How much Serie A clubs spend on youth

La Gazzetta dello Sport has released some very interesting information regarding how much Serie A clubs spend on their youth academies, not only has it released the amount of money in the youth budget, but it has also released the number of youth teams and scouts that teams have. All of this is pertaining to the youth system which isn’t producing very much, and while there is a good generation which might come in a couple of years time (Balotelli,  Macheda, and a few others), and another promising one at under-19 level, there isn’t as much as other countries like Germany, Spain, and Brazil.

Here are some of the more interesting statistics:

  • Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Juventus all have a budget of 5 million Euros which is used in their youth departments.
  • Roma only have a budget of 1 million, and they’re doubled by Catania, Brescia, Lecce, Genoa, and Parma who all respectively have 2 million.
  • The team that has the smallest budget in the Serie A is Napoli, only 300,000 Euros in the budget.
  • Brescia have the highest amount of youth scouts at 40, and they’re followed by Cesena (35), and AC Milan (30).
  • The team with the fewest youth scouts is Palermo, with only two.
  • Juventus have the highest amount of youth teams with 17, while AC Milan, Inter Milan, Fiorentina, and Brescia all follow with 11.

These are just a few interesting statistics, and you’ll notice that newly-promoted Brescia is investing a lot in their youth academy with more youth scouts than any other team. It will be interesting to see if teams which have invested more will prosper this season, and teams that have invested less will fall behind. Share your thoughts below by commenting!


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