EPL Talk Pro Presents Detailing The Pyramid Starring Jonathan Wilson

Today, EPL Talk Pro released part one of a three part audio series entitled “Detailing The Pyramid: Looking at the Current Role of Tactical Analysis in Football Coverage.”

The audio series features discussions with:

  • Jonathan Wilson (The Guardian),
  • Michael Cox (Zonal Marking),
  • Bobby McMahon (Fox Soccer Report),
  • Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated),
  • Richard Whittall (A More Splendid Life),
  • Andy Brassell (BBC World Football Phone-In),
  • Oliver Kay (The Times), and
  • Luke Moore (The Football Ramble).

EPL Talk Pro’s Richard Farley discusses with the experts, among other things, how we got to where we are today with football tactics, the influence of Wilson’s book Inverting The Pyramid, a look at the current role of tactical analysis, why football media in England were slow to warm up to tactical analysis, what changed in England to bring modern tactics to the Premier League, how the Internet keeps analysts of tactics honest, and much more.

This is a must-listen for football supporters who are interested in a deeper and thought-provoking analysis of the Beautiful Game.

And it’s exclusively available only to members of EPL Talk Pro.

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In the meantime, listen to the promo for Detailing The Pyramid above. If you need an extra nudge to convince why you should become an EPL Talk Pro member, our first interview guest will give you an idea of the calibre of guests we’ll be bringing to you. We have an exclusive interview with Chelsea captain John Terry, the only media organization in the United States to be granted that opportunity. Terry discusses many topics including his partnership alongside David Luiz and the upcoming Euro 2012 qualifier against Wales.

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