Exclusive Interview With John Terry and More Important News

Now that we’re on an international break for the next couple of weeks before we see more Premier League action, I wanted to take this time to bring you up-to-speed regarding several important updates.

First, on Thursday, we’ll be publishing an exclusive interview with Chelsea (and now England) captain John Terry on EPL Talk. The one-on-one interview discusses the upcoming Euro 2012 qualifier between England and Wales (this Saturday, 11am ET on ESPN2 in the United States) as well as several other interesting topics including what it’s been like working with David Luiz and Ashley Cole. The interview, conducted by Richard Farley, will be a must-read. Fortunately, EPL Talk was the only U.S. media outlet granted the opportunity to speak with John Terry. If you’re not an EPL Talk Pro member, you missed out on the sneak peek last week.

Second, we’ve added a new feature to EPL Talk which I’m really excited about. In the top right corner of each page, you’ll see the Premier League News video player in the rectangle box. Several times a day the videos are updated with the latest news, interviews and analysis. To enable the sound, just move your mouse over the video player. To get the most out of it, click on the ‘Video browser’ button at the bottom of the video player, and you’ll then be able to flip through the news to see which stories you want to play. Plus, if you click on the ‘Change’ button, you can choose other news channels such as MLS, European soccer, South America, Asia and international.

Third, EPL Talk Pro this week will be launching a feature article written by Jesse Chula about a revolutionary new online soccer game which combines some of the best parts of Football Manager, FIFA 11 and the Write The Future TV commercial from Nike. EPL Talk Pro members will be the first to get an in-depth review of the game. Also, between now and the end of the month, EPL Talk Pro members will have a chance to win a Premier League football shirt, and will get to read, hear and watch contributions from Richard Farley, Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer. For the full details and to learn how you can become a member for just 16 cents per day, visit EPL Talk Pro.

Fourth and finally, Awful Announcing, a website that concentrates on sports commentators and announcers published a two-part interview with me this week. The topics of conversation ranged from ESPN to Fox Soccer Channel and, of course, the Premier League. If you get a chance, read the interview with me on Awful Announcing today (part one and part two).

Thanks for your continued support and loyalty.

16 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With John Terry and More Important News”

  1. Great article. I don’t know what I would do without EPL Talk. I check it first before any other site. I print out the EPL tv schedule and set the DVR accordingly each week. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

    1. Agreed :) Can we move that solely to the Pro section? :)

      nice work Gaffer on the video widget. Football365.com did that a while back and its nice to have it here as well. Very nice.

  2. Gaffer wrote: “Second, we’ve added a new feature to EPL Talk which I’m really excited about. In the top right corner of each page, you’ll see the Premier League News video player in the rectangle box”

    The only thing I see is text that says to install the latest version of Flash. I do have the latest version of flash. What gives?

  3. Is anyone else as thrilled as I am with the sudden surprising appearance of Copa Libertadores games on foxsoccer.tv? I hope this is more than a temporary stop gap with the lack of league games for the next couple of weeks.

  4. An sad, arrogant, disgraceful knob of a man – and a highly overrated footballer. There is absolutely nothing he could say that I’d want to hear.

      1. And I have done just that.

        Why is it that when people post things, they get upset people don’t respond to their post, but then also get upset when people respond with something they don’t want to hear? You can’t have it both ways.

        My response: thanks for the effort, but there are dozens of people in the football world that I’d rather hear from before this guy. So, I’ll pass.

        1. As far I can see Gaffer isn’t upset, Maybee. Your jus being pathetic and arogant by saying that you’re not interested in the John Terry interview so no-one else should be either. Personally i can’t believe that the Gaffer managed to lure such a high profile footballer into an interview. Nice scoop Gaffer, I hope for more of the same.

          P.S love the new Video Browser, a very nice feature.

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