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Who Will You Support in this World Cup Now that the USA Are Out?

 Who Will You Support in this World Cup Now that the USA Are Out?

No matter what country you support, the pain of losing in a World Cup is a bitter pill to swallow. After a frustrating performance by the United States against Ghana, the United States men’s national team will be returning home shortly after a successful tournament. The team and fans can keep their head held high.

Next up is England and their game tomorrow against Germany. As each game ends in the next few days, a powerful team will get knocked out.

But as much as some United States soccer fans may want to disassociate themselves with the rest of the World Cup, this is now their opportunity to sit back and watch games for the pure pleasure of it. Watching your country play can be a difficult experience. But when it’s a country that you have no connection with, it’s easier to sit back, relax and take in some of the best soccer that the world has to offer.

The other opportunity it presents us is that we have an opportunity now to support another country other than our own. What about you? Which country will you support between now and the end of the World Cup in the hopes that they do well?

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35 Responses to Who Will You Support in this World Cup Now that the USA Are Out?

  1. Emanuel says:

    Anyone playing Ghana sighhhhh

  2. John says:

    Team USA are out. Now I’m rooting ENGLAND

  3. Dave says:

    What team am I supporting now? That’s easy. My fantasy team. I’m leading my league right now, and I intend to keep it that way.

  4. That’s a tough one, let me have a think about it.

  5. dlink09 says:

    Brazil, Spain & Germany

  6. JW says:

    How can I support England if they are the U.S.’s bitterest rivals??? (according to John Harkes haha).

    I now go for anyone who plays open, attacking football (ala Argentina). I don’t really feel a need to “root” for a team per se, it just will depend on how the matches unfold.

  7. MarylandBill says:

    Well, since my wife is half Slovakian, I kind of feel I have to root for them (And that is who I voted for). Of the real contenders, I am rooting for the Netherlands… I think they have the best chance of the teams that have never won a World Cup.

  8. Jay says:

    For me the order hasn’t changed, it was always Germany first, USA second. If Germany goes out, I’ll just want entertaining games.

  9. shane says:

    feel sorry for the usa players however hearing some of the shit thats come out of the usa fans its hard for me not to be glad there out

  10. Annamaria says:

    Now that the USA is out I will be supporting all the underdog nations. So I’ll be rooting for Mexico tomorrow, Slovakia and Chile on Monday. Would love to see Ghana win the World Cup but I’m not sure if they can do it. I’ll be rooting for all the underdogs anyway.

    Now that the USA is out, any chance we won’t have to listen to John Harkes any more? I want to just enjoy the games.

  11. UpTheBlues says:

    I wasn’t cheering for the USA anyway…

    So it’s still Oranje all the way :) Hup Holland Hup!

  12. CR7 says:

    If I’m a US fan, why would I root for anyone else?

    Brazil/England/Germany/Italy fans wouldn’t root for anyone else.

    They’ll watch for quality players, that’s it.

  13. Jose says:

    I’ll be rooting for Mexico, England and/or the minnows.

  14. Matt D says:

    Yeah I’ve got to agree on the “bitter pill to swallow” terminology. I can’t sit down for any US match and it usually involves loud cursing that doesn’t make my wife too happy. Today sucked especially to see the US play so poorly. Let’s face it, fans of 31 other teams have this feeling every 4 years so US fans aren’t alone.
    But to answer the question I’ll be rooting for Brazil because I lived there for 2 years, fell in love with the country (and my Brazilian wife), learned the language, and go back annually to see wonder friends and family. Brazil comes in a close 2nd for me and because of my ties I’m also obligated to root against Argentina at every possible moment >:) Let’s see if they meet in the final!

    • MarylandBill says:

      I like Brazil…. but I think its time for another team to have the World Cup. If the same old same-olds keep winning it (And lets face it, in World Cup, Brazil is the ultimate same old-same old) I think it will be bad for the sport in the long run.

  15. Evan says:

    Holland, as I did in Euro 2008. I don’t know why but I just love Holland.

  16. Pablo says:

    I feel horrible. Bradley lost the game when he announced the team’s line up. Bad, bad decisions. If you are a manager you are supposed to manage, and have a plan A, B and C. Evidently he didn’t. That substitution at the 30th minute was the most amateurish thing I’ve seen in a long time at this level. Bradley should go and never, ever come close to US soccer. A wasted opportunity and a very sad day.
    I am going for Argentina now.

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      I take it you didn’t watch the England US match, or if you did you didn’t notice Milner being subbed around the half hour mark?

      By the way does Bob Bradley have some sort of medical condition that makes him spit every time a camera is on him? I’d hate to attend his press conferences.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m cheering for the small countries. Uruguay, Slovakia, Paraguay are all under 10 million people in terms of population. Root for the underdogs!

  18. jdizzle2012 says:

    Now that the US are out, i will support Spain because of my heritage. Mostly i will support them because they have three Basques on the team.(X. Alonso, J. Martinez, and F. Llorente) Viva los Vasquos. It was nice to see the young Javi Martinez get a run out against Chile.

  19. Chelsea Fan says:

    Well, im Spanish America, so now i guess i have to support my parents nation.

  20. Gaz Hunt says:

    I’ll be dishing out reminders to anyone that talked nonsense about the US being stronger than England. Don’t you dare jump on the bandwagon now. You don’t support your “rival” when you get kicked out. :)

    • Brett says:

      Oh I don’t know about that.

      It makes sense for Americans to support England against Germany at least.

    • Simon Burke says:

      Absolutely, lets see how long this fake rivalry lasts when a bunch of them come crawling back.
      If England get beat I’ll be looking for Holland to go on, not the Germans. THats how its supposed to work.

  21. The Gaffer says:

    Just a reminder to everyone who lives in South Florida that I’ll be giving away an England jersey autographed by John Terry and a FLO TV and an England World Cup poster (from ESPN) during today’s England v Germany game at Wowies in Boca Raton.

    The Gaffer

  22. Matt says:

    Whatever teams that will mean Alexi Lalas isnt seen on ESPN’s coverage for the rest of the cup, or preferably ever again.

  23. Jim says:

    I’m supporting no country after the USA was knocked out yesterday. Like the way the Germans and Mexicans have a combination of youth and experience. Also like the three South American countries, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Lets have some good matches with the remaining teams. Oh, and I hope Portugal and Spain are knocked out in turn.

  24. Eious says:

    Nobody really takes the cake for me but I will be rooting for Holland now. No reason really other than I like their speed and formations

  25. Whitey says:

    I’ve always followed the Orange blood of my ancestors so now all my heart goes to Holland. I didn’t see much hope for the US against Uruguay if they were to advance past Ghana but the first 15 of that match was enough to show me that they were not going to win. If the US does not ‘out work’ their opponent, they rarely have a shot and they certainly looked like a tired side when there was one or two touches and then a prayer launched down the field.

    On the plus side I’m fully prepared for the Dutch to get their share of disallowed goals as is usual for them after watching the US and England get hosed.

  26. Jeff says:

    since my predictions are way off at this point, i’ll just watch the whole tournament as a neutral.

  27. lola says:

    i’m rooting for USA and only USA there’s no OTHER, I <3 USA why should i support the other country?
    For the USA fans keep rooting for it
    Show us our support and our loyality
    make USA proud

  28. lola says:

    Happy 4th of july

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