England Name Final 23-Man World Cup Squad

Sports News - May 30, 2010

The Football Association (FA) has just announced the final England 23-man squad for the World Cup. They are:

  1. David James
  2. Joe Hart
  3. Robert Green
  4. John Terry
  5. Jamie Carragher
  6. Glen Johnson
  7. Rio Ferdinand
  8. Ashley Cole
  9. Stephen Warnock
  10. Matthew Upson
  11. Ledley King
  12. Joe Cole
  13. Gareth Barry
  14. Aaron Lennon
  15. Shaun Wright-Phillips
  16. James Milner
  17. Steven Gerrard
  18. Frank Lampard
  19. Michael Carrick
  20. Emile Heskey
  21. Peter Crouch
  22. Wayne Rooney
  23. Jermain Defoe

So the big news is that there’s no room for Theo Walcott (replaced by Joe Cole). There is also no room for Darren Bent, Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone, Scott Parker and others.

After a lot of suspense, there are no big surprises to me in the squad. The 23 is the best team that England has and I completely agree with Fabio’s decision to select Joe Cole instead of Walcott. The Arsenal winger is fast but is completely ineffective with his final ball.

What are your thoughts regarding Capello’s selection?

35 thoughts on “England Name Final 23-Man World Cup Squad”

  1. I probably would have gone with A.Johnson instead of Milner but that would be my only difference, I’m glad he’s left Walcott out as he has pace but no final product.

    1. whyy leave milner out, he’s better than adam johnson… he got young player of the year for the whole world. come on!! he’s one of the best players villa have got, and villa are close to manchester city.Is adam johnson a key manchester city player?? no. by the way i’m not a villa supporter. I’m just saying that he is a better player and a grafter for england. I agree what you sayy about walcott thoughh!!

    2. I agree your saying , Adam Johnson is an excellent player in Man City. And he make many goles for others. If I am Capello I chose him and make him as a first line-up.

  2. Not the squad I would have selected (see blog linked above – 7 players Fabio Capello Should Drop From England’s World Cup Squad).

    However I can see the argument for Heskey to play a big part in England’s World Cup and am sure he will do well. As for Walcott, I suppose he has not really proved himself this season and the other inclusion decisions were about squad players and not the final starting XI we are likely to see on June 12th.

    Generally happy with the squad, just a shame it took so much messing about to name it today.

    I am now starting to get very excited about the World Cup, cannot wait for the opening game versus the U.S.A.

    1. Not necessarily.

      Neither seems likely to start and SWP may provide something different off the bench. Similar to why Heskey was chosen over Bent: Given a straight choice between the two, Bent might have been selected, but Bent is similar to other options at that position, while Heskey provides something different.

  3. Why Heskey over Bent? Can someone explain this to me? After a stellar EPL season like that from Bent, I’m just curious.

    1. I think he likes Heskey over Bent because he feels Heskey does more for the team and for Rooney, Bent does little for the team. Plus bent takes pen’s so not all the goals he has scored are his own making.
      Bent is more of a main striker rather than someone who will create chances for others and Rooney is first pick for the main strikers job with Defoe second pick.

      1. Yeah — Bent might have been selected in a straight choice between the two strikers, but England already has Rooney and Defoe as goal scorers. Heskey provides something different.

  4. @ Jables

    As was explained a few times on here before, in the articles as well as comments, Heskey simply makes players around him better & England has a great record when he plays. Yes, he might not score a lot himself, but he does a lot of unselfish work for the team resulting in others around him being much more effective.

    Glad to see Joe Cole going over Walcott. A true footballer taken over a sprinter.

    Also, happy to see SWP in the squad. He has every bit of speed that Walcott possesses, but on top of that also has a good footballing brain. One of my favorite players to watch, in fact. Not sure why Mancini didn’t fancy him after he took over at Man City.

    I would also have taken Bent over one of the defenders. Not sure England really needs 8 of them.

  5. I don’t understand why Capello would take eight defenders (four or even five centre-backs!) and only four strikers. In the clutch, one nil down, you don’t bring on another center back. Wouldn’t having fresh legs in an attacking position be a better option, eg. an A Johnson, or even a Walcott? Someone who can upset the defensive rhythm of the opponent. Or if Rooney is injured and Dafoe has run himself wragged, D Bent might be very nice to have on board alongside Heskey or Crouch. Practically 50% of the squad is a goalkeeper or defender. Can anyone explain?

    1. It makes sense to me. You want to have a glut of options in defense so that you have some choice. At this level of competition, no matter how great your offensive options are, if your defense is injured or tired, you will not win the cup. Especially at altitude, you want to be sure that you don’t wear out your defense before you even reach the final. I think we will see that the altitude will play a huge role in tiring out defensive players before offensive players. Keeping the defense fresh is the only way to advance to the later stages of the tournament.

      1. You’ve also got to consider suspensions. There’s never great certainty over how referees are going to behave and, Rooney apart, you’re more likely to pick up bookings in your back four than up front. Having extra defensive cover at every spot makes sense to me.

      2. Thanks Nathan. Seems to me though that successful well organised defences need some consistency. I remember some post after the Japan friendly that Terry and Ferdinand seemed to be complete strangers. That’s not going to improve with constant rotation. Agree altitude may play a part.

        1. I would agree with that, but if you are going to choose between fitness or consistency, I would choose fitness and trust that my world class players will figure each other out. I’d think that even the most understanding central defenders will get run ragged by world class offensive players if their lungs are burning for oxygen, especially toward the end of a match if one or two of the offensive players are fresh off the bench.

  6. not the squad i would have picked, i think its the fa that pick the squad not capello he’s just a puppet. i wud have picked downing and ashley young instead of swp and walcott and put zamora or bent in the squad instead of heskey, which heskeys inclusion shows something aint right with the team selections that are goin on.

