Poll: Will Arsenal Or Chelsea Win On Sunday?

Football - Arsenal v Chelsea FA Cup Semi Final - Wembley Stadium - 18/4/09..Arsenal's Kolo Toure and Chelsea's Didier Drogba in action Photo via Newscom

Arsenal’s record against Chelsea last season was miserable. In the first match in November 2009, they were completely outplayed to such an extent that it really showed the gap in talent between both clubs. Chelsea won that match 3-0 at the Emirates. Then in February, Arsenal’s hopes were dashed again when Drogba stormed to an early lead against the Gunners at Stamford Bridge in a game that ended two-nil to the Blues.

Such was the way that Chelsea outplayed Arsenal that the game last November was over in the 45th minute when Thomas Vermaelen’s own goal made it 2-0 to Chelsea. Drogba’s late goal sealed the easy victory. And when the teams played in March, you could argue the game was put out of Arsenal’s reach by the 23rd minute when Drogba scored the second of the match.

A lot has changed since last season, but does Arsenal have what it takes to mount a serious challenge against Carlo Ancelotti’s men? And if they don’t, what minute do you predict Chelsea will put the game out of Arsenal’s reach? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “Poll: Will Arsenal Or Chelsea Win On Sunday?”

  1. While Chelsea’s overall team may not be as strong as it was last year due to the departure of some first team players (Carvalho, ballack, joe cole), I’m sure Chelsea will win because without Fabregas, Arsenal is barely a top 4 side. As evidenced in the 2-3 loss at home to WBA, the side lacks creativity and coupled with many injured players (Fabregas, RVP, Bendtner), Arsenal will lose this match. While nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to the “big 4″matchups (big 5? Man City 1 Chelsea 0), I think Chelsea will dominate mid field and with Almunia having some less then stellar performances this season, should be able to score 2 or 3 at home at the Bridge.

  2. I see little to trouble Chelsea in this game. Arsenal play five-a-side football on a full-size pitch. It looks pretty, as five-a-side often does, but it all happens in small segments of the pitch. Meanwhile, Chelsea use the whole pitch creatively and I expect them to trounce Arsenal by three clear goals.

  3. arsenal are my fav club but without fabregas and the rest of the guys that are out i just don’t see them having a great chance unless they score an early goal and chelsea make some costly errors,it helps our chances that lampard is out though

    i hope im wrong!!

    1. I know this is sacrilegious, but I don’t think the absence of Lampard is all that important. The team seems to function fine without him…..or Terry.

      I think Chelsea are slowly moving into a new phase….which may not be really great news for their rivals.

  4. To begin with,Arsenal is poorly handicapped without Cesc,RVP,VT and calamity goalie,it does not take much to guestimate the eventual outcome,no brainer to have a discussion. But the game may be much tighter than expected should Arsene really rally the team to have a breakneck tempo for 90 mins and Song pays attention to Drogba in earnest.

  5. guys where is the optimism? we all know half the battle is lost if we go into it thinking we will lose. Have faith, in Wenger we trust.

    1. listen jose,arsenal are my team as i said,we have too many major players out,if we win it is all luck,im just being honest with you,i mean heck if we had theo,bedtner it’d be great,but we have way too many guys out ,i hope arsenal attack early and put pressure on chelsea..im also glad we’re in this situation very early in the season

  6. I’m a Gooner, and I’m dreading this Sunday. The style that we play allows for goals at the back since our strengths lie in offence. However, the only person who seems to breathe life into this offense is C-Fab, while the only one who’s brought any flair up-front is RVP. Nasri can be brilliant or completely ineffective, Rosicky is far too inconsistent and has been very mediocre in possession this season, same for Diaby. Song will be working overtime and will get cautioned very early, rendering him ineffective. This leaves Wilshere, Arshavin (super inconsistent) and Chamakh as the wildcards. Against a weaker team, I’d have put money on Arsenal still. Against a supremely fit, effective, and pacy Chelsea… na’aa! Chelsea even showed that they can shut down C-Fab last season! AA and JW are the true wildcards that can pull something out of nothing. If Sam Nasri is contained early on, there isn’t much hope for his form either.
    Squil. and Koscielny lack the muscle to keep DD, Essien, etc. at bay. Sagna and Clichy will be working overtime too. Fabianski might get outplayed by Malouda’s/Cole’s crosses.

    I’ll take a draw, by God I will! But I think Arsenal will fall prey to its usual weakness of getting to the attacking third, then running out of ideas.

    Btw, Wenger will introduce C-Fab in the second half, with about 20 minutes to go… you know it.

  7. Guys i think u’re forgetting the contributions wilshere has had this season.He’s played brilliantly in the absence of Fabregas.If he was in the starting line up against westbrom we wouldn’t have lost.How many assists does he have already?I don’t think creativity is going to be a problem if they just believe in themselves and try to win as a team.Chelsea used to be afraid of arsenal.They lost that respect when they let themselves get bullied.I remember a smirk on Mikel’s face after he shoved clichy into the dirt.What did he do he frowned.Why not put a ball between mikel’s legs and make him look like and idiot,then exchange smirks with team mates.They should bully chelsea with football.Establish a name for this group of players.

  8. Arsenal are gonna start with Arshavin bursting on the left goin for glory-(missing)…….Rosiscky is gonna make that last overdone pass thats gonna give Chelsea the ball after sum beatiful passes made by Nasri,Wilshere/Diaby……..After dominating for half our,after an Arsenal corner,Czech takes the ball,passes it to Drogba-he swats Koscienly thinking he is a fly……AND………Chelsea score on the counter…..”As usual,Arsenal play the football,Chelsea get the goals!!”…….same old story…..However,an Arsenal win is still possible,if we can strike the right balance between adequate passing,attack,defence nd that Fabianski proving he is Fab,not Flappy………Come on Gunners……..

  9. All Arsenal nid 2 do is just choke the midfield(5mf)and police mark DD.Alex is nt as pacy as Arshavin neither is Terry as Nasri or Rosicky..we should try 2 use our pointman(chamakh)by dwnloadin as many balls as psble in the box and ths cld brng trble 2 the lykes of Terry..am beting a 2-1 win of Arsenal.

  10. Draw is more likely especially if arsenal keep playing well like we have seen lately. I hope I am wrong and the blues wiiiiiiiiiiiin!

    GO CHELSEA!!!!!

  11. Arsenal missing a the whole core of their team. Fabregas, Vermaelen and Van Persie are the spine of the Arsenal team and without them Arsenal will have a tough time. I still think Arsenal will have more of the possession but Chelsea will take their chances.

  12. Chelsea is a better team and much more able to handle some rough play

    Arsenal has no keeper, has little defense, and is full of light-feeted players who can’t handle a rough game

  13. Chelsea is a tough team I can’t deny. But I’m with the gunners so I might predict an open game and many goals, or maybe 2-2.


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