Obama Meets With US Men’s National Team World Cup Squad

Today marked a very proud moment in the life of the 23 men who will be representing the United States at the World Cup this summer. They and the coaching staff met with President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, as well as Vice President Joe Biden on the steps in front of the White House.

There the President and the players exchanged pleasantries and had their photograph taken. President Obama wished them the best of luck in South Africa.


0 thoughts on “Obama Meets With US Men’s National Team World Cup Squad”

  1. Short , simple, and to the point. Good job Mr. President.

    I hope we make it far enough that he feels the need to go to South Africa himself.

  2. i like the gaffers american side, nothing against the welsh side, go wales rugby & scarlets & ospreys & cardiff blues. and in soccer cardif and swansea.

  3. I think our national team should wear suits with the shield on the left breast pocket. these warm up suits look ridiculous and makes our team look sloppy with no discipline.

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