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Major League Soccer Weekend Review: MLS Talk Podcast

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Los Angeles has reclaimed their sole place atop the top of Major League Soccer after their 3-1 victory Saturday over the Columbus Crew, a match that featured the return of David Beckham. Elsewhere, New York got a 3-1 victory over visiting Colorado while Dallas was unable to get more than a 0-0 draw at San Jose. To talk about those matches and the rest of the weekend’s results, I am joined by co-host Christopher Riordan for this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast.

Programming note: MLS Talk will have two interview shows this week. On Wednesday, Fox Soccer International’s Dermot McQuarrie will be joining us to talk about the current state of soccer programming on Fox. On Thursday, host of Soccer Talk Live Kyle Martino will be featured in an interview recorded last week.

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3 Responses to Major League Soccer Weekend Review: MLS Talk Podcast

  1. Chris Webb says:

    Question for Dermot McQuarrie – what on Earth possessed him to put a show like “Soccer Talk Live” on the air. That show is abysmal, embarrassing and has a cable access feel to it. I can’t believe this was rubber stamped to go on the air.

    I think Kyle Martino is a good personality and I enjoy his color commentary very much, but boy did he sign a deal with the devil or something to have this anchor around his neck?

    Temryss Lane, nice to look at, but so man she’s a dead fish on the air. Not the right vehicle for her.

  2. Mike R says:

    Guys, I like your podcast, but the NFL lead-in was quite irritating. I got that it was done as a humorous aside, but please don’t do it again. There are about 10,000 places to get commentary about that league.

  3. Chris Riordan says:


    I knew it would irritate some people … still had to do it. But trust me, we won’t be talking any more NFL.

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