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What Soccer Gifts Are On Your Holiday Wish List?

 What Soccer Gifts Are On Your Holiday Wish List?

I don’t think a year has gone by where I haven’t asked for a soccer-related gift for Christmas or where my Christmas wish-list didn’t contain at least one soccer item. This year is no different.

If I was to be unrealistic (which I sometimes am), here would be my dream-come-true holiday wish list:

  • A promotion for Swansea City from the Championship to the Premier League, and
  • A local Major League Soccer team in South Florida.

See, I’m not asking for much. Right? icon wink What Soccer Gifts Are On Your Holiday Wish List?

But realistically speaking, I have a few soccer books on my wish-list such as Pay As You Play by Paul Tomkins, a book about Panini stickers and Bobby Robson’s autobiography.

But I’m more curious about you, the reader. What soccer-related items are on your wish list that you’re hoping to find under the tree Christmas morning or during the holidays? Share your wish list in the comments section below.

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25 Responses to What Soccer Gifts Are On Your Holiday Wish List?

  1. LFC Fan says:

    Aleady bought it for ourselves…40″ Samsung

  2. nc says:

    Whats the matter Gaffer, the NASL’s Miami FC doesn’t do it for you?

    Unfortunately SFL doesn’t have it when it comes to support for pro sports. You’d think demographically that soccer and baseball would be good draws but the Fusion failed, and the Marlins escapades are well documented. I really hope I’m wrong but I think once the shine on the new Marlins stadium at the OB site fades, they’re staring at 8K-9K a night just like they’ve gotten at Joe Robbie for the last 17 years.

    • The Gaffer says:

      NC, I agree with your prediction about the Marlins. That’s a recipe for disaster. But I disagree with the argument that “soccer will never succeed in South Florida.” There’s a population of 5 million people. It only takes a very small percentage of those people to show up to make it succeed. Unfortunately, Miami Fusion made so many mistakes.

      I support Miami FC, but I would much prefer a MLS team.

      The Gaffer

  3. DeeRexBox says:

    Silverware for the Gunners. And a sugar cookie w/ soccer ball icing. And a pony.

  4. Kal says:

    The Premiere League players and managers have been asking for one for ages. Thanks for the winter break but, can we get some football already?

    Everyone who visits this site.

  5. Adam says:

    Fox and local cable providers to get it sorted so everyone in the US has FSC and FSC+ in hd. That and European footy next year for Newcastle. I’ve been extra good this year.

  6. jbm says:

    Continued improvement in form, good transfer market acquisitions, and hopefully a place in the Champions League next year for LFC.

    A time when a top ten of worsts or bads doesn’t have a picture of an LFC player at the top. (Kidding Gaffer)

  7. Brian says:

    Everton’s classy third kit with Coleman naming…here’s hoping it will make the journey from the UK in time.

  8. Adam says:

    Is that the white one?

  9. Dan says:

    FSC HD ON COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kevin says:

    Both FM11 and FIFA 11 are on my list.

  11. Smokey Bacon says:

    Family:Life, Death and Football by Michael Calvin.

  12. Paul says:

    How about U-Verse offering FSC Soccer Plus for the Miami market. Boy, did we get screwed when Setanta went belly-up

  13. David G says:

    “FSC HD ON COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  14. Footballfool says:

    MLS – > If not South Florida then Tampa Bay or Orlando.

  15. SantaClaus says:

    High on my list is the continued growth of soccer in this country. This would force the main TV networks to talk up the sport and that would mean we would see more soccer coverage.

    I would also like to see the TV networks like FSC in its many forms, ESPN, Gol TV, Univision, and others continue to do well so that we would benefit from seeing even more soccer games on TV.

    I would prefeer to see more games in any definition than a few in HD.

    Happy holidays to all.

  16. Dianne says:

    Heyy guys,

    I need some advice. My brother’s b’day is coming up and I wanted to gift him something related to soccer. He’s a huge fan of the EPL and follows soccer religiously! A friend of mine suggested a site called “” and there are so many stuffs about soccer, i dont know what to gift him. i am confused whether i should gift him a Soccer Ball or a simple Soccer jersey. I am not sure. :-| If you could visit the website and let me know what is the best thing i can gift my brother. budget isn’t an issue.


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