EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show, Live Stream And Open Thread

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftHoward Webb, Steven Gerrard, and Manchester United ruined King Kenny Dalglish’s return to the Liverpool bench, the Reds bowing out of the FA Cup after their 1-0 loss at Old Trafford. Regardless, the departure of Roy Hodgson from Anfield was the weekend’s big news, the former manager leaving the club by mutual consent on Saturday. On today’s edition of the EPL Talk podcast, we’ll talk about the return of a legend and what it means for Liverpool, going forward.

In addition, we’ll be discussing the weekend’s FA Cup action – the third round, seeing all 20 Premier League teams involved. Though Liverpool and Newcastle have gone out (and Arsenal and Manchester City having replays to contend with), the third round of Cup action failed to produce a Leeds over Manchester United-esque upset, with Stevenage FC’s clenched right hand holding the most notable scalp (while punching their own players with it). With Sunday’s fourth round draw failing to produce any headline-grabbing ties, this year’s FA Cup has gotten off to a slow start. We’ll briefly have the obligatory “does any of it matter” conversation before moving on to other affairs.

Edin Dzeko is a gone deal at Manchester City, while David Beckham will be a Spur in spirit only, released only for training with Tottenham. Beyond those notes, a little Steve Sidwell, and a Kyle Walker loan, the opening to the trasnfer window is mimicking FA Cup again.  While we will talk about the signings, loans and rumors, we’re going to need your help more than ever.

What do you want discussed on this edition of the EPL Talk podcast? The show is always better when you’re guiding the content, so please use the comments, Twitter, email and the UStream chat room (after the jump) to let us know where to go.

Come 10 p.m. BST, 5 p.m. EST, the show will be streaming live via EPL Talk’s Ustream page, with in-line player and chatroom embedded after the jump. Come back then to heckle and haggle, prompt and probe as the regular EPL Talk crew reviews the weekend that was.

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17 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show, Live Stream And Open Thread”

    1. Thanks, David. I’ll be sure to bring this up. Their formation was interesting, too, in light of the Zdeko signing.

  1. Tiote’s challenge was not a red card

    I am so annoyed that he’s going to miss the derby now, we’re gonna lose :( And the press hounding Carroll again – 30 jagerbombs? Likely?

    1. I haven’t watched a ton of Newcastle this year, but from what I’ve seen Tiote isn’t exactly the cleanest player. He made several challenges against Spurs that should have gotten him sent off( he already had a yellow). I think his sending off on Saturday had a bit to do with his recent reputation as much as what actually happened on the field.

    2. Last I checked, Tiote was the Premier League midfielder with the most fouls committed. That said, I don’t find him Henry, de Jong-esque. Maybe I will with more exposed.

      1. Tiote is a very combative player, but I would not call him dirty. His game is predicated on breaking up play in midfield and challenging everything. By nature of his game he is going to pick up a ton fouls and couple that with this being his ‘intro period’ into the EPL, and I think this is reason for him picking up the most fouls in the league.

  2. Will Dalglish make a difference to Liverpool? At the very least his status at the club, and his previous accomplishments would point to the attitude around Anfield changing, which in itself has been half the battle this season. And contrary to what many doubters have said, tactically he did well today, with the 4-1-4-1 that liverpool set out with being more attacking then Roy’s 4-4-2 has been.

    1. Jason:

      Thanks for the question. I think we covered this in the show. It sounded as if both Kartik and I were skeptical about the long term, but I don’t think either of us would be surprised to see Liverpool get a post-Hodgson, Dalglish bounce.

      I do think the attitude is Liverpool’s biggest problem. That was mentioned on the show, and I think the more fluidity Dalglish will encourage should make watching Liverpool easier.

  3. 606 tonight was aflame with talk about Theo Walcott’s comments basically admitting that he dove in the tie against Leeds. What do you think of Walcott essentially admitting what everyone knows that many professional players do anyway, and what can the EPL do to cut down on the number of dives in its games?

    1. Hi MennoDaddy:

      We didn’t see your question in time, but let me try to get it in on the mid-week show. My feeling is that retrospective punishment/review should be used but we shouldn’t be too hard on Theo for saying something any right-minded football fan knows. I think it’s up to the leagues to implement the deterrent.

  4. Did anyone else find it odd that Kenny Dalglish picked more or less the team Roy Hodgson would have picked? I know he brought Agger back (which didn’t work out so well) but given Liverpool’s recent results I was expecting Dalglish to give Liverpool a new shape, and not – for example – stick with Raul Mereiles at right mid.

    1. You mean getting a new guy to stand on the sidelines during the game DOESN’T create new talent out of thin air?

      They’re the most talked-about mediocre team in the world. At least Liverpool has that going for them!

      1. I agree Joe, but my point is that if Dalglish can’t create talent out of thin air then you’d think he’d at least try re-arranging the talent that’s already there. Or subbing himself on to show Torres how it’s done.

    2. He scrapped Hodgson’s 442 and went with the 4231. He dropped Konchesky, Kyrgiakos, and Glenda from the back line with Aurelio, Agger, Skrtel, and Kelly forming a much better back 4. Gerrard was used as more of an attacking midfielder than a deep lying midfielder and Raul was used deep in the middle instead of out of position on the right, like Roy always used to.

      1. Point taken Duck, though Hodgson had started Aurelio and
        Agger against Bolton. Also, I don’t think Glen Johnson was dropped.
        I read on the BBC that his wife went into labour on match day so he
        dropped out of the squad:
        http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/9351801.stm (between 1301
        and 1308) I honestly didn’t notice the change in formation.
        Probably half my ignorance and half the fact that after Gerrard’s
        earlyish red card any tactical plans Dalglish had went out of the
        window. Suppose we now just have to wait until the game versus
        Everton to see what he does with the team.

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