Poll: Who Will Win the 2018 World Cup Bid?

 Poll: Who Will Win the 2018 World Cup Bid?

The race is on to see who will win the 2018 World Cup bid. The winner will be announced on Thursday at the FIFA headquarters. Will it be England, Russia, Spain/Portugal or Holland/Belgium? Vote below in the poll to let us know who you think will win. And then add your comments in the section below regarding who you think deserves to win.

Also, be sure to come back this Thursday at 9:30am ET to EPL Talk homepage for a live blog of the FIFA announcement. Whether you’ll be at home or at work, join soccer fans around the world as we debate the decision while EPL Talk blogger Jonathon Feyerherm blogs away.

8 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win the 2018 World Cup Bid?”

  1. Sad to say, but it’s likely Russia, as much as I’ll be pulling for England. Maybe of greater hope to fans here in the US is the fate of the 2022 cup location. Is the Cup coming back to the States or headed to Qatar or Australia? Fingers crossed…. In the end, I think the England – US back-to-back double is too much to ask for, as great as it would be….

    1. I agree. If England gets 2018 then I think both the U.S. and Oz are dead in the water for ’22. If ’18 goes to other than England then I think ’22 is wide open.

      However, reading tea leaves is probably more reliable than trying to work your way through FIFA’s group-think/bribe process.

  2. As much as i would not like, i do believe it will be portugal-spain.
    In terms of cost benefit it is the most rational choice… but in football, rationalism is usually the less common practice, unfortunately.

  3. I thought BBC made it very clear who wins this. The one who bribes the most judges with the most money… very simple: Russia.

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