  7. The fact that Heskey made the squad Darren Bent baffles me! Bent knocked in 24 goals league goals this season for an average Sunderland side. Heskey has been flip-flopping like a fish out of water at Villa since he arrived and last season he managed to score 3 league goals.
    I’d say he is there on merit but he’s never been that impressive for England, he gets injured a lot and is 32 years old, he probably won’t even play! Shocking selection! Yet another reason I won’t be cheering on the (so-called) Three Lions in South Africa…

  8. I dont think heskey is good enough for the world cup eney more he use to be but he’s to old. I think zamora should be in the team fabio Capello didnt give him a chance to prove is self. i bet if zamora played more games he would have a better record then Heskey. Heskey was only picked for his strength that why darron bent didnt get in.

  9. England World Cup Squad numbers have been confirmed as:
    1. Green
    2. Johnson
    3. A Cole
    4. Barry
    5. Ferdinand
    6. Terry
    7. J Cole
    8. Lampard
    9. Crouch
    10. Rooney
    11. Gerrard
    12. James
    13. Hart
    14. Carragher
    15. King
    16. Milner
    17. Carrick
    18. Heskey
    19. Lennon
    20. Upson
    21. Warnock
    22. Defoe
    23. Wright-Phillips

  10. Heskey’s inclusion was never in doubt, he simply makes Rooney play better at international level. Despite the concerns about his goal scoring record, Heskey is in the side not just for his goal ratio. He simply makes the team play better, acting as a fulcrum that the side work around.

    I do feel for Bent, no doubt his league record continues to push his claims, but Andy Cole, Ian Wright and Kevin Phillips were all as prolific but failed to make it as international strikers. I don’t feel that Bent has had a fair crack of the whip, but Capello has picked the squad and overall, I’m happy with it.

  11. My Personal selection
    Gk- Joe Hart, David James, Pual Robinson
    Def- Glen Johnson, Jamie Carragher, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ledley King, Ashley Cole, leighton Baines.
    Mid- Arron Lennon, Adam Johnson, James Milner, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Scott Parker, Gareth Barry, Joe Cole
    Str- Wayne Rooney, Jermaine Defoe, Peter Crouch, Bobby Zamora, Ashley Young

  12. My Personal selection
    Gk- Joe Hart, David James, Pual Robinson
    Def- Glen Johnson, Jamie Carragher, John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ledley King, Ashley Cole, leighton Baines.
    Mid- Arron Lennon, Adam Johnson, James Milner, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Scott Parker, Gareth Barry, Joe Cole
    Str- Wayne Rooney, Jermaine Defoe, Peter Crouch, Bobby Zamora, Ashley Young
    Ashley Young can play midfield and a striker

  13. So, if Heskey makes not only Rooney, but the whole team play better as well, we can assume he’ll start, right? It’s only logical.

    Outside of the USA I’m for England so I hope the faith in him is well placed. I just don’t see it.

  14. Don’t worry about Heskey, it looks like he’ll be back up anyway for crouch. If Fabio goes with the squad numbers this will be the team and the formation:


    Johnson Terry Ferdinand A. Cole


    J. Cole Lampard Gerrard

    Crouch Rooney

    Looks pretty good to me :)

      1. I don’t know – I still think it’ll be Heskey and Rooney to start in all the group stage games.

        Crouch is much more beneficial to come on the second half if we’re having trouble breaking down the defense and manages to confuse the hell out of the opposition (if nothing else).

        After the group stage, however, I think Crouch will begin to start.

        I think Defoe will get little to no playing time. Maybe if we are lucky enough to get up two goals in the group stage or manage to qualify before the last group game.

  15. Warnock will not play one game so that is a waste of a pick. Milner could fill in at left back in the event of an injury to Cashley. Walcott’s pace WILL be missed at some point in the tournament. Seems like safety first for Capello. Be prepared for Italian style boring 1-0 wins and the odd penalty shoot out if this squad is to go all the way.

    1. I’m a big fan of Warnock. Liverpool was silly to let him go, and he did well at Blackburn too. If given the opportunity for England, he’ll shine. He’s a fighter.

      The chances of him playing are slim unless Ashley Cole is injured. But I’d rather save Milner for midfield where he’s more dangerous than in defense — again, if he’s given the opportunity.

      The Gaffer

    2. I’ll take 1-0 wins all the way! :)

      I like Capello’s boring, pragmatic approach – it’s just what England need to balance out our typical keep pushing forward mentality.

  16. Can’t believe you are even talking about Baines…did you not see the Mexico game…aweful. Nerves may have played a part but not to make him forget simple one on one defending in the corner!

    Walcotts pace…we still have Lennon who is just as fast, and with a better final ball now should be starting…especially over Joe Cole if he is playing right midfield.

    As for the rest of them….quite happy with the squad selected with one exception and that would have been to include Parker. Someone who could add the bite if Barry does get a knock again.

    Good luck lads…we’re behind you all the way!!

  17. My World Cup Squad:
    1. Robert Green
    2. Glen Johnson
    6. John Terry
    5. Rio Ferdinand
    3. Ashely Cole
    20. Phil Jagielka
    4. Gareth Barry
    11. Steven Gerrard
    8. Frank Lampard
    10. Wayne Rooney
    18. Peter Crouch
    23. Joelon Lescott
    19. Micheal Carrick
    25. Jermain Defoe
    15. Ashely Young
    34. Paul Robinson
    29. Gabriel Agbonlahor
    21. Ben Foster
    16. Shaun Wright-Phillips
    12. David James
    9. Emile Heskey
    26. James Milner
    13. Matthew Upson

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