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Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures

 Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures

The most hated man in America today is referee Koman Coulibaly who denied the US a certain goal which would have been the game winner against Slovenia. However, Coulibaly, a referee from Mali, called for a foul. It was one of those phantom decisions that bewildered everyone watching the game and is one of the reasons why FIFA needs to consider helping referees with the aid of TV replays. The debate will rage on. But in the meantime, here are some pictures of Koman Coulibaly and the controversial decision:  Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures

 Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures  Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures

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0 Responses to Koman Coulibaly Denies US Win Against Slovenia: In Pictures

  1. John says:

    People are just so cruel…. they want Mr. Koman Coulibaly fired from his job just because he made couple of mistakes????

    How many times you made mistakes in life and God didn’t get rid of you? how many mistakes you made from your job and you still didn’t get fired?

    You can’t expect referees to get fired just because they make a mistake, there is no need to be harsh on Mr. Koman Coulibaly, he just made couple of mistakes, many other referees made mistakes during the world cup and they will continue to do so… happens all the times in Baseball, Basketball, NFL, etc…..that is why we need replay.

    There is no need to be so racist and judge the guy because he is black and he is from a small poor country called Mali, I am pretty sure FIFA wouldn’t have selected him if he was not competent enough to be there.

    When you are near the goal line, soccer tends to be a real fast paste game, a lot is happening and it is very easy to make these kind of mistakes, if you were to fire referees for these kind of mistakes, you would end up firing all of them by the end of the world cup because they all make mistakes.

    As Paul Kennedy said in his article “Thank you, Koman Coulibaly”, there is a positive to Koman Coulibaly’s blown call that cost the USA a win over Slovenia. He accomplished what no one else could in more than 100 years. He made Americans care passionately about soccer….

  2. Deb says:

    With all of today’s technology there is no reason for NOT having instant replay for ALL teams, refs and fans to see and THAN make the calls. It matters not what “small” country ANYONE is from. Get with the age of technology and then NO ONE can call a decision unfair or wrong.

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