World Cup Group A Preview: World Cup Buzz Podcast

South Africa as the seeded nation in Group A has created the most evenly-matched group in the tournament, with the Bafana Bafana’s home pitch advantage helping to mitigate the talent gap between them and their other group mates: France, Mexico and Uruguay. On this edition of the World Cup Buzz podcast, Laurence McKenna, Kartik Krishnaiyer and myself preview the group that starts play on June 11, detailing each time and going match-by-match to determine which teams should advance to the second round.

On tomorrow’s podcast, we look at the defending world champions, Italy, and Group F, which includes New Zealand, Paraguay, and Slovakia.

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  1. With all due respect, I have a feeling that Kartik generally over-estimates the value of CONCACAF qualification, and the quality of the CONCACAF nations. I think that regardless of their struggles to qualify, France and Uruguay have quality squads and they could pull it together at the World Cup. Euro and Conmebol qualifiers are far more taxing and, in any case, historically qualifiers are not a good indication of whether a team will perform at the World Cup.

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