World Cup Poll: Should England Pick David James or Joe Hart?

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Robert Green’s blunder for England against the United States means that England coach Fabio Capello now faces the decision of whether to pick David James or Joe Hart for England’s next game, against Algeria on Friday.

But if you were Capello, who would you pick? David James has his strengths and weaknesses, but Joe Hart is unproven at the highest international level in terms of the world’s stage.

Vote in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “World Cup Poll: Should England Pick David James or Joe Hart?”

  1. You stick with Robert Green. James has his injury problems, Hart untested. Green has the right sort of character to bounce back as we saw in the second half.

    1. i want to agree. The only problem is that there was zero reason for the flub. he didnt look nervous or uncomposed. it was just a terrible flub. As a former keeper i get that we all make mistakes but no second chance for this once.

      The start goes to Hart.

  2. Stick with Green, he now has something to prove and has his blunder behind him. Hart is a great back up and James an emergency only keeper at this stage of his career. You pull Green, he’s done for the cup, might as well put him on a plane.

    Green will make all the back pages, but what about Rooney gone missing. Lampard with a crap game. Heskey can’t dump a sitter. The wingers held. The back line with no pace. and a manager with no real tactics.

    Blame Green cause you can point to it and re watch it. But the big picture is that the Keeper is not why they didn’t win.

    1. patrick…Hard to argue against any of the points you made. Apart from Gerrard’s goal, there was a real lack of quick, direct play on the ground through the middle. Poor quality crosses from the wings. Rooney’s touch just not there and as for Heskey…no comment! I think Joe Cole and Peter Crouch would have done a better job than James Milner and Emile Heskey.

      The team may be group of talented individuals but working as a unit, not sure at all having viewed this objectively.

      As they say..”Performance or excuses”

  3. I don’t know how this was even a tricky decision. Calamity James?? Do you want to be exposed on every single set piece?? and well we just saw what Rob Green can do in front of the world audience… I do feel quite bad for him tho. Would not wish that on anyone, well almost anyone.

    Joe Hart needs to be the starting goalkeeper. Most talented. Most confident. In the best form. Who gives a s*** about his age. It doesn’t matter. Mexico is doing the same damn thing by not starting Ochoa and I dont understand how all of these football minds cannot properly evaluate goalkeeping!!!! If England and Mexico stick with their old, deteriorating keepers they will both come to pay in the knockout round, if not sooner!

  4. “Stick with Green, he now has something to prove and has his blunder behind him.”

    I would love to have what you’re smoking Patrick. This is the bloody World Cup not a flippin try out session. As a former keeper, I will defend my brethren to the hill but: The ball wasn’t swerving, there was no bobble, that was a routine school boy save and Green &^%$# it up. If James is fit, he should start – period.

  5. When you say david james,i see flashes of that blunder against chelsea when he completely kicked the ball miss

  6. James would be the obvious choice but he is injured they have to play him very sparingly. Joe Hart may be the best of the three but hes very green.

  7. Wtf Joe Hart by miles the best of the 3 hes like 23-24 now thats old enough hes experienced for england with the U21s so put him in James is a championship keeper and green is a nervous wreak now

  8. I dont understand why people keep calling joe hart ‘untested’. As a Birmingham city fan i have watched him make some of the 2009-2010 premierships best saves against the best teams. He should start for England no-question, he is the reason birmingham went 14 or so games without losing. I would be suprised if Green started again in this tournament and James is known as ‘Calamity James’ for a reason…

  9. Hi

    I don’t really understand how some people argue here.
    Whats the problem with Hart, if hes good enough hes good enough!!
    Rooney played in euros 2004 ….

    Manuel Neuer plays for Germany in Goals!!! hes also just 23 or so…

    JOE HART FOR NR.1 hehe

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