1972 League Cup Final, Chelsea v Stoke: Video Flashback

If you want to see how much soccer has changed and what a cup final was like in 1972, this classic video showing the first ten minutes of footage from the 1972 League Cup Final is a must-see.

The video looks like it’s straight out of The Damned United with the tracksuit jackets and how dated everything looks including the shaggy haircuts.

The result of the game was a massive upset with Stoke City winning 2-1 (imagine if that happened nowadays). The winning goal was scored by George Eastham.

One thought on “1972 League Cup Final, Chelsea v Stoke: Video Flashback”

  1. Pretty wrong to say it was a “massive upset”.
    Chelsea were slight favourites, but were a team on the wane, whilst Stoke were a team on the up; (That’s England’s finest goalkeeper Gordon Banks in goal) and they would go on to pilfer Alan Hudson from Chelsea the next season, as well as narrowly missing out on signing Osgood too (In his memoirs, Hudson states that he was shocked that Osgood didn’t sign with him, such was his belief in Tony Waddington’s vision for Stoke City)

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