Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show

We’re hours ahead of our 10 p.m. BST/5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST start, where myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna will talking about a truly interesting weekend of Premier League action. Chelsea and Arsenal gave us a decent match at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool gave us fodder for hysterics, and Nigel de Jong … what will we say about Nigel de Jong?

There’s also Manchester United’s poor performance, Everton getting off the mark, and you. Yes, you.

What do you want featured on your show?

Use the comments to let us know what issues you want discussed and we’ll try to work your feedback into tomorrow’s show.

11 thoughts on “Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show”

    1. Well, for the next month, they’re going to have a hole in defensive midfield. Would be a good fit, considered City have DMs to spare.

  1. Can you please go over what we can learn about the way a player plays based on what number he is wearing. I mainly hear you use the number nine or eleven to refer to the way a streaker plays, however, being new to fallowing the EPL and Soccer more broadly, I don’t know what you mean by that.

    1. Chris: You’re probably half-referring to the Pavlyuchenko-Crouch discussion we had on the preview? OK. We’ll try to get to this, too.

  2. This might have been asked last week or the week before… but are Liverpool’s fans going to further abuse their club by getting Roy Hodgson fired before Christmas?

    Liverpool’s fans’ behavior is too destructive, I think… arguably a part of the reason the club hasn’t won the league title in so long.

  3. If Unca Woy can’t be criticized for playing people out of position, losing to bottom dwelling league two side and then to a newly promoted team at Anfield, when can he be criticized? When he takes Club Fulham Light (CFL) from the Championship to League One?

    If CFL continue to be this poor will Torres force a move and where would he move? He’s insinuated that he won’t stay in the EPL

    1. Agreed, Mark. I imagine this will be an ever-growing topic on the show, going forward. I’ve made my thoughts known. Hodgson needs to be judged for his inability to get these players motivated, confident, and performing.

  4. Nigel de Jong commits another horror tackle, this time breaking Hatem Ben Arfa’s leg. This follows the kung-fu tackle on Xabi Alonso in the WC Final, and the breaking of Stuart Holden’s leg back in March. Football is a physical contact sport yes, but at some point should the FA or even FIFA be intervening when players begin to rack up a series of these injury-causing tackles?

  5. is it me or do arsenal really need to invest in a top quality DM like Mascherano or dare I say it Nigel de Jong.
    Song just isnt up to scratch

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