example (probably *the* worst commentator I have ever heard), a baseball guy, and putting all of the U.S. commentators in the same bucket.

      The Gaffer

      1. ok true… but the geezer bit was made by Marcelo Balboa, maybe the stupid rubbed off.

        My favorite US commentator is JP Dellacamera. He does a great job calling Philadelphia Union matches.

  2. US commentators should take a page out of the British commentators’ handbook by letting the play speak for itself rather than continually talking and not making sense most of the time. I have yet to hear a US commentator that doesn’t talk at a mile a minute. Why won’t they listen to the likes of Martin Tyler and try to emulate that kind of commentating is beyond me.

    1. “I have yet to hear a US commentator that doesn’t talk at a mile a minute. Why won’t they listen to the likes of Martin Tyler and try to emulate that kind of commentating is beyond me.”

      No offense to the brittish comentators but I do not want the US commentators to emulate them. Every other country have their own citizen commenting on the game and they don’t emulate the way the game is called in England. Why is it in the US we have to copy the way it is done in the UK, why do we have to go look for UK commentators to call the games here? I was listening to some irish football podcast and even they were perplexed at the obsession that we have in the us for UK commentators.

  3. We’re spoiled over here in the US for announcers. I miss having Tommy Smyth and Derek Rae call Champions League, but when you’ve got Ian Darke on ESPN, Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen on GolTV and Martin Tyler and more on FSC, it’s hard to complain with both the variety and quality of the commentators we can hear on a daily basis.

  4. I really miss Derek Rae, but I do not miss Tommy Smyth. I can’t stand listening to him on the espnsoccernet press pass podcast.

    Does anybody know why ESPN doesn’t show espnsoccernet Press Pass in the US when its recorded in Bristol, CT? I can only listen to the podcast of the show and if they have the video of it up on they blackout all the highlights.

  5. I also very much miss Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth calling Champions League matche. Ian Darke has done a tremendous job as has John Harkes and I feel the British announcers did a fantastic job during the WC, much better than any US broadcaster would have done with the exception of JP Dellacamera.

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