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Arsenal Home Shirt for 2010-12 Season: Leaked Photo

arsenal 10 12 home nike football shirt leaked1 Arsenal Home Shirt for 2010 12 Season: Leaked Photo

A photograph has been leaked of Arsenal’s home shirt for the 2010-2012 season. Worn by Mikael Silvestre, the new shirt marks the 125th year anniversary of Arsenal Football Club and will be designed and manufactured by Nike.

Arsenal’s new home shirt for the 2010/2012 season will be a throwback to the shirt design worn by the 1971 double-winning team,

What do you think of the design? I think it’s a smart move by Nike and Arsenal because it takes a classic Arsenal design that every Gunners supporter will like and modernizes it. Why try to design new when you can go with something that everyone will love?

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UPDATE: ArseBlogger from has countered that the above shirt is not the new Arsenal shirt that’s being released this summer. Based on the evidence he provided, he is correct. This is not the new Arsenal shirt.

H/T: Football Shirt Culture

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18 Responses to Arsenal Home Shirt for 2010-12 Season: Leaked Photo

  1. SFGooner says:

    Happy about the possible design.

    Decidedly unhappy that the subject of the picture suggests that Silvestre may remain as an albatross around the neck of our defense next season.

  2. Dan says:

    Can’t wait to see a better picture, but it looks like it could be nice.

  3. Richard says:

    a perfect Arsenal Shirt to celebrate 6 years without trophy at the end of 2011.


  4. Simon Burke says:

    Arseblogger says this is a fake – he’d know.

  5. Nick says:

    It is a fake. It’s a photo from some sort of youth football school.

  6. Brno says:

    uh, OK Gaffer – maybe you should just take down the article and throw it in the same dustbin with your “Wenger proves his critics wrong with his 4th Premier League Title” draft.

  7. Martin says:

    I guess I just don’t get all the hullabaloo (real word) about the new shirts each season. They change so little from year to year (save for the sponsor every few years), yet people get so excited about them. I mean, the team adds a tiny colored stripe around the neck or change their arm sleeve color from red to white and people act like it’s such a great new thing. I just don’t get it.

  8. wil bishop says:

    Very classy….hopefully there will be a couple new center backs and a striker filling up those kits.

    Come on you Gunners!!!!


  9. davey says:

    bit boring really….how about some silverware before splashing out on new designs…..victory through harmony

  10. gooner for life says:

    i think if we going to have a old retro shirt why not the 1971 one i think it looks great just hope what i have been hearing that they might be bringing bk the 1982 green shirt bk no no to and yellow all the way for me bring on the double next year and relegration for the spurs better term yid scrum

  11. passing through says:

    if the new shirt marks the 125th year anniversary of Arsenal, why use the look of 39 years ago?? thats all some new fans would rember when looking at this, “it’s the double winning shit,.. what anniversary?”.
    thats all this marks for me. plus im dont like the retro thats going around now, looks worse then the year they try to recreate!
    should just wear the 71 kit if thats what the new one looks like.

  12. Craig Price says:

    it looks the same as the 07/08 shirt tbh

  13. jo says:

    its definitely fake! Mikael is not even confirmed staying with the team next season! how can someone get a shirt unless he is confirmed playing for the team

  14. arsenal 4 ever says:

    this is a computered generated image its a fake 100% fake

  15. Temmic 83 says:

    Good Jersey and will owes make me happy! Gunners forver. Am not even thinking of letting go of Guners

  16. luke25 says:

    i’m certain that’s one of the arsenal soccer schools tops

  17. Ryan Duke says:

    this is NOT the new kit, when th picture is expanded you can clearly see lots of kids wearing the same shirt, that was made for an arsenal in the comunity event, as you can see on his chest where the crest should be is a logo of the event. plus why would we have slvestre wearing it i mean come on think about it.

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