Robert Green and England: If Only Things Had Been So Different: Video

What if? What if Robert Green had spilled that shot from Clint Dempsey in the World Cup, but then he managed to grab it before it crossed over the line.

Watch this video to see what could have happened if things were different. It’s a handy piece of revisionism that England fans would much prefer to watch than what actually happened.

20 thoughts on “Robert Green and England: If Only Things Had Been So Different: Video”

  1. If that shocker means that Joe Hart comes in for the rest of the World Cup it might just be worth it. Hart will be England keeper for years to come so we might as well get him in now. It’s clear that James and Green aren’t good enough and in my opinion have never been good enough. Give the kid a go, he deserves it after the season he has had with brum

    1. No Joke, was absolutely SHOCKED when I saw Green in goal, But yes, may just help England by forcing Green out and bringing in the vastly superior (on current form at least) Hart

      1. And Sennah scores that point blank header in the 89th.

        I was twelve when I saw it live and I still can’t really appreciate Torsten Frings’ skill to this day.

  2. If only…

    …my aunt had balls. Then she’d be my uncle!

    Are people really that worked up about this? I wish my life was that carefree.

    1. Call me crazy, but will this goal really be a big deal if England wins the group. What possible difference does it make if you capture the group with 9 points or 7?

      1. It’s not the goal as much as it is the problem with the goalkeepers.

        If you are in Englands position how do you decide who to put into the net? It’s been a nagging achilles heel for a while now but a lot of people thought the fears had been allayed. Those fears came back to haunt the fans in a big big way during the very first game.

        Englands World Cup will be decided on how far they get, little spats along the way are irrelevant but that goalie situation is not going to go away.

  3. As much as I cant stand baseball, this is a fundamental (getting front of the ball with your body) that American kids learn on Day 1.

    Maybe it isnt such a bad thing that the US youngsters play a bunch of sports instead of being thrusted into a soccer-only type of setting like in England.

    I’m just sayin’

    1. Ugh…the old myth again. You DO know that England (and most other countries) are NOT “socccer-only” environments, right?
      And I suppose you think the US would be the best soccer team in the world “if only it’s best athletes all played soccer”…

      1. Simple Answer….Yes.

        Name a single sport that the US hasnt been dominant in when the best athletes in the country play it and the country is willing to develop it?

        Get back to me…

  4. blaming green for loss is hilarious from English fans and media.. you guys had more than 45 minutes to score another goal.. great teams prevail under pressure, until england performs in these kind of situations they will never win big ones.. :)
    GO USA!!!!

    1. England fans are a lot like Cub fans. The team is rarely ever that good, but the PR machine pumps expectations sky high. Every little nuance is analyzed to death, every little mistake is blown completely out of proportion. Every decision on the pitch and from the bench is Mondy-morning-quarterbacked to death. “If only this had happened. If only that hadn’t happened.”

      Ultimately, you have a mediocre team generating mediocre results. Great teams step up and get it done. Less-than-great teams don’t. There are no excuses.

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