Simon Cowell's Unofficial England World Cup Song: Video

Simon Cowell’s unofficial England World Cup song debuted last night on Britain’s Got Talent TV show. The song features Dizzee Rascal rapping and actor/comedian James Corden singing the chorus, as they’re both accompanied by flag waving England supporters onstage.

The song features a chorus from the Tears For Fears classic song, “Shout.”

During Dizzee Rascal’s part, he raps “Come on England, we need to sort it out… Leave the Wags alone, set aside your ego, We’re tired of bragging about 40-odd years ago.”

Royalties from the song, available for download on Wednesday, go to Great Ormond Street, which is a children’s hospital.

23 thoughts on “Simon Cowell's Unofficial England World Cup Song: Video”

      1. I know where he comes from you tool but it doesn’t mean he can speak english. You maybe able to understand that stupid london slum accent but i can’t. And yes i do live in England
        If this is the kind of sorry arse role models we’re producing then god help us. London needs a f**cking bomb dropping on it. The place is a shit hole full of non english people.

        1. Saying we should bomb London because of the accents is absolutely ridiculous, that’s just taking racism to another level. It’s the kind of thing that you would say if you were some stuck-up, posh, Conservative snob who went to a private school, but taking into account your appalling grammar, I imagine you’re probably just some pretentious prat with a grudge against anyone who doesn’t share your opinion, colour, language or way of speaking.

          You probably don’t like the song because it features someone who starred in a comedy with Welsh people, who yes, do have accents.

  1. I always get a kick when people use “rap” and “song” in the same sentence. Singers – “sing”. Those who can’t sing – “rap”.

    Crap indeed.

  2. Par for the course really.

    Is it too late to nominate Rage’s Bombtrack as an alternative. I can actually see the likes of Rooney turning up to sing on that one.

  3. A loser just like the England team! btw, Baseball caps are purely an American invention.

    Fear Uncle Sams Men! Beat England!

  4. There’s not much of hook relative to England, this could’ve been a song about anything, Dizzee looks rather smart in his England kit though

    1. Yeah, cos that’s not relative to England is it?
      – Come on England
      – We’re tired of bragging about 40 odd years ago,
      – 1966 Bobby Moore and that Geoff Hurst put it to the turf – we applauded that,
      – We need Rooney iin tip top condition
      – Rio Ferdinand nobody can !@$% With him
      – Steven Gerrard with the shot,
      – It’s in the net for England,
      – I’m talking to you – come on [England… England… England… England… ]

      Hmmm, I see your point, there’s absolutely nothing relative to England in there, is there?!

  5. Personally I love it, think it’s one of the best football songs for a long time, The FA have ballsed up since 1996, using “pop groups” and indie chancers to perform official anthems that don’t appeal to anyone. Spcie Girls, Embrace, Ant and Dec. Dear god.
    Lyrically, I think Dizzee’s rap is spot on. Number One for the next five weeks in the UK, very probably.
    As for the claim Dizzee can’t speak English, I think that’s a disgraceful slur. Good to see so many narrow minded comments about it.

  6. Simon Cowell is at it again, this time its an England song with Dizzee Rascal and James Corden, with the money going to charity, he is developing a monopoly on the UK charts and it must stop. How will the undiscovered artist ever get heard if he continues this?.
    As for the sale proceeds going to charity, what about the PRS money that they receive for airplay on all the radio stations and tv, which can be as much as £45 each time its played on BBC Radio 1, someone is making money from it for sure.

    So I say support the little man!

    The Bogus MC’s have wrote an England song called “A Message to You, Rooney”

    It’s released Friday the 11th of June 2010 on iTunes and Amazon.
    Fans can txt TRACK ROONEY to 80818 to receive the track on their PC.

    Or alternatively,

    Fans can txt TRACK ROONEY m to 80818 to receive the track directly to their phone

    Lets get this to the number 1 spot for England!

  7. For those of you who prefer singing to rapping:
    The youtube vid is here
    The relevant, anthemic, inspirational, topical, and poetic words are listed below:
    “We still believe that we can win”

    So now the time’s already here
    We live in hope and not in fear
    To win or lose, to leave or stay
    Will be decided on this day

    Now we must dare to wish for more
    As we have got this open door
    The biggest game, the joy it brings
    To show the world we can be kings

    We still believe that we can win
    Even to doubt this is a sin
    Already been there we can believe
    That we are about to
    Win again

    Now let the game of games begin
    And in our team the strength to win
    Will earn us all the right to be
    Remembered in our history

    And we will prove we are the best
    When we have beaten all the rest
    Because we’ve got this will to win
    That says this time our luck is in

    We still believe that we can win
    Even to doubt this is a sin
    Already been there we can believe
    That we are about to
    Win again!
    Stepan Pasicznyk aka “Ludwig”, © 2010.
    Former accordionist and co-writer for original 1990’s line up of Wedding Present Spin off “The Ukrainians”

